What Is The Best Material For Your Rigid Box Packaging?

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    When you are in the packaging business, it’s important for you to know about the best material for your rigid box packaging. A rigid box is usually made of durable rigid material to enhance the shelf life and offer protection to the products. Therefore, the box material has immense importance in making a packaging perfect option to pack the products securely.

    The rigid boxes packaging has become the best choice when you are looking to ensure a magnificent customer experience for your consumers.

    Premium Packaging Materials For Rigid Boxes


    The eco-conscious packaging materials are being used to protect the products from damage. The different types and styles of rigid boxes make them the perfect choice for the durable packaging of the different products. Therefore, every material has a crucial role in making a rigid paper box for your business. Let’s take a look at the materials for the box-making equipment.

    1. Cardboard
    2. Corrugated board
    3. Paperboard

    A rigid cardboard, paperboard, or corrugated board material ensures excellent protection to the products. These boxes offer custom packaging sustainability to avoid the challenges of tear and wear.

    Cardboard Packaging

    Cardboard packaging is used to create rigid boxes because it is a sustainable and robust material. It is the essence of custom rigid boxes made of recyclable paper to ensure ultimate sustainability.

    A thick substance is used to press this paper to ensure the perfect thickness for fragile and odd products. Moreover, it is an affordable packaging option with sustainable and recyclable material for shipment.

    Corrugated Packaging

    It is a connote packaging which offers excellent protection to the products. This packaging is used to ship the less expensive products while compromising on the brand image. However, most successful businesses avoid the use of corrugated material for packing their products.

    Paperboard Packaging

    These boxes are made out of paperboard, which is considered an average material for rigid boxes such as custom rigid gift boxes.

    It is a flimsy material which can be easily damaged even from the water. However, a triple-wall paperboard is considered a good option in the categories of rigid boxes to safeguard the products.

    It is important to remember that cardboard and corrugated packaging are preferred as compared to paperboard packaging.

    How do you choose the best material for rigid boxes?

    When you have comprehensive knowledge about the different materials used to create the rigid boxes, you need to consider the crucial factors to make a final decision. The cardboard packaging is the best option when you want to ship precious products and maintain your brand image. On the other hand, corrugated is a good option when you want to pack the less expensive products. However, paperboard is not a recommended packaging for creating rigid boxes.

    Final Thoughts

    You need to consider the paperboard, corrugated, and cardboard materials in creating the rigid box packaging to ensure the ultimate protection of products. Cardboard is the best material for creating a sustainable rigid box to ship the products from one place to another.

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