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Get Custom Soap Boxes at Cheap Wholesale Prices

Get custom soap boxes at cheap wholesale rates

Silver Edge Packaging is among the leading distributors of soap boxes around the world. Shop our quality boxes in bulk (in different designs and colours) and at surprisingly competitive prices to deliver products safely to your customers around the globe! 


Boosting your marketing campaign with Custom Soap boxes

As a B2B model, we tend to boost your marketing efforts by enabling you to create a unique visual identity of your store in the form of customized logos on cardboard paper boxes while reducing your marketing costs in the form of  bulk wholesale rate. 

Sales multiplier! 

Customized cardboards with a perfect storytelling logo of your brand can be very useful in the regards of sales, as a customer is wired to remember the brand which physically stands out – a perfect combination of quality and quantity. 

Eco friendly custom boxes

Custom soap paper boxes with logos are 100% biodegradable. The paper used in making these boxes is recycled five to seven times in a laboratory, after which they expire due to degradation of fiber.We work to make bulk custom soap boxes in the best way, with 100% biodegradation of paper.


Tailored and customized

We manufacture a variety of soap boxes _briefcase and die cut both  with and without printing.Our PVC window boxes also qualify as a very good option for packing your soap product.


Get Wholesale Soap Packaging Paper boxes at competitive rates

Get in bulk  cardboard custom soap boxes at best wholesale rates. The fluted cardboard box  can be moulded in various measures and materials, thus fulfilling the specific requirements of each customer.


Packaging for Custom Design bar soaps

If you are looking for  Packaging custom design bar soaps , know that our services are not only confined to  packaging instead We offer you several other high quality options for forming your brand identity. We work with several flexible package options and the best fit for you is one of them for sure. To learn more please contact us.

Customized cardboard soap boxes with Extensive Graphic Designing feature

We can create a customised unique logo and graphic artwork for  your brand name on every type of cardboard boxes, be it a regular suitcase or die cut Hence, it  outshines your packaging and makes it stand in the eyes of your customer upon receiving the soap box.


No die cut and designing charges  

We offer you your  customised solution without any die cut or printing  charges. Client Sale is our top priority and hence we tend to serve you in the most convenient way possible. 


No shipping charges – Prompt and free delivery 

We are proud to deliver you your ideal solution at your doorstep in no time and absolutely free of shipping charges. Enjoy affordability, quality, and convenience side by side with Silver Edge Soap boxes. 


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