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Get Custom Soap Boxes at Cheap Wholesale Prices

100% Biodegradable Custom Soap Boxes at Best Wholesale Rates

Wholesale price Custom soap boxes with logo are 100% biodegradable. The company values producing paper in an artisanal, ecological and recyclable way. 

Branding improvements with Custom Soap Boxes

Have you heard of branding? The concept is about creating and managing the image of a brand in the market. Basically, it’s about your reputation. This is where custom soap boxes paperboard packaging in bulk can make a difference. 

One of the biggest benefits of personalized cardboard packaging is the fact that they are sustainable, representing the concern of your business with the planet and with the development of society.

Reliable way to Increase sales

Customized cardboard packaging wholesale can be very useful in this regard, as it is a point of differentiation for your brand from competitors, and those who stand out will always be remembered by consumers.

Finest Quality Biodegradable Material

Did you know paper is a material that has an expiration date on recycling?

It is only possible to recycle the material five to seven times in the laboratory, as the fiber degrades throughout the process. We work to make bulk custom soap boxes in the best way, with 100% biodegradation of paper.

Wholesale Soap Packaging Paper Boxes

Get wholesale cardboard custom soap boxes at best competitive price. The corrugated cardboard box model common box can be made in various measures and materials, thus meeting the specific needs of each customer.

Tailored and customized

We develop and manufacture any model of soap box, briefcase or die cut with or without printing.

Do you need custom soap boxes with logo?

Among countless models of soaps available on the market, we also offer packaging for bar soap for our customers, and many more options that enable great results for your business.

If you are finding Packaging for custom design bar Soaps, know that with our packaging you can find services like this and several other options that are offered by the company, all produced with high quality. To learn more please contact us.

We work with several flexible packages and for sure one will suit your needs.

Customized cardboard boxes with Extensive Graphic Designing

Silver Edge Packaging develops and manufactures customized cardboard soap boxes in bulk of any model, with your company’s logo and art. Hence, it adds value to your packaging and in the eyes of your customer upon receiving the box.

We customize all models of cardboard boxes, be it a regular suitcase or die cut, adapting your artwork in any box to bring the best look to your packaging.


We have the ideal solution for you looking for bulk custom soap boxes and ready delivery.

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