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Get Variety of Reliable Custom Food Box Packaging

Custom food boxes packaging with logo is used in various catering establishments, restaurants, cafes, and food delivery services. The presented boxes, salad bowls, tureens are supplied with lids to protect food from dust and dirt. Plastic containers are suitable for sealing – ensures the tightness of the package.

Why should you order food boxes from us?

  • We supply the following types of boxes: for noodles, for pizza; lunch boxes, salad bowls, tureens, fold boxes.

  • You can order boxes of standard sizes and on order from us;

  • We provide services for printing on packaging of corporate logos, images, text information;

We use Best Paper Material for Packaging Boxes

Custom food boxes are lightweight, and dense. Multi-layer construction increases tensile strength. Resistant to mechanical stress, does not crack or delaminate under the influence of edible fats, moisture and acids. The packaging can be heated and used to fill freshly prepared products.

Custom food boxes in bulk- suitable for packing hot dishes (soups, mashed potatoes), do not allow liquids to leak, used to make custom boxes, lunch boxes. Eco-friendly, do not affect the taste of products, completely safe for health.

How to choose suitable paper packaging?

The noodle boxes are suitable for packing pasta and pasta, rice and other cereals. Pizza boxes are used in pizzerias and food delivery services. Lunch and fold boxes – when packing take-out food in cafeterias, cafes and restaurants. Salad bowls – for the delivery and packaging of vegetables, tureens – for hot first courses.

All Kraft Boxes are Eco-friendly

Disposable Custom food boxes wholesale and other eco-friendly materials and cheap retail with free delivery from our warehouse. Choose the right type of packaging for takeout or home delivery to your customers!

Food packaging makes the delivered food even tastier!

Agree – it’s nice to receive an order in high-quality eco-friendly Custom food boxes with logo when making delivery. Here you can order a trial batch from one package or Order food packaging made of paper and cardboard in bulk. We also provide the opportunity:

  • – order packaging with your company logo

  • – with exclusive sizes specially for certain dishes

  • – you can Order disposable food packaging utensils

  • – choose between thermo-coating and eco materials.

  • – order samples of takeaway packaging

Our experts are ready to advise you and choose the optimal shape of paper card boxes

Enjoy the Best Features of paper Boxes for food

  • Versatility

Custom food boxes with logo in bulk are suitable for any food, both hot and chilled. At the same time, the products do not lose their taste for a long time.

  • Reliability

The strong cardboard from which the packaging is made perfectly withstands transportation and does not lose its shape for a long time. Dishes in such packaging are protected from external influences, so the food remains fresh for a long time.

  • Safety

Custom food boxes wholesale are absolutely safe to use: they do not emit harmful substances; therefore they are suitable for any product.

In addition, only paper packaging can be used for hot food, since even when heated, it retains its properties and does not emit substances hazardous to human health.

If you are running online food store and you are in dire need of macarons boxes, we can offer you cheap custom macarons boxes, custom pizza boxes, and cake boxes

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