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Beautiful and Impeccable Appearance

Custom apparel boxes with logo in bulk produced by us are a reliable way to preserve the original beauty and impeccable appearance of the product at all stages of the journey from manufacturer to consumer.

 Durable branded boxes for things will not only prevent mechanical damage to the contents, but also serve to popularize your brand. The original packaging design, made in the corporate style, will make your products even more recognizable and presentable.

Finest Quality Moisture free material

Packaging materials for household items and clothes are in demand not only for transportation, but also for storing products. In our Custom apparel boxes wholesale, things remain clean; do not absorb third-party odors and moisture. Cardboard boxes for clothing and personal belongings are in particular demand.

We offer comprehensive solutions to your company for customized apparel boxes. Hence, you can use them for branding that will ultimately bring robust sales. You can order packaging from us for storing things, as well as the production of original packaging products with the manufacturer’s logo.

Design development

Based on the dimensions and weight of the products, we develop a Custom apparel boxes design of any complexity. We give the required shape to the finished product on automatic die cutting machines. We do not trust the automation of complex products, but we stick them together manually.


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We strictly monitor each production process: incoming control of materials for production.

We take control of each technological operation throughout the entire Custom apparel boxes in bulk production process. We check the conformity of the print to the color proof, measure the optical density with a densitometer, and track the “smudges” so that there is no discoloration.

Wholesale cardboard packaging!

Our own production helps to produce Custom apparel boxes packaging in really wholesale, large editions! The larger the circulation, the lower the cost of the product!

In the production of cardboard boxes, the latest equipment is used, which makes it possible to finish packaging and produce the most complex and beautiful products. When finishing we use UV varnish coating technologies, film pressing, and cardboard lamination.

We tend to use Natural eco-friendly Material

Custom apparel boxes with logo protect them from moisture, dust, accidental contamination. It helps to protect products from mechanical stress and deformation. Now the choice of packaging products is very extensive. The most commonly used clothes for clothing are plastic or paper bags and cardboard boxes.

 This natural material copes with protective functions perfectly. It is very convenient to place images of full-color printing on it, which is very important for advertising fashionable clothes. 

We offer full customization

At the request of the customer, we apply full-color manufacturers’ logos, a dimensional grid, care recommendations, as well as any types of images to our products. They will especially decorate gift sets. This will not be difficult for us. After all, we have special equipment for applying full-color printing. Your Custom apparel boxes packaging is guaranteed to stand out from the dull and monotonous boxes of competitors.

Need a consultation?

We will develop the necessary packaging design, create a unique, attractive design, and calculate the cost for your circulation. Always an individual approach!

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