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Custom cannabis tinctures boxes produced by Silver Edge Packaging comply with all standards. Our own production allows us to solve the most complex problems in the manufacture of boxes of any shape, taking into account any requirements of the customer.

Buy Most Reliable and Eco-Friendly Tinctures Boxes

Rather stringent requirements are imposed on the manufacture and sale of cannabis products. This is primarily due to the fact that these products can cause irreparable harm to health, and requires strict control and accounting.

An important role in this is played by custom cannabis tinctures boxes packaging, which not only protects the content from external influences, but also provides all the necessary information for the consumer.

Cardboard Custom Boxes for Cannabis

We offer you custom cannabis tinctures boxes at home. You can buy one box or in bulk. Delivery and pickup is possible. Cardboard packaging for medicines is one of the most popular types of cannabis tinctures packaging, which provides reliable protection of medicines at minimal cost.

 In addition, it performs an advertising and information function, attracting and stimulating buyers to make a purchase.

Get Greater Tincture Box Personalization

Get application of QR codes, numbering and other personalization for any kind of materials, including non-absorbent materials on custom cannabis tinctures boxes in bulk.

You can order packaging

  1. almost any size

  2. of various shapes and configurations

  3. with an exclusive design developed by our specialists

  4. made of environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful impurities

  5. From different grades and weights of cardboard, both cellulose and recycled

Order Customized Labeling with Best Printing Technology

When developing a design, one should take into account the procedure for applying special labeling, as well as mandatory information for cannabis products, determined by law. Custom cannabis tinctures boxes are an important part of the sale, as they perform not only a protective, but also an informational function. 

We Guarantee Market Best Prices for Cannabis Tinctures Boxes

We will produce custom cannabis tinctures boxes in bulk in the shortest possible time at competitive prices. To calculate the price, it is necessary to share the box size, color, and coating. 

Get Custom CBD Boxes at Cheap Wholesale Prices

Get Wholesale Custom CBD Boxes

Silver Edge Packaging “is engaged in the manufacture and wholesale supply of custom CBD cardboard packaging. The modern technical base allows the production of finished products of any configuration according to the partner’s specifications.

Formation of Technical Specifications is our Preference

We get a complete briefing from the customer, the idea of the upcoming custom CBD Boxes with logo project in detail. It outlines requirements, technical parameters, project characteristics, materials, finishes and decor. These are instructions for the step-by-step execution of the order and the basis for checking the work performed.

Benefits of CBD Cardboard Boxes

We understand perfectly well that packaging sells a product. Independently and together with customers, our specialists develop unique designs of Custom CBD Boxes in bulk. Rich technical capabilities allow us to manufacture full-color cardboard packaging.

High-End Design Solutions

Offset printing, modern modeling methods and new printing technologies make it possible to implement the most unusual Custom CBD Boxes design solutions. You can order the production of round and oval packaging from cardboard, containers of complex shapes and non-standard sizes with cutting decorative elements, applying a full-color image and all kinds of printing effects. 

Fast Production for Instant Order

For commercial production, Custom CBD Boxes packaging remains indispensable. It is difficult to name a container that would be simpler, cheaper and more convenient. Corrugated cardboard can be used to create not only standard cardboard boxes, but also unusual boxes for gifts and souvenirs. All this thanks to an unlimited number of designs, including those with an unusual design.

Fully Customized Designs with Logo 

Oftentimes, clients don’t quite understand what they need. As a rule, they imagine what exactly and in what quantity should be in the box, but often they do not imagine how the product will be laid out on store shelves, how often it will be opened before buying and how many pieces of individual Custom CBD Boxes should be put into large corrugated cardboard boxes.

Best Custom CBD Boxes Packaging Material at Lowest Price

Cardboard and corrugated cardboard of different brands differ significantly in strength, wear resistance, delamination, scalability and other characteristics.

The price of different Custom CBD Boxes is also different, and the budget for the manufacture of packaging always forces you to find a compromise between important characteristics and price.

Instant Free of Cost CBD Box Wholesale Delivery

Therefore, packaging design begins with the selection of suitable materials. Sometimes our technologist even makes several CBD boxes with logo and test them to select the best board for a specific task. Simultaneously, you get an instant delivery without any charges.

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