What Is Sustainable Custom Rigid Boxes Packaging?

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    Sustainable packaging has become quite a famous topic. The sustainability of products and their packaging is becoming increasingly important when it comes to purchasing decisions. More and more consumers are consciously dealing with the topic of the environment and are paying attention to sustainable custom rigid boxes.

    But many companies are also aware of their ecological and social responsibility and choose sustainable cardboard packaging.

    We will show you what distinguishes sustainable packaging, what needs to be considered with regard to cardboard packaging and why we are the right partner for environmentally friendly product packaging.

    What Is Sustainable Rigid Box Packaging?

    Packaging that consists of renewable raw materials and/or recyclable materials is called sustainable. Environmentally friendly custom printed rigid boxes have the lowest possible carbon footprint. Other factors are lean production processes, short delivery routes, and a packaging design that is as material-saving as possible. In addition, the packaging should be reusable or recyclable.

    If you value sustainable packaging or are planning a particularly environmentally friendly printing project, then you’ve come to the right place. We are happy to help.

    Is Cardboard Environmentally Friendly?

    Cardboard are mostly made of wood, a renewable raw material. They are biodegradable and can be recycled several times. The higher the recycling rate, the less energy and fresh pulp was used for production. But how does the recycling cycle actually work? Here you can find information on recycling cardboard packaging.

    How Do We Make Custom Rigid Boxes in Wholesale?

    All of our packagings is made of solid cardboard, which is recyclable and suitable for printing and further processing. The types of cardboard that we use for production come exclusively from wood from certified, sustainably managed forests. The principle of sustainable forest management is that no more trees are felled than can grow back.

    The custom rigid boxes and paints we use are not tested on animals. The colors we work with are vegetable oil-based and therefore vegan. They also meet the color eco criteria and are therefore more environmentally friendly than other colors.

    Environmentally Friendly Cardboard Packaging

    Sustainable Packaging as a Competitive Advantage

    A customer who deals with sustainability and environmental protection will generally prefer to use cardboard packaging. For the purchase decision, it is crucial that the material of the packaging is perceived as sustainable and recyclable.

    This gives the buyer the good feeling that they are doing something good for the environment with their purchase. A beautiful, appealing custom rigid boxes bulk design ensures that the packaging stands out from other cardboard packaging.

    What Are the Common Rigid Box Trends in Packaging?

    The current trend is to make sustainable packaging look as sustainable as possible. Especially when you address a target group that attaches great importance to sustainability that makes perfect sense. A good example here is custom cake boxes, custom pizza boxes, and custom pillow boxes.

    The carbon-neutral folding boxes made from sustainable grass paper are an excellent match for the company’s green brand image. Grass paper embodies naturalness and sustainability like hardly any other material, not least because of its special feel and the light hay scent.

    Unique Custom Boxes Can Trigger Customer Emotions

    But you should also have the unboxing experience when designing packaging with concern. Unpacking triggers emotions in the customer, it can strengthen the bond with the brand. With a view to sustainability, in particular, it is important that little rubbish is left behind after unpacking. Custom-fit rigid box packaging with an inlay is an ideal solution here.

    Which Packaging Is Particularly Sustainable?

    If you want a particularly environmentally friendly box or packaging for your product, we recommend brown natural cardboard or grass paper. Both have a good ecological balance.

    Sustainable Product Packaging


    Grass Paper

    Grass paper is environmentally friendly, vegan and sustainable. As a raw material for packaging, grass is extremely environmentally friendly because it grows back very quickly and, above all, regionally.

    Brown Natural Cardboard

    Brown natural cardboard refers to unbleached, brown-colored cardboard material often chosen for its eco-friendly and organic aesthetic. It is widely used in packaging, crafts, and other applications due to its versatility and perceived sustainability.

    Refinement of Environmentally Friendly Custom Rigid Box Packaging

    Refinements often give packaging the finishing touches and turn it into a multi-sensory experience. When choosing the right finish, however, the focus is not only on the look and feel but also on environmental aspects.

    In the blog post “Refinements and Sustainability: Our Environmental Ranking” we took a closer look at the individual refinements with regard to sustainability and recyclability. Perhaps it will help you choose the right finish.

    As a full-service provider, we can handle your entire printing or rigid boxes wholesale packaging project in-house. We not only take on the development, printing, finishing, and construction of your packaging but also packaging and shipping if you wish. That means short distances and not only saves CO2 but also ensures that we can work and react quickly!

    We Guarantee Best Product Packaging

    Would you like to make a statement in terms of sustainability with your product packaging? Then you’ve come to the right place. We would be happy to advise you on the material, printing, finishing, and design of your sustainable packaging.

    How Sustainable Are Refinements with Hot Foil?

    With hot foil stamping, great optical and haptic effects can be created. Hardly any other graphic medium achieves a comparable visual effect and is perceived as a premium product on the shelf. Thanks to the intense gloss, lettering and symbols are particularly emphasized and give the printed packaging an extremely high-quality look.

    But what about the recyclability of packaging with glossy hot foil? We’ll show you the sustainability of boxes with hot foil stamping and how exactly recycling works.

    Silver Hot Foil Stamping on White Chrome Cardboard

     This is possible in different colors: gold, silver, black, brown, red, blue, green, and purple.

    What Is Hot Foil Stamping?

    With hot foil stamping, the cardboard surface is refined with an extremely thin colored or aluminum foil with the help of pressure and temperature. However, this film only serves as carrier material and is removed from the product after the application process. What remains on the box is a thin, high-gloss metallization with a decoration weight of approx. 1%. This contains no plastic, laminate, solvents, or other dangerous ingredients.

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    Can Rigid Box Packaging with Hot Foil Stamping Be Recycled?

    Since the foil only serves as a carrier material in hot foil stamping and is removed again after the thin layer of color or aluminum has been transferred, the recyclability of boxes is not impaired by hot foil stamping.

    However, a maximum of 70% of the box surface may be refined for this purpose. In terms of sustainability, there is nothing to be said against high-quality printed and refined product packaging.

    How Are Boxes Recycled?

    Manufacture of Cardboard:

    Different raw materials such as fresh fibers, waste paper or grass pellets are processed into cellulose and further processed into paper or cardboard.

    Production of the Packaging:

    The folding box manufacturer processes the cardboard boxes with the help of paint, adhesives and finishing into product packaging, eg folding and telescopic boxes

    Packaging and Sale:

    the box and the associated product go on sale.

    Use and Waste Paper:

    After consuming or removing the product, the consumer puts the packaging in the waste paper/paper bin. It thus enters the paper cycle.

    Sorting System:

    In the sorting system, the paper is sorted from the paper collection, first according to size and then whether it is waste paper or deinking goods.


    During deinking, the material is cleaned of the printing ink by dissolving the ink from the fibers and removing it from the system by flotation.

    Paper Mill:

    After cleaning, the processed fibers are returned to the paper mill. There they are mixed with virgin fibers to contain high-quality paper – for the production of paper and cardboard.

    Printed Cardboard Boxes: A Mouthpiece for Brand and Product

    For some years now, the relevance of printed cardboard has been increasing. If you stand in front of the sales shelves, you can see printed cardboard boxes almost everywhere. Some of the printed cardboard boxes simply go under and others immediately catch the eye – either because they are of particularly high quality or because they catch the eye with very special colors or great finishes.

    Ideally, the printed custom rigid box packaging communicates the content, i.e. provides initial references to the product and information about the brand. Is it a high-quality product? Has the company been on the market for a long time? Or is this printed cardboard box more of a young start-up? A printed rigid box made of natural cardboard can communicate this and much more.

    Silver Edge Packaging – Your Partner for Sustainable Packaging

    As a sustainable printing company and manufacturer of high-quality wholesale custom rigid boxes in bulk packaging, we at Silver Edge Packaging are the ideal partner for your environmentally friendly packaging solution.

     In addition to various environmental certifications for climate-neutral printing or for active environmental protection, we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible through further measures.

    We make sure to use sustainable raw materials and use them as resource-efficiently as possible. The cardboard and paper types for our printed products come exclusively from wood from certified forests.

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