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Get Custom Cereal Boxes at Cheap Wholesale Prices


If your company is engaged in the manufacture of products, you can order any custom cereal boxes with logo from us to preserve your products and attract the attention of buyers.

We present unique packaging for cereals and baby breakfasts made of cardboard using full-color printing and selective varnishing. In the process of work, we always take into account all the wishes of the client and try to fulfill the order as soon as possible.

We offer the best-customized solutions

To clarify the price, let us know the estimated circulation, material, the number of colors on the press, the desired time frame. Also, you can simply describe what kind of custom cereal boxes in bulk, you want to see. And our specialists themselves will offer the best solutions in terms of construction, material, and design.

Order a Range of Unique Packaging Boxes

  1. We offer to package for the following companies:
  2. food manufacturers
  3. agricultural holdings
  4. baby food manufacturers
  5. farms
  6. wholesale companies

Cardboard is an environmentally friendly material and is excellent for making boxes for various types of cereals and packaging for cereals. It protects the contents from mechanical damage, prevents moisture from entering, and makes transportation cheap and convenient. 

We recommend using recycled or cellulose cardboard as the most optimal in terms of price and quality. Print better full color. Custom cereal boxes with the logo look original and stylish.

Creative Product Packaging Design

We are determined together with the customer. The main goal is to reduce the cost of custom cereal boxes wholesale production while maintaining strength and reliability. Convenience is also taken into account – boxes should open quickly and easily, take up little space, and be easy to store. Often used:

  1. Lid-bottom boxes. They are used for any product, including heavyweight. They are made of cellulose or recycled cardboard and have significant strength. A well-known example is packaging for refined sugar.
  2. Self-assembly boxes:. Their main advantage is that they can be collected directly from food packaging. They can have different designs, the lid is usually hinged. To fix it, different types of locks or special “ears” are used.
  3. Non-standard custom cereal boxes with logo for food. Often special transparent windows are used so that the buyer can see the contents. Also, original boxes are made in the form of balls, prisms, musical instruments, fairy-tale characters. It is especially used for the sale of delicious gifts and sweets.

From Easy to Complex we make everything

Silver Edge Company has its production of custom cereal box packaging for food products. We cooperate with large manufacturers, retail chains, and are ready to fulfill any, even the most complex order. 

The equipment allows you to comply with all quality standards and produce reliable products. Professional design, developed by our specialists, will significantly increase sales and form a corporate, recognizable “image” of your company among consumers.

Custom cereal boxes can be bought in bulk too, simultaneously, you can also consider Order our top rated custom chocolate boxes and custom cereal boxes with reliable packaging.

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