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The Custom Rigid Boxes with Logo are an excellent alternative for gifts because they can unite two important ways to give visibility to the brand: through the delivery of products and the delivery of gifts to customers.

It often seems that this type of personalized gift does not have the same impact as backpacks or necessaries, which are widely used at events or as gifts for customers.

Silver Edge Packaging personalized boxes value gifts for their customers

How many times have we received gifts where the Custom Rigid Paper Boxes was the best?

It is certainly not the case with the gifts that you will give to your customers or employees, which demonstrates how important it is to use an elegant and quality personalized box in your relationship strategy.

Many people may imagine that they are just custom packaging boxes, but they are a very effective way to keep the brand visible for longer and still value the content.

Custom Boxes give more security to your products

Unlike standard boxes used in the market and which are extremely useful on many occasions, when we use Custom Rigid Boxes with Logo in bulk, custom candle boxes to pack the products sold or gifts, we can invest more in safety combined with the visual.

It is possible to order boxes that have ideal characteristics to accommodate pieces with glass parts, for example, that cannot travel loose.

Custom boxes enhance your gifts and events

We have all participated in several business events, a meeting with a supplier or a visit to a customer and we know how the moment of delivering gifts is surrounded by expectation.

And when the Custom Rigid Boxes with Logo stands out in the hands of those who are delivering it? It is undoubtedly a measure of the success of your strategy to visually win over your customer.

Accelerated Delivery in Custom Rigid Boxes without Leaving Quality and Concept

We work together with your marketing department to develop Custom Rigid Boxes in bulk focused on enhancing your company’s products in a modern, innovative and special way. We adapt your gift inside our personalized boxes. The accessories for the rigid boxes can be a magnet on the closure, personalized satin, and flat elastic.

Custom packaging is our specialization!

Communications technology has brought with it an excess of information. Amid a flood of ads, consumers tend to be more selective.

We create and change the look, paper, and finish of your packaging!

People are already tired of the big balconies with no content, funny titles, and appealing images. The Custom Rigid  Paper Boxes of those who have something really creative, consistent, and important to say, who builds a strong concept, capable of transmitting the brand’s values in essence, with ethics and without underestimating consumer intelligence, wins the public’s attention.

Highest Quality Rigid boxes wholesale

Are you looking for a Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale, custom bakery boxes supplier? Silver Edge Packaging has what you are looking for.  Thanks to years of experience and partnership with our employees, we have developed a complete portfolio of Rigid Boxes with Logo that has become a reference in the market.

We have several models and types of finish which allows us to deliver a final customized product that meets all your expectations.

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