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Seeds Boxes

Order Custom Seed Boxes for Gardening

Seeds are essential for gardening: everything is born from them and it is always a magic to see your plants sprout and grow. The ideal for storing seeds is custom seed boxes. These are containers that keep the seeds in the dark and dry and at the same time do not seal them hermetically.

Keep your Seed Safe Whole Year

It is necessary to know how to keep the seeds from one year to the next, ready for sowing. If you learn how to reproduce your seeds you can avoid Order them every year and preserve the varieties of vegetables typical of your area.

Custom Seed Boxes Protect Delicate Seeds from Heat and Humidity

On the one hand we must remember that seeds are living matter and if we keep them in bad conditions they will never sprout, on the other hand we must take into account that light; heat and humidity can make them germinate before their time when they are still out of the earth.

Our Seed Boxes are Really Cheap

We offer best prices for seed boxes and custom pizza boxes. Similarly, you can save some extra cash by availing our free custom boxes delivery also.

Our company ensures that you get the maximum benefit along with long-term partnership.

We Help you in Choosing Best Seed Boxes in Bulk

If you are a beginner in this field, our expert team will assist you in Order best custom seed boxes in bulk. In addition to the aesthetic peculiarities, we must determine some aspects that are more useful for our purpose. For gardening enthusiasts it is the right opportunity to choose their purchase well.

Order Biodegradable Boxes made from 100% Paper Pulp

Safe Material: Our biodegradable seed boxes wholesale are made of environmentally friendly paper pulp material. Better for germination and seed growth and effective in protecting plant seedlings ..

Ecologically degradable: fiber pots are biodegradable and ecological, they can be self-absorbing, breathable, no need to remove the plants and replant them.

EASY TO USE: Our seed boxes, custom bakery boxes are durable, strong and will not lose their shape. Just fill the nursery pots with a special seed compound, add the seeds and cover them with soil.

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