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Custom Kraft boxes are high strength (kraft means strong in german), well-known paperboard boxes  to store any type of product. You can see them anywhere _in homes, retail stores, offices etc. Cardboard boxes undoubtedly are the simplest  and most economical way to store and transport goods. 

We create Custom wholesale Kraft Paper Boxes that ensure the secure  transport, storage, and packaging of the products. 

Guaranteed Safety and Efficiency in Packaging 

The biggest ease which comes with Kraft Packaging Boxes for a product is that we can add extra benefits to them  and optimize the cost/benefit ratio of the investment.

 In addition to having a highly resistant way of storing their products, companies can also request the inclusion of special coatings and adhesives that act as moisture barriers. 

A best way to Increase Customer Satisfaction 

Among  the several types of qualities of box packagings that are available on the market, Kraft Boxes hit the top of the list with respect to strength and content protection. 

Bulk Kraft boxes are an excellent go for your business’s logistics and product distribution because the safer you deliver, more a customer would be satisfied with you. 

Eco-friendly and Biodegradable 

Kraft boxes are biodegradable, eco-friendly and can be recycled but because  of their strength, the kraft paper box takes much time to degrade  than plastic materials, besides. However, they have a low purchase value, in comparison with other products, thus, Custom Kraft boxes in bulk are a very economical investment. 

Custom Kraft boxes with  remarkable Malleability

When  several combined cellulose fibers are  removed from softwood pulps,they bestow  Custom Kraft Boxes with  a remarkable malleability and a wide spectrum of application: envelopes, bags, boxes and other accessories. 

Resistance Warranty 

Because of the advantages inherent to the acquisition of the wholesale custom kraft boxes ,many businesses and customers prefer it alike. However, when you are going to choose your kraft packaging partner, first check the quality and resistance of the material used by him. Also carefully see all the options he has. 

Exclusive Custom Kraft boxes with personalised logo designs

Get Extra-resistant Custom Kraft boxes at bulk wholesale rate with personalised logos and exclusive designs. We cater to the individual and  specific needs of your business at surprisingly low rates. 

No die plate and designing charges

There are no die and plate charges at Silver Edge Packaging. We can print your company’s logo and any other design on your bulk perfume boxes for free!

Free and Prompt delivery 

Get the highest-quality custom wholesale perfume boxes  in the shortest  time possible and absolutely free of  delivery charges. Our mission statement is to serve you in the most convenient way possible

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