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Get Custom Vape Boxes at Cheap Wholesale Prices

Wide Variety of Custom Vape Boxes

 We develop and manufacture a variety of custom vape boxes in bulk such as hives, partitions, separators and shims to tailor your product in the best way inside the packaging, the accessories can be produced in corrugated cardboard.

Furnish your Company Logo with Quality Digital Printing

 Order personalized custom vape boxes with high quality digital printing. They are produced in duplex cardboard paper, triplex cardboard paper, and micro corrugated cardboard or rigid paper with special finishes such as matte lamination, gloss lamination, localized UV varnish and Hot Stamping.

 It allows numerous combinations of finish and design, aims to protect, facilitates transportation and informs the consumer about the product’s characteristics and purposes.


 The cut and crease custom vape boxes in bulk can be made in various sizes, shapes and cuts, ranging from the sedex model with automatic and semi-automatic bottoms, according to the needs of each client.

Major Applications of Customized Cardboard Vape Boxes

Corrugated cardboard vape boxes with logo such as hives, partitions, trays, shims and straps can be used in any model of corrugated box with the purpose of separating or protecting the internal content. They are widely used for packaging and separation of different items.

Why vape boxes in bulk from us?

Individual vape boxes in bulk packaging are a container for a separate product. Its purpose is not only to perform protective functions, but also marketing tasks. Thanks to our professional team, the product becomes recognizable and different from other competitors. Therefore, it is essential for most products. Special attention should be paid to its technical characteristics and design.

Wholesale Customized Vape Boxes with lodgment

Wholesale custom vape boxes are often made with a lodgment. This is the name of the protective cardboard insert inside the corrugated box. It enhances its rigidity and protects the product from mechanical damage. They are used for stacking fragile and valuable products, when decorating gift sets.

Boxes with built-in lodgment often increase the attractiveness of products and help sell products. In this case, the lodgments are made of decorative materials of bright and noble colors.

Complex Cardboard Vape Box Packaging of your Company

We specialize in the manufacture of custom vape boxes with logo, corrugated board and components for them. In addition to corrugated packaging, we make custom-made scotch tape with the company logo. We develop protective packaging made of polyethylene foam and stretch film. From all these materials, we develop complex packaging for your product.

We will make containers of any size and shape for you. You will not need to waste time looking for suppliers of various packaging. We will pack your product on a turnkey basis.

We can also deliver custom cigarette boxes and custom CBD boxes at your address on fast track. These boxes are best for delicate products.

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