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Get High-Quality Professional Custom Jewelry Boxes

Custom jewelry boxes with logo are our specialty! We manufacture boxes on a professional level and are ready to sell absolutely any edition of high-quality products. Order the product right now, whether it is a regular jewelry box or an intricately shaped designer gift case.

We make your Events More special

Custom Jewelry Boxes with logo in bulk establishes an emotional contact with the customer at the time of purchase, maintains positive emotions until the moment of giving and after completion. Packaging creates an atmosphere of celebration, mystery, surprise.

Our company will help to realize the idea of creating brand packaging that will work to build brand confidence and customer loyalty.

Find a Variety of Special Individually designed Packaging

For jewelry we make Custom Jewelry Boxes in bulk from binding cardboard, lined with designer paper, leatherette, velvet, matte lamination paper.

We offer box designs lid + double bottom, book on tape and magnetic tape, box, pencil case, snuff box, case, box, lid + bottom. It is possible to manufacture an individual box structure.

Custom Jewelry Boxes wholesale come with a large selection of figured lodgements on a velvet base, from satin fabric, cardboard die-cut lodges, pillow, and boxes according to an individual sketch. Logo printing is carried out by digital, offset, screen printing, UV varnish, and foil stamping.

Custom Made Jewelry Packaging

We bring to your attention original Custom Jewelry Boxes with logo in bulk. Each product is made of high-quality materials (in particular, it is high-density paper). No matter how many boxes you need, we aim to provide full customization in bulk jewelry packaging.

Perhaps the most refined and elegant type of packaging is jewelry packaging. And this is quite obvious, because jewelry and bijouterie are very often bought as a gift. It is the packaging that makes such a gift mysterious and romantic. 

Charming jewelry boxes, as a framing and continuation of a piece of jewelry, should be on a par with the piece itself, emphasizing its uniqueness and originality. 


We offer services for jewelry factories and shops for the production of premium Custom Jewelry Boxes with individual design and branding. We are ready to make jewelry cases and jewelry boxes with your company’s logo in various designs, shapes and sizes. 

At the same time, we are interested in long-term cooperation and are ready to undertake all the work – from the development of the construct and design to the delivery of a turnkey project. Our production allows us to produce boxes for jewelry of three types:

  • Premium binding boxes

  • Die cut cardboard boxes

  • Wooden jewelry boxes


Most often, Custom Jewelry Boxes wholesale is made of 1.2-1.8mm binding cardboard. This is a hard brown material that is pasted over with design or coated paper with lamination. Such boxes keep their shape perfectly and do not deform, and in the future can also serve as a case for storing jewelry.

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