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Why choose Custom Drawer boxes?

Custom Drawer Boxes with logo are elegant packages, designed to contain and display small products. You can customize the sheath and interior: the effect is guaranteed

Drawer boxes are one of the most practical and elegant solutions to pack your products in a simple way. The interlocking system between the surface sheath and the container compartment allows you to protect any object and to optimally organize the interior spaces.

Get Beautifully Composed Packaging

The Custom Drawer Boxes in bulk are suitable for every product sector, from clothing to cosmetics, from pastry to liqueurs. The most interesting aspect of the drawer boxes is that the interiors can be organized to contain more than one product, according to individual needs.

 In this way you can create an ad hoc composition, particularly useful in case of multi-product packaging and gift packaging.

Find Multipurpose Drawer Boxes with Logo

Custom drawer boxes wholesale are also very suitable for packaging in stores, because they allow complete customization of its elements.

Drawer boxes for food

If you want to create a customized package for your food products, drawer boxes are a beautiful but also functional solution. Your personalized food packaging will thus be structured on the quantity and size of the products contained, in order to maintain perfect conservation even during transport.

We have the Best team in the Town

Furthermore, our technicians help you to choose the most suitable materials and follow you step by step in the decision, up to the realization of the Custom Drawer Boxes with logo.

Our boxes, made to measure

Choosing Silver Edge Packaging means choosing unique boxes, created just for your project. Do you have an idea or a product to pack? Our team guides you towards the best solution. Because your box must be beautiful, but also functional. In short, perfect.

Choose what you need … we’ll take care of the rest


Our technicians will be your best collaborators in this project. Let us know what you are looking for and tell us all the details, we will guide you towards the best solution for you. From the project to the realization it will be a perfect team effort!


If you are looking for a standard Custom Drawer Boxes with logo in bulk, take a look at the solutions already in stock! You will receive them in less time; they are just waiting for your order.

Cutting-edge technologies for your Custom Drawer Boxes

Each box starts from here: after the technical design and printing, we produce a die to recreate your order whenever you want. No mistakes, in complete safety.

We then move on to production, cutting the cardboard in special machines that allow us to create customized windows and designs. 

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