How To Ship Chocolate Without Melting?

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    In the competitive business environment, it becomes necessary to ship chocolate without melting for the ultimate success. However, it is a fact that the temperature of a chocolate presents several challenges when you’re mailing it towards the long distance. Chocolate tends to melt immediately. Therefore, you need different tips and tricks to prevent the chocolate products from melting.

    How to Ship Chocolate Bars Without Melting?

    When you are putting effort and time into preparing the fabulous chocolate candies, you need to sell your products to generate the highest profitability ratio. Therefore, you need to discover the best methods for packaging the chocolate in the durable and beautiful packaging like the best truffle boxes to maintain its flavor.

    • Use Clean and Cold Hands: Chocolate has a lower temperature than human body temperature. Therefore, you must make your hand cold through the cold water to pack the chocolate perfectly.
    • Use Wine Cooler for Chocolate: You need to consider temperature before shipping the chocolate to destination. The hot and cold temperature can cause the melting and sugar bloom respectively. It’s a good approach to use the wine refrigerator to cool them without the sugar blooming before delivering to the customers.
    • Use Chocolate Box: It is necessary to ensure the important consideration to represent the chocolate in a fabulous way to attract the potential clients. Your chosen chocolate box must offer a splendid unboxing experience to customers for building brand loyalty.
    • Use Insulated Box for Shipment: It’s crucial to use the best shipment box with a double or triple size of the chocolate container. Moreover, you can use the additional space in the box to secure chocolate from the hot temperature and truffles from the collision.
    • Align Metalized Bubble Packaging With Shipping Box Bottom: This packaging approach insulates the chocolate and averts the heat in the presence of the excellent cushioning.
    • Cold Packs to Restrict Melting: You can consider the destination and time to determine the required cold packs for preventing the packed chocolate from melting. It’s a good approach to use the packs in the best food bag to ensure the leak-proof container for the chocolate.
    • Pack Chocolate in the Shipping Box: It’s time to pack your chocolate in the shipping container by inserting the necessary cold packs. Moreover, you can use the packaging material to fill the other gaps.
    • Add a Metalized Insulation Sheet: It is recommended to use the sheet of metalized insulation for covering the top of the packaging material.
    • Protect the Box: You can use the tap on this packaging material to avoid the penetration of warm air that causes the melting of chocolate.
    • Use the Labels for Shipping: It’s a perfect time to add the important labels to the shipment box before shipping to the destination.

    How to Prevent Chocolate From Melting?

    Will chocolate melt in the mail? Yes, chocolate can easily melt in the mail. Therefore, you prevent the chocolate from melting through these easy steps.

    • Customs: It is very challenging for shipping the chocolate from one country to another due to the different customs laws and regulations. Therefore, you need to have the knowledge of restrictions for the specific countries.
    • Fragility: It is a delicate good that can be cracked during the shipment process. Therefore, you need to consider the custom chocolate box packaging for delivering the chocolate.
    • Moisture: Chocolate is very delicate to the moisture because it can result in powdery coating or softness. Therefore, you need the best packaging to avoid the effect of moisture on the chocolate.
    • Temperature: It is a sensitive product that can be melted easily to a moderate temperature like 90F during the transition procedure. The wholesale chocolate boxes can maintain the actual shape of chocolate.
    • Time: You need to consider the timeline for shipment of chocolate because it can cause the melting of your packed chocolate. Therefore, you can use the express shipment services to deliver products timely.

    Important Chocolate Packaging Supplies


    How to ship chocolate in summer? You can easily ship chocolate in summer by using these supplies:

    • Chocolate box
    • Cold packs
    • Insulated shipping box
    • Mailing labels
    • Metalized bubble wrap
    • Shipment paper
    • Tape

    Best Methods to Ship the Chilled Chocolate

    When you are aiming to provide an excellent mushroom chocolate bar packaging experience to the customers, you need to consider the top ways to deliver the chilled chocolate to the destinations. Therefore, it’s recommended to use the best practices for shipping the chocolate.

    • Avoid Order Delay: It’s very very important to avoid the delay in shipping ordered chocolates. You can easily communicate with customers to tell them about the arrival time for satisfaction by eliminating their frustration.
    • Utilize Overnight Shipment Method: When you have a plan of shipping the chocolates in hot weather, you must use the overnight shipping method in the presence of the best cold packaging material. It’s true that bubble packaging must protect the chocolates from heat with the maintenance below the softening point.
    • Avoid Shipment on Weekend: When you are in the chocolate business, it is very crucial to avoid the shipment on Saturday and Sunday because it can melt in the hot weather of warehouses. Therefore, you communicate with customers to let them know about the reasons for not shipping on the weekend. An email confirmation is the best approach about the shipment to build the customers’ trust.
    • Arrival Update: When you are doing your best to ensure the transition process for chocolate to elevate your business, you must ensure that chocolate must be chilled at the customer’s doorstep. You must provide your customers with the essential alerts about the shipment procedure to improve your brand loyalty.


    How to keep chocolate from melting without a refrigerator? You can use the chocolate truffle boxes wholesale to keep in the dark place away from the extreme heat and sunlight. You need to use the best methods to prevent the chocolates from melting to ship on the customer’s doorstep by using the essential packaging material.

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