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Representing one of the most important items for sending orders, the cardboard box for mail is a solution developed specifically for this application. These Custom Mailer Boxes with logo are widely used for shipping products, a procedure performed by several businesses and industries. 

In cases where, for greater security when sending products, it is necessary to adopt a different layout, it is possible to use a personalized mailbox.


We at Silver Edge Packaging manufacture customized mailboxes that guarantee:

  • Fulfillment of all the functions of a conventional mailbox

  • Differentiated measures, corresponding to the need of the item transported

  • Placement of your company’s visual identity

Therefore, Custom Mailer Boxes Wholesale has all the functional features necessary for shipping goods. These functions are: to wrap, contain, and protect the packed items so that they are preserved during the handling and delivery processes.

Our Custom Mailer Boxes with Logo can be developed to accommodate different types of products inside. We can manufacture cardboard boxes for drinks, cardboard boxes for fruits, cardboard boxes for shoes, as well as boxes for several other items.

Impeccable Professionalism with Diverse Experience

One of our biggest differentials is our ability to understand the needs of our customers and make solutions that meet their expectations feasible. The dynamism of our team of professionals drives us to find solutions with the agility that our customers need.

Custom Mailer Paper Boxes for Your Company

We are more than a printing company, specializing in the creation of Mailer Packaging Boxes and serves several companies. 

The solutions of our printed carton packaging will help in daily use, as in-stock storage and organization, guaranteeing the integrity of the objects and products that are packaged by them, correctly checking the location and temperature of where they will be placed.

Our printed boxes are great options for customers looking for creative packaging. For this, it is of great importance to have a reliable company like Silver Edge Packaging. We make Custom Mailer Boxes with Logo that transform and bring new experiences to our customers.


We create your packaging project from the first stages, working with a lot of cooperation with the client: From the design of the box, through the choice of the best raw material, integration of printing until reaching the prototype and the manufacture of the box.

Various Compelling Models of Custom Mailer Boxes Wholesale

Consult the model that most applies to your needs. If not, we will develop an exclusive project for you; your brand deserves all respect and attention.

Sustainable Packaging for Mailbox

We are a professional Custom Mailer Paper Boxes company and we care about the future. Our sustainable packaging is produced with recycled or reforestation paper. We work with raw materials from certified companies, to ensure that your success is sustainable.

Huge Variety in Mailer Boxes with Logo

The Custom Mailer Paper Boxes come with several options. You can choose from. These are custom printed kraft boxes, custom craft jewelry boxes, and custom kraft tuck top boxes. However, with the visual difference of having an exclusive art printed on its surface and with the measures requested by the customer.

Instant Custom Mailer Boxes Wholesale Quotation Online

In addition, Silver Edge Packaging has certifications that prove our high-quality standard. In the manufacture of personalized mail boxes and all other cardboard products, you can get an instant quote against Custom Mailer Boxes Wholesale.


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