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Pharma / Medicine Boxes

Irresistible and Safe Custom Medicine Boxes  Packaging

Rather stringent requirements are imposed on the manufacture and sale of drugs. This is primarily due to the fact that these products can cause irreparable harm to health, and require strict control and accounting.

An important role in this is played by Custom medicine boxes with logo, which not only protects the content from external influences but also provides all the necessary information for the consumer.

Fulfill all Pharmaceutical Purposes

Custom medicine boxes Cardboard packaging in bulk for medicines and pharmaceuticals produced by Silver Edge Packaging complies with all standards adopted in our country. Our own production allows us to solve the most complex problems in the manufacture of boxes of any shape, taking into account any wishes of the customer.

Strong and Long Lasting Medical packaging Material

It is better to choose the material together with our specialists, taking into account the volume of contents and storage conditions. The larger the volume, the denser you need to take the material so that it does not deform during transportation and withstand the weight.

The most popular Custom medicine boxes wholesale material is cardboard. It possesses the required strength and reliability. Both bleached and chipboard is used, which has a grayer tint.

Perfect Lamination with Complete Customization

Practically no two-layer or three-layer micro- corrugated cardboard with lamination is used for applying a color image. For transporting to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals already packed in individual Custom medicine boxes packaging in bulk of drugs, corrugated boxes with and without printing are used.

Select from a Range of Medical Packaging Design

Custom medicine boxes with logo in bulk come in many different designs. The most commonly used are classic self-assembly boxes with a glue valve.

With two lids: Effective for packaging light ointments, tablets, vials. The glue valve is located on the side, when folded takes up little space, it is easy to assemble. Most popular design

Dovetail: Also have a side glue flap and a top cover. But the bottom folds in a certain way and forms a solid surface on which the packaging stands. It is made from cardboard. More reliable than the previous version, it is used for packaging heavy contents and bulky medical products.

Convenient Style with Beautiful Custom Medicine Boxes Design

Much less often, Custom medicine boxes wholesale have a more original design. Nevertheless, medical packaging must first of all be functional and convenient for the consumer, and then beautiful. However, designs such as tubes, round boxes, boxes, cases, and caskets are sometimes used.

Lid-bottom boxes are also not often used, usually only for storing medicines in pharmacies and during transportation.

Why does the medicine packaging box from us?

The main activity of the Silver Edge Packaging is the production of cardboard and corrugated Custom medicine boxes in bulk. Despite the high competition in this industry, our company has a number of regular customers and suppliers.

 The managers of our company, if necessary, will promptly select for you the most economical and attractive type of cardboard packaging and boxes, they will also constantly monitor the entire technological cycle – from design development to shipment of goods.

We can deliver custom health boxes with health boxes also. We are providing health boxes in a number of designs and shapes.

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