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What are Custom Boxes With Display Windows?

Custom Window Boxes packaging with logo in bulk is popular for many product groups where content needs to be evaluated before purchasing. The use of windows has a positive effect on increasing sales and, accordingly, on the company’s profits.

 They give the packaging an original and attractive look. The buyer has the opportunity to see what is inside and examine the appearance of the product or product. Silver Edge Packaging specializes in providing an extensive range of wholesale custom display window boxes at economical wholesale rates. Check our range of packaging designs, styles, and shapes, Place your order and get your custom boxes with display windows at affordable prices with free shipping! s

Enhance Your Product Appeal With Custom Boxes With Display Windows!

Shopping for gifts and souvenirs often happens spontaneously, driven by an impulse. And the main role in making a purchase decision is played by visual contact with the product. The more beautiful the present, the more often attention is paid to it and the more often it is acquired. Custom Window Boxes wholesale makes it possible to evaluate the product from all sides and show all its advantageous qualities.

Our custom boxes with display windows enhance your product appeal. Our boxes let your customers know what to expect. They know what’s inside and are induced towards buying the product. Our excellent quality, gorgeous packaging reflect the quality of the product and make your customers buy your product, only to boost sales. 

Buy Cheapest Wholesale Display Boxes in Various Styles, Shapes & Sizes

The holes can be of any shape: square, rectangular, round, diamond-shaped, polygon-shaped. Our designers have developed a variety of Custom Window Boxes with logo in bulk options that will surely grab your attention. These are boxes in the form of locks, musical instruments, huts, hearts, and many other models. We provide free graphic design support and print everything from company logo to attractive images on the boxes to fulfill your printing and packaging needs. 

Customize Your Own Custom Boxes With Display Window!

The presence of our own production and sophisticated technologies enable us to promptly manufacture orders and exclude overvaluation due to the absence of intermediaries.

Huge assortment: our online store is exactly the place where you can Order different types of holiday Custom Window Boxes, from inexpensive to VIP class. According to our catalog, you can easily select the most suitable packaging options for flowers, sweets, flat and voluminous gifts.

Creative design: the development of the design options for cardboard Custom Window Boxes is carried out by experienced specialists who are able to skillfully implement the most daring and fashionable ideas. Packaging products are elegantly decorated with mother-of-pearl, embossed and smooth colored design paper, rep and satin cutting, engraving, etc .

Buy Affordable Custom Boxes with Display Window in Bulk – Enjoy Free Shipping!

You can Order any type of gift wrapping in our online store in bulk at the manufacturer’s price. The ability to Order Custom Window Boxes with logo in bulk allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • To increase the present ability and value of the gift in the eyes of its recipient;
  • Improve product recognition through branding;
  • Protect the contents from possible damage during storage, storage and transportation;
  • Simplify gift delivery.

 Reliable and convenient design

For the manufacture of Custom Window Boxes wholesale, we use traditional and modern materials with excellent performance and aesthetic characteristics: ordinary, packaging, and design cardboard.

So, it is now time to give us a call or email us with your key packaging requirements. Let us create wholesale custom boxes with display windows and ship them to your doorstep. Not only do we provide the most economical custom printed display window boxes, but we also ensure free shipping at your doorstep in the USA, Canada, and worldwide! Pace your order now! 

Most Asked Questions by the Customers

You can simply give us a call to place your order. Another alternative you could find is by filling out a free custom quote form available on our website. To make it easier, you can find our 24/7 Chat Support tool on the right bottom side. Or you can always email us at

Yes, we will! Our team of qualified packaging designers will be ready to assist you in designing your boxes from scratch. You can simply brief us on your product specification and your business needs. 

Yes, of course you will. We guarantee that you will get the same boxes as you have approved from the sample. If you are unsure, you can always request a free sample from us.

For standard orders, we will complete your boxes and deliver them within 8 to 10 Business days. Yet, in case you need to get a rush order, you can always discuss it with our representatives.

You can simply contact our customer representatives to make an instant price quotation. Typically, we require 1 hour to estimate the price for your custom boxes.

We provide no minimum order quantity for our custom boxes. This simply means that we will receive any quantity order you need for your boxes.

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