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Business Card Boxes

A business card box for your desk has never looked cooler than it does today. Brimming with padding and printed with dozens of color options, one of these dazzling designs would look great at the center of any desk. And there’s further to these than bumps into the eye. They’re a convenient storage option for business cards. Business cards tend to pile up quickly (and, let’s face it – they’re hardly the most attractive assortment in the world), so why not give them such a stylish home?
Our custom boxes can add a touch of personality to your workspace while keeping your business cards neat and organized.

Build Your Brand and Connect with New Clients with Custom Business Card Boxes

You’ve invested time and money in creating business cards, but you don’t want your investment to go to waste. Ideally, you’ll want a way to spread the word about yourself, build your brand and connect with new clients.
Sure, you can hand out business cards at events, pass them around at parties and hand them out in your store. But all of these options are inflated in terms of cash and time.
Our Custom Printed Business Card Boxes will help you get the most use from your business cards. Simply place a few of your cards in the box when you’re ready for an event, put them on display in your store or even mail it to prospective customers who haven’t heard about you yet. The possibilities are endless!

Affordable Yet Stylish Custom Printed Business Card Boxes

Buying a box that matches your business cards is complex and not cheap. There are different sizes, shapes, styles and materials to choose from.
And the price tag for each design makes it all the more difficult; there’s no way you can afford them all without taking out a loan.
Silver Edge Packaging has a range of Custom Business Card Storage Boxes at an affordable price. From standard size to luxury edition boxes, we have something that suits your taste and wallet.

Business Card Boxes Wholesale Allow Your Customers to Excess

What do your clients or target customers store in their primary accessory boxes? Excess business cards from trade shows, gatherings and conventions?
Business cards contain a lot of value for the receiver – physical or virtual. But putting together a database of contacts is kept somewhere on Excel’s servers. And filling out an M2 form to get in touch with them sometimes takes too much time and involves too many clicks…
Custom Business Card Boxes Wholesale are not just attractive packaging that can be used to show off your brand values through their design. They also store physical objects that can convey your brand values more than images on the internet.

Get Rid of Heavy Pockets with Our Custom Business Card Boxes with Logo

Finding a place to store all the business cards that flood your pockets can be difficult. A lot of people just toss them.
An expensive and environmentally unfriendly solution to an annoying problem
Our Business Card box is handy for helping you store or organize your business cards (at home or in the office). The box easily holds approximately 150 business cards and is a great purchase for those looking for a place to keep their business cards in one place.

Ordering Wholesale Boxes, you’ll have to deal with:

Step 1

Choose the box size by specifying the length and width in inches.

Step 2

Select one of the following finish options for the inner side of each lid:
• Satin finish (colored or clear).
• Debossing (text or logo).
• Foil stamping on colored material.

Step 3

Specify a text to be embossed on the top face of the box lid.

Step 4

Add additional finishing options such as foil stamping (on colored material), hot stamping, pad printing, digital printing, offset printing, etc.

Step 5

Next, decide on your preferred box decoration option, which could be text or graphic imprinting of your logo, custom artwork you submit via email or web-uploaded files, and more!

Step 6

Review your design proof within 24 hours and make any desired changes until you’re delighted with your prototype!

Manage Times and Costs of Your Custom Business Card Packaging Boxes

Not surefire what sort of custom business card boxes you require? To be truthful, how many stretches have you found yourself stuck in this very situation?
That’s why Silver Edge Packaging’s design support is here to help. No matter +how strange your needs are, we’re confident that our design professionals will find the right solution for you. With the help of our designers, Silver Edge Packaging enables businesses with custom business card boxes of all shapes and sizes.
See more of our excellent custom business card boxes in our online catalog!

Most Asked Questions by the Customers

You can simply give us a call to place your order. Another alternative you could find is by filling out a free custom quote form available on our website. To make it easier, you can find our 24/7 Chat Support tool on the right bottom side. Or you can always email us at

Yes, we will! Our team of qualified packaging designers will be ready to assist you in designing your boxes from scratch. You can simply brief us on your product specification and your business needs. 

Yes, of course you will. We guarantee that you will get the same boxes as you have approved from the sample. If you are unsure, you can always request a free sample from us.

For standard orders, we will complete your boxes and deliver them within 8 to 10 Business days. Yet, in case you need to get a rush order, you can always discuss it with our representatives.

You can simply contact our customer representatives to make an instant price quotation. Typically, we require 1 hour to estimate the price for your custom boxes.

We provide no minimum order quantity for our custom boxes. This simply means that we will receive any quantity order you need for your boxes.

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