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Silver Edge Packaging – The leading identity of Pillow boxes 

We are among the leading distributors of all sorts of  packaging  boxes across various industries. Order our custom pillow boxes in bulk (in different designs and colours) and at surprisingly competitive prices to deliver products safely to your customers around the globe! 

So.. What is a “pillow box”? 

The Custom Pillow Box model is the Personalized Box model commonly used in clothing and accessories businesses . They are so called because their shape resembles a pillow.

Create a unique visual identity for your brand

These custom boxes  allow the shopkeeper to sell in a packaging with the visual identity of the brand, thus enhancing visibility and expanding brand reach.

 As a B2B business model, We create Custom Pillow Boxes with logos in bulk to spread an advertising message for your store and help you build a larger customer base. Print  your custom pillow paper boxes in wholesale bulk without borders and  large motifs with bright coloration . All you have to do is send us your design

Protect your content:Deliver your products safely to customers 

Custom Pillow Boxes in bulk serve as a best option when packing a gift. Due to being made of cardboard, they  offer excellent resistance for protecting any content inside. 

They are the true “gift boxes” 

These elegant boxes with logos enhance the content inside and surprise the recipient of the gift box. These beautiful, fluffed pillow  shaped boxes are delivered folded-flat and you could put any motif of your choice. If you are a business entity, you could imprint them with your customised advertisement. See our other members of gift box family like jewellery boxes, PVC window boxes, and Kraft boxes 

Boxes for packing wigs and hair extensions

These pillow boxes has been shipped around in the  USA & CANADA and internationally, by stores producing wigs, hair extensions, hair extension clips etc., due to their unique shape, ideal size and folded flat surface

Order Custom Pillow boxes in bulk at cheapest wholesale rates

These pillow shaped  exquisite boxes are very rare to see across the packaging industry. We not only provide these unique, little boxes but do so at the cheapest wholesale rate in the US and worldwide. We are proud to be on the top in providing services while being quite low in prices. You can choose from a wide range of pillow boxes in a variety of designs and sizes and something very exciting, discussed below. 

Imprint your favourite logo on your pillow box without any die plate charges 

We can print your brand logo (your self-customised) on the pillow boxes without any die plate charges. 

Free Delivery Services on Wholesale Pillow Boxes

Order custom pillow boxes  in bulk, at affordable wholesale rates without any shipping charges. Enjoy the fastest delivery time you have never experienced before. 


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