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What is the Pillow Box?

The Custom Pillow Boxes is the Personalized Box model most used by clothing and accessories stores. The shape resembles a pillow and makes it easy for the shopkeeper to deliver the products in a packaging with the visual identity of the store, thus ensuring visibility and expanding the reach of the brand.


Packaging is essential for products and gifts. On the one hand, the Custom Pillow Boxes with logo is extremely practical and protects the contents from scratches or dirt. On the other hand, if beautiful and elegant, they can enhance the content and surprise the recipient. 

A particular solution is that offered by pillow boxes. As the name suggests, the shape of these convex boxes looks a lot like a fluffed pillow. The gift boxes are supplied folded flat and not simply folded. For gifts and products, you can choose to print your pillow boxes with an advertisement or pattern of your choice.


With personalized gadgets you can win over customers and potentially interested parties at fairs, events or as a small token of appreciation. You can also opt for Custom Pillow Boxes with logo in bulk to spread an advertising message of limited duration. 

This way you can use the gadgets you already have available for different promotional campaigns without your message getting lost. Print pillow boxes to promote a new advertising campaign or to spread your advertising motif. Practical: With us you can print your custom pillow paper boxes wholesale without borders and using large motifs in bright colors. All you have to do is send us your design.

Pillow Boxes – The Best Packaging for Small Items

Custom Pillow Boxes in bulk are one of the best alternatives when packing a gift. In the first place, the fact of being made of cardboard, they are very resistant and offer excellent protection for any content. 

Likewise, assembly is very easy, as they are pre-folded. In no time, you will have your pillow box assembled and ready to use. Closing and opening them is very fast thanks to the insertion flaps. 

Personalized Boxes in Great Variety

Whether you want to send products, samples or gifts to your customers: in exclusive gift boxes, personalized with your print, orders and gifts will arrive with great fanfare! We offer you a large assortment of Custom Pillow Boxes in bulk with online printing.

Your Personalized Boxes Online in Just Three Steps

Your printed gift box must convince not only in its aesthetics, but also in its functionality. To get to your destination quickly when choosing your packaging, we have three useful tips for you:

Custom Pillow Boxes with logo are very popular, used in the most diverse sectors to contain small objects. However, we also recommend these packs for impressive packaging for larger products, with customized solutions in shape, color, processing on paper and windows.

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