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We offer Best Optimal Custom Beverage Boxes 

Custom beverage boxes with logo are one of the most optimal options for transporting and storing bottle products. The material provides a lot of opportunities for developing an original design and posting information that attracts consumers. Calculate offers beautiful and stylish boxes for alcoholic beverages that will help increase brand promotion and make a potential buyer want to Order your product.

What kind of bottle packaging do we produce?

Bulk Custom beverage boxes with alcoholic beverages can be made both for group consignments of goods, and for one bottle in a gift version. It can also be open or closed, for example, products can be installed in a cardboard tray for subsequent wrapping with film.

Packaging for bottles is made of dense corrugated cardboard: three- or four-layer. And so that the glass containers do not touch during transportation, dividers made of thick cardboard are installed inside.

Order from a Range of Beverage Design Options

  Individual Custom beverage boxes with logo wholesale can be equipped with additional design solutions. Firstly, the die cut handle is a convenient element. Thanks to it, delivery of goods to the point of sale and further movement by the end customer becomes easy and not burdensome.

  Some alcohol cartons have a round hole in the top flap of the lid. As a rule, the upper part of the box is lower than the glass container itself and the neck of the bottle is pushed into this hole. In this way, a curious, attractive image of the product can be created.

Get a Perfect Display on your Product

  Custom beverage boxes with logo contain a display window in the front surface of the carton and pens. Depending on the shape of the window, you can add one or another shade to the image of the product and most clearly demonstrate the product “face”. Making gift wrapping for alcohol production of packaging for takeaway alcohol

From Level to Packaging everything in Perfect Shape

Custom beverage boxes in bulk design can be chosen at your discretion. It is worth noting that a high – quality box made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard protects the product from damage, which is important.

The absence of a reliable box or box increases the risk of damage to the goods: from the label to the glass container itself, and therefore significantly increases the manufacturer’s losses.

High Quality Shock Absorber Beverage Boxes at Cheapest price

The fact is that the walls of the box take on the vertical load when stacked. Moreover, a corrugated board, due to its multilayer structure with hollow areas, acts as a shock absorber. Therefore, boxes for alcohol are made mainly of corrugated cardboard.

There are many options for Custom beverage boxes with logo alcoholic drinks and decorating your gift. Everything directly depends on your wishes and financial capabilities.

Fast Free and Safest Delivery

The delivery and transportation of glass bottles requires special care. One strong push, hard braking – and part of the product will be smashed to smithereens. Therefore, it is important to pack the bottles correctly, and for this, manufacturers use special boxes. 

Custom beverage boxes wholesale are used in the food and alcoholic beverage industry. They deliver champagne, wines, beer, milk, yoghurts, mineral water and juices to shops. But also the need for the transportation of glass containers arises from companies that work with medicines, cosmetics, chemicals and bulk products.

If you are providing popcorn online to your customers, Ordering custom popcorn boxes can be the best choice. These boxes are safe and eco-friendly.

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