The Essence of Custom Rigid Boxes for the Company’s Spin-offs

Custom rigid boxes
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    When a factory creates a product, they make it to sell to customers. However, to successfully sell those products, they need packaging to attract customers and protect them during shipment. There are several types of packaging that companies can use to do this. One option is Custom Rigid Boxes for shipping.

    Advantages of Custom Rigid Boxes for Users

    Customized rigid boxes for shipping have many advantages over other forms of protective packaging, including:

    They fit products securely and prevent movement

    This is especially important when shipping items such as hardware or kitchenware. Objects might accidentally bump against each other and damage if you do not package them correctly.

    They keep moisture from damaging products during transit

    Like things bumping into each other. If you pack wet items for too long, they can become warped or otherwise damaged.

    They create extra space in the boxes to cushion products 

    Some shrink film companies will offer customized shrink wrap bags. These do not protect against bumps like customized rigid boxes for shipping. And while some firms provide custom sizes with their stretch film, it does not perform as well at protecting products from moisture damage.

    They make it possible to shiploads

    This is because customized rigid boxes use less materials than other types of packaging like cardboard boxes and even molded pulp containers.

    This level of protection that customized rigid boxes offer different types of items makes them ideal for a wide range of trades and products, including:

    • Clothing and fashion accessories
    • Food and drink items such as fruits, candy, chocolate, soda pop, etc
    • Housewares

    Benefits of Customizing Packaging through Designers

    While many companies create rigid boxes for shipping, some smaller businesses (particularly those who sell food or drink items like fresh produce) contract out this work. For these types of manufacturers, there are several benefits to customizing packages through specialized packaging firms, including:

    1. They can provide expert advice on making customized rigid boxes for shipping based on the specific item(s). By working with experts in packaging, companies can choose the right materials for their needs. These materials will provide the best protection against damage during shipping.
    2. They specialize in custom packaging to ensure that companies receive timely deliveries of their packages.
    3. They work quickly to keep costs as low as possible while still creating solid boxes for shipping. Companies who need custom boxes for their products but want to avoid major expenses should consider working with a specialized firm rather than making their boxes.


    Customized rigid boxes for shipping are just one type of packaging that factories and dealers use to ship products safely and securely. There is no “single size serves all” solution for carrying out this business process. Whether your company needs other types of protective packaging or not! You may find that many of the following companies offer different types of custom boxes with logo for shipping.

    Ultimate Uses of Customized Rigid Boxes

    Rigid boxes, as the name suggests, are made to be rigid. In other words, they have no flexibility. They are often used to store delicate items such as paper clips and pins. But more commonly, you’ll see them being used in supermarkets and department stores. Hold packets of biscuits, crisps, confectionery, and hold and display clothing and shoes.

    Customized designs with ultimate uses:

    The boxes come in a range of different colors, shapes, and sizes for making it easy for you to find one that suits your specific need. You can customize them to any particular design you want. Such as the product logo on the box or even custom images such as a photo of your choice. 

    Also, these boxes hold other items besides the usual storage needs. They are also used to transport larger items securely and safely while still ensuring that the item inside is protected from any damage during transportation.

    Rigid Box Manufacturing:

    Designers of rigid boxes have perfect machinery to make even the most complex designs. They can make any design that you come up with, making it possible to use custom-made boxes for your business needs. This means that you can use them not only for storage purposes but also for packaging purposes. It ensures that your item is safe during transport.


    Rigid boxes are often used in storage and can hold a variety of items such as:

    • Clothing and shoes 
    • Packets of crisps, biscuits or sweets 
    • Stationery supplies such as pens and pencils 
    • Hair accessories such as hairpins, clips, bobby pins, etc. 
    • Makeup items such as lipsticks and eye-shadows 
    • Jewelry (earrings, necklaces)


    custom Rigid boxes can also pack small items. The box can fit comfortably without causing any damage or crushing whatsoever. For example, put a packet of crisps inside the box. Then, place some more packets on top of it. This ensures that the crisps do not get crushed. Other items that the box can fit into include:

    • Hairbrushes 
    • Perfumes (spray bottles) 
    • Pens and pencils (inside a stationery pack) 
    • Cosmetics (inside a makeup kit)
    • Jewelry (rings, earrings, or necklaces) 
    • Food items (cookies, biscuits, candy, etc.)


    Rigid boxes can also display products. This makes them excellent for use in retail stores and supermarket displays. Confectionery stores often use their products and clothing retailers to display the various clothing items on offer.

    Custom Printed Rigid Boxes Design Exclusively

    Rigid boxes come in a variety of colors. It ensures that you will find one that suits your needs. They also come in manifold shapes and sizes, ensuring that they fit into their needs. These include:

    • Rectangular shapes: -used to store and box up clothing, for example, jumpers, pants, etc.) 
    • Square shapes: used as holders for food products such as biscuits, sugar cubes, etc.) 
    • Circular shape: used to hold and display shoes
    • Multi-Sided shapes such as triangular or hexagonal etc.: used to hold and protect items on all sides such as watches, rings, earrings, etc.) 


    Other customizations may include the product logo printed on the top/side/front of the box or even having a photo printed onto it to depict a particular item or group of items. 


    Rigid Box Manufacturers invest a lot into machinery and tools that enable them to manufacture high-quality rigid boxes time and time again. These boxes are designed to protect your products. 

    Also to be used repeatedly without getting damaged in any way at all. The material used is durable enough for this purpose. Made from solid materials such as cardboard, chipboard, etc., these boxes are long-lasting and reliable.

    Customized Rigid Box Wholesale Increases Brand Sales

    Rigid boxes are good for packaging, storage, and shipping products. More and more companies now offer customizable options. So, you can choose the size and color of your customized rigid box. These boxes are known as custom cardboard boxes.

    There are a lot of reasons why businesses should use personalized or custom rigid boxes to pack their items:

    Their Look Surprise Customers

    Customized rigid boxes look great both inside and outside! If you use printed, custom rigid boxes with a specific design that fits your company’s brand image, it will be desirable to potential clients.


    Customers like a bit of a surprise when they receive their order in a gorgeous personalized box instead of a brown one. Some trades even make the box a gift within a gift for customers. They put the item in a pretty box and then seal it inside another, larger but very lightbox. This way customers get two presents at once!

    Rigid boxes can be used as storage units years 

    Sure, you won’t use your corrugated packaging to store the exact items shipped initially. Trust us. No one wants their new computer packed into an oversized custom box! But rigid boxes wholesale are just the right size for all kinds of things you need to keep around.


    Yet, you don’t want to clutter up your workspace: old papers and files, holiday decorations and knick-knacks, craft supplies…you name it.

    They are Easy to Recognize

    A printed custom box is easy to recognize even if it’s been sitting around in your basement for years! That means that even if you move or shift into a new market, your customers will still know where to find you.

    They are Reusable

    Companies also save money by using custom boxes because they are reusable. Not only can you use printed rigid boxes as storage units. If you have many of them stacked up behind your business, they can later be taken out and reused for shipping new items once again.


    If the company wants to recycle their corrugated material, then at least they can use the same box over and over again. This way, no one has to make any unnecessary waste on their end. Another benefit of using printed custom boxes is how easily anyone can find your business online. 


    At Silver Edge Packaging, most Rigid Boxes Wholesale come in full box quantities, but you can find them in half-box and quarter box sizes too. They have a reusable shape. So, once you remove the contents, you can use the box for other purposes around your home or office. 


    Many retail stores rely on sturdy shipping containers to transport goods from a distribution center to a store location or warehouse. You can get these used boxes to package holiday presents or send gifts to friends and family overseas. For shipping fragile items like dishes and glassware, look for crush-resistant containers that will keep breakables intact during transit.

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