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Branded Custom Garment Boxes in Bulk

Custom Garments Boxes with logo are the face of the product and the business card. Branded bags and boxes of the company create the first and strongest impression with buyers and customers. As a rule, the packaging is made in a corporate style. Clients, partners, buyers easily recognize a brand or manufacturer.

Eye-Catching Designs with Best Material

Today, the expression “latest fashion” is taken seriously. This is not surprising, since people around the world prefer to dress with high quality and original Custom Garments Boxes. It follows from this that they choose clothes not only for the quality of its performance, but also for how competently and beautifully it is presented on the market.

Increase your Garments Sales with Reflective Packaging

And here the question arises before the distributors and manufacturers: what should be the cardboard custom garments packaging made to order for clothes, so that it can maximally emphasize the positive properties of the product, and at the same time increase sales. Silver Edge Packaging knows the answers to these questions and is ready to share with you.

Our Custom Garment Boxes are a Great Fashion tool

Custom garments boxes packaging with logo is a strong fashion tool. Products made by our company will add vivid emotions and attractiveness to your product. With us you can realize any design solutions, get professional advice and make your dreams come true.

Design features

It is worth noting that a product such as clothing requires specific packaging designs. We offer various options:

We produce Custom Garment Boxes in bulk – an ideal solution for the sale of evening dresses. They look as presentable as possible.

In any case, the production of packaging for clothes will depend on the requirement of the client, since it is for you that we work, first of all, and we will do everything in our power … and even more!

Production of Custom Garment Boxes with a logo

Branded custom garments boxes packaging is the beginning of communication between the consumer and the manufacturer, the first thing that the buyer sees. The production of packaging is a modern technology, in the details of which we are well versed. We produce custom-made gift wrapping from certified materials: coated paper, design, bookbinding, micro-corrugated cardboard, and craft.

Select from Variety of Garments Kraft Boxes

Any packaging with your logo on is branded. These can be paper bags made of coated, design and kraft paper; packaging boxes made of designer cardboard, binding and micro-corrugated cardboard; boxes made of wood, plywood, veneer; craft packaging for food and household goods; wrapping for clothes; grease-resistant for food and wrapping paper on a wax and laminated base.

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