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Booklet Boxes and packaging: Best source for company Promotion

The production of Custom Booklet Boxes with logo in bulk plays an important role in the promotion of food and consumer goods.

Packaging is an inexpensive advertising medium that allows not only to keep the product intact during transportation but also to draw attention to the brand. Boxes with a logo knowingly increase customer loyalty to the product and to the brand in general.

We offer various designs and formats

 Due to the stiffness of the cardboard, the Custom Booklet Boxes wholesale packaging can have various designs. Any box format and design can be produced. But traditionally, each industry has developed its own technological nuances and designs. Offset and digital printing of boxes directly depends on the circulation of the packaging.

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The original beautiful cardboard Custom Booklet Boxes in bulk packaging is a necessary marketing element for active sales. The SILVER EDGE PACKAGING printing house pays great attention not only to quality, but also to the design of the boxes.

We aim to provide highest quality Boxes

With us you can not only order packaging design, but also the entire accompanying range of services related to the development and launch of a new Custom Booklet Boxes packaging design for goods on the market. We will carry out the task in accordance with the most modern and high quality standards.

Production of boxes to order and development of packaging design in a printing house

The rich experience and professional skills of our specialists will make it possible to bring to life any of your ideas and to print custom-designed boxes of any shape for you. If your goal is to develop a completely new packaging format, then our printing house will develop a new custom-made box stamp for you.

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The digital and offset equipment of the printing houCustom Booklet boxesse allows you to carry out any print runs with high quality and on time. If you need urgent box printing, leave a request on the website and our managers will promptly contact you to clarify the details of the order.

The cost of manufacturing and printing packaging

The cost of printing Custom Booklet Boxes in bulk depends on the materials you have chosen, the volume of circulation and the printing method, the size and design of the product, the color, the presence of a die cut, the timing of work, post-printing options and individual wishes.

We can offer you both an expensive exclusive and a more economical version of the product, while maintaining the print quality.

When making packaging according to individual parameters, the cost of the stamp is added to the cost of printing the product, which is made and paid for once. The stamp is designed for repeated use in the future.

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