Toy Packaging: Design, Trends, and Industry Importance

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    Toys are supposed to look interesting. Well, this is why toy brands use custom toy packaging to display their products appealingly. In fact, a unique toy box can do more than simply packing and displaying a toy product. Yes, this packaging apparently plays a vital role in the toy industry. This is where, as a brand owner, you need to master the toy packaging including its design, trends, and its vital role. Well, let’s have a look at the complete guide below!

    How to Make Custom Toy Packaging Exclusively?

    To make exclusively personalized toy boxes, you must consider what customers want to see and get. In addition, it will always be a great idea to follow the market trends.

    Here are some tips you can follow!

    Safety First

    Remember that children are your main customers in the toy industry. Thus, you need to focus on their safety first.

    For example, to create action figure blister packaging, the materials should be free from harmful substances. Most importantly, the packaging should not have small parts that could cause some choking hazards.

    User-Friendly Packaging

    You will need user-friendly packaging for toy products. This means that your packaging should be easy for children to open by themselves. This way, they can enjoy their new toys without assistance.

    Also, you should make sure that your packaging serves its purpose which is protecting your toy product during display, transportation, and storage.

    Visual Appealing

    Create visually appealing designs that catch the attention of potential customers. At the same time, your design should also reflect the essence of your toy inside. For this, you can apply lively colors, engaging graphics, and characters related to your toy’s theme.

    Why Is Toy Packaging Important?


    Now let’s think for a moment; have you ever seen any toy product without its packaging? Probably not.

    Well the fact is, toy packaging is highly important for some good and compelling reasons.

    Display Purpose

    Well, there is no way that those customers will recognize your toy products if you don’t display them attractively. And this is where toy packaging comes in. By designing your packaging uniquely with your own ideas, you can make your toy products a star amongst thousands on the shelves.

    Improves Brand Visibility

    Some customers can be very loyal to their favorite brands. In fact, they will hesitate to purchase products from brands they are not familiar with. Well, the same goes for the toy industry. Your toy packaging will be the face of your brand. This simply means that you can make your brand more visible through your packaging. How?

    Simply by printing your brand’s name, logo, colors, and other branding details on the packaging.

    Safe Delivery Guaranteed

    We know that some or even many toy products can be very vulnerable. However, when you pack them in durable packaging, you can rest assured that they remain secure during the delivery.

    Most importantly, when you customize your toy packaging, you can choose the right packaging material. Be it cardboard, paperboard, or corrugated, you can choose the one that will provide safe delivery for your toy products.

    The Rise of Innovation Integration in Toy Packaging Design

    In these modern days, many toy brands are integrating innovations when it comes to creating their toy packaging designs. Far better, there are some toy packaging trends that include the advance of technology in the design context as well.

    Let’s have a look at some of them!

    Unique Structure Designs for Toy Package

    An innovative toy package structure can create instant visual appeal that draws more customers. Even better, its design works well to grab the eye and draw customers in for a closer look. Most importantly, the innovative structure of toy packaging boxes can enhance a toy brand’s recognition. How?

    When you design your packaging closely associated with your brand, customers can identify it from a distance. This will, for sure, strengthen brand loyalty.

    What’s more, modern toy packaging today is all about creating memorable customer experiences. Well, a unique structure design adds a layer of excitement to the unboxing process. Just imagine the anticipation of discovering what’s inside is heightened when your packaging itself is a mystery to be unravelled.

    Embracing Minimalist Toy Packaging Template in Toy Aisles

    We know that minimalism is an artistic approach around simplicity and the “less is more” philosophy. Well, in the context of toy packaging, it means removing excessive design elements. Thus, customers will focus only on essential features.

    No doubt, this design philosophy comes with many advantages in the toy industry.

    Here are some of the main benefits!

    • The simplicity is highly-effective at grabbing the attention of customers due to its simplicity
    • It has the ability to convey your brand’s message clearly and concisely
    • This design will not overwhelm customers with information or distraction

    Expect to See Smart Templates Everywhere

    These days, any brand can easily get smart templates to help then design their toy packaging. In fact you can work with professional companies like Silver Edge Packaging to customize the template as how you want it to be. In the end, whether you need an action figure packaging template or a doll box template, you can get it and customize it according to your preferences.

    What Type of Packaging Is Used for Toys?


    Next up, it’s time for us to learn more about packaging engineering for children’s toys that is booming these days.

    Here are some popular types of packaging for toy products you can find out there!

    Plastic Shell

    This is basically a plastic clip that can be opened by sandwiching the toy in the middle. In brief, you might see its structure like a clam, where customers can easily open and close it.

    Packaging with Window

    The window shape on the packaging allows customers to understand your toy products inside. This way, you can grab their attention the moment they lay eyes on your toys.

    Blister Packaging

    Action figure blister packaging or simply blister packaging is the most common toy packaging you might see in the toy aisle. This packaging is glued to the plastic shell of the toy to the cardboard printed with toy information, brand promotion, and other materials. Meanwhile, the toy product itself is tightly wrapped to prevent any movement and damage.

    Blind Box

    Be it children or adults, blind boxes are absolutely attractive to them these days. The main goal of this packaging is to give a surprise. Therefore, a blind box is also sometimes called a surprise box.

    In the layout, the blind box seals the toy in an aluminum foil bag and puts it in a square box. Of course, you can print the outer with the image of your toys, but customers will never guess what the inside really looks like.

    The Toy Industry and Packaging

    Indeed, the toy industry goes side by side with the trends in toy packaging. Hence, we can find hundreds or maybe thousands of toy design companies to help toy brands design their toy packaging. Mostly, these packaging design consultants help brands to design packaging that reflects their styles and identity. In other words, you can expect to get the most ideal packaging that talks loudly about your toy brand.

    The Future of Toys

    Speaking of the future of toys, we can expect to see more Next Generation Toys on the toy aisle.

    Yes, with licensed toys and games accounting for 31% of total toy sales, movie and TV/streaming releases will surely impact the toy market. In fact, more studios are capitalizing on evergreen toy and kids’ entertainment brands.

    What are the examples of these Generation Toys?

    Barbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and more will be booming along with the booming of their features on the big screen.

    In addition, streaming services, digital worlds, and gaming will continue to invite more toy brands to bring the most popular movie characters to life.

    Hottest Toys and Customization You Should Follow

    Of course, you should wisely choose which trend to follow when designing your toy packaging. However, one thing you should focus on is to stay true to your brand’s identity. Yes, this simply means that whether you need a custom playing card boxes, custom Barbie box or Custom Game Boxes, your toy box design ideas should reflect your brand’s identity at its best.

    Wrapping Up

    Well, there you have it! Now we know that toy packaging plays a vital role in product security, displaying purpose, safe delivery, and improving brand visibility. Moreover, the trends in toy packaging we can expect include embracing minimalist, unique structure designs, and smart templates. As a result, many toy design companies today help toy brands to design their packaging according to the market trends. Ultimately, we must say that the toy industry always goes side by side with the trends in toy packaging.


    What Format for Toy Packaging That Is Most Preferred?

    The most preferred toy packaging formats include action figure blister packaging, blind box, window packaging, and plastic shell.

    Is there any hottest toy this year?

    Yes, the hottest and best-seller toy in 2023 is the Dog-E by MINTiD1, which is a robot dog that we can program and play with through an application.

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