20 Creative Toy Packaging Boxes Designs

20 Creative Toy Packaging Boxes Designs
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    20 Creative Toy Packaging Designs


    Toy packaging is a big deal when it comes to catching the eyes of kids and parents. Additionally, it is more than creating that wow factor and making a toy stand out. Instead, the right packaging will protect your toy product properly. Don’t forget that exclusive packaging can help you reflect a unique brand’s identity as well. So, if you are offering toy products and want to get high sales, check out below for 20 creative toy packaging designs you can try!

    Top 20 Custom Toy Boxes Design Ideas

    Let’s kick things off with some seriously cool custom toy boxes design ideas!

    1.      Interactive Puzzle Box

    Interactive Puzzle Box

    Imagine a Custom Puzzle Box that doubles as a puzzle. Kids have to solve the puzzle to open the box and reveal the hidden treasure inside. Well, it will be a genius way to engage their minds and build up anticipation.

    2.      Augmented Reality Packaging

    Augmented Reality Packaging

    Yes, we are bringing toys to life! With augmented reality packaging, kids can use their smartphones or tablets to unlock virtual games, characters, or animated stories related to the toy. Thus, it will be a wonderful experience they have.

    3.      Transforming Boxes

    Transforming Boxes


    How about a packaging design that takes inspiration from the toy itself? These boxes can transform into playsets or accessories, Hence, adding an extra layer of fun and imagination even before the toy is out of the box.

    4.      Surprise Boxes

    Surprise Boxes

    Who doesn’t love surprises?

    This packaging design features a hidden toy inside a larger box. Well, those kids will have that “Oh my gosh!” moment when it’s finally opened. Eventually, the unboxing experience will get a whole lot more exciting!

    5.      Magnetic Closure Boxes

    Magnetic Closure Boxes

    Say hello to elegance! Magnetic closures add a touch of sophistication to your packaging. Even better, they provide a secure yet easy-to-open solution. With this feature, you can improve the overall unboxing experience.

    6.      Window Boxes

    Window Boxes

    Sometimes, it’s all about the tease. Window boxes allow those kids to peek inside. Yes, they will get a glimpse of the toy without actually opening the packaging. This design idea will be perfect for toys with visually stunning features that deserve to be seen.

    7.      Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Eco-Friendly Packaging

    With sustainability on everyone’s minds, eco-friendly packaging has become a hit. This packaging uses recycled or biodegradable materials. Simply put, this packaging helps you promote environmental consciousness and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

    8.      Custom Action Figure Blister Boxes

    Character Inspired Boxes

    Let’s bring the toy’s theme to the packaging itself!

    Imagine a superhero action figure blister packaged in a box shaped like a building or a spaceship. Surely, it will be a creative way to make attractive packaging and the toy go hand in hand.

    9.      DIY Packaging

    DIY Packaging

    Get those creative juices flowing!

    Some toy packaging designs like slime boxes are blank canvas for kids to decorate and personalize. This means that they can add stickers, markers, or any other creative elements to make the box their own. It will be a unique touch that makes your toy even more special.

    10.  Storybook Packaging

    Storybook Packaging

    Who doesn’t love a good story?

    Packaging that tells a story through narratives or illustrations creates a great experience for both kids and parents. Additionally, it adds a whole new level of value to your toy product.

    11.  Glow-in-the-Dark Packaging

    Glow in the Dark Packaging

    Glow-in-the-dark packaging adds an extra element of excitement. This way, those kids can enjoy the packaging long after the toy is out. Hence, making it a keepsake that shines even in the dark.

    12.  Pop-Up Boxes

    Pop Up Boxes

    Prepare to be amazed!

    Pop-up boxes feature intricate paper engineering that reveals hidden elements when the box is opened. So, it will be like a surprise party in packaging form.

    13.  Customizable Packaging

    Customizable Packaging

    Make it uniquely yours!

    Yes, you can create your own design that reflects your brand’s identity. Thus, this packaging idea will be perfect to give more exposure to your toy brand. Where to get it? You can contact professional suppliers, such as Silver Edge Packaging to help you out.

    14.  Interactive Sound Boxes

    Interactive Sound Boxes

    Get ready for some sound effects! This packaging design uses technology to incorporate audio elements. Opening the box will trigger a sound or a catchy jingle. Hence, you can make the unboxing experience even more engaging for those kids.

    15.  3D Printed Packaging

    3D Printed Packaging

    The future is here!

    With 3D printing, toy packaging can take on any shape, texture, or intricate detail you can imagine. In other words, each box becomes a work of art in its own right.

    16.  Minimalistic Packaging

    Minimalistic Packaging

    Sometimes, less is more. Minimalistic packaging relies on clean lines, subtle colors, and a focus on the toy itself. Yes, it is all about simplicity and elegance that catches the eye.

    17.  Puzzle Packaging

    Puzzle Packaging

    Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

    Puzzle packaging requires kids to solve a puzzle or a riddle to open the box and access the toy. Thus, it will be a fantastic way to stimulate their cognitive skills and keep them entertained.

    18.  Stackable Boxes

    Stackable Boxes

    If your toys come in multiple parts or sets, stackable packaging is a game-changer. Each box fits neatly on top of another. Additionally, it will create a visually appealing and space-efficient display.

    19.  Reusable Packaging

    Reusable Packaging

    Reusable packaging adds value beyond the initial unboxing. This packaging can transform into storage containers or play accessories. This way, you can ensure that those kids still cherish your box long after the toy has been played with.

    20.  Retro-Inspired Packaging

    Retro Inspired Packaging

    Let’s take a trip down memory lane! Retro-inspired designs tap into nostalgia and evoke positive emotions. Besides, these designs can create a connection between generations and stand out on store shelves.

    What Is the Best Shape for Toy Packaging Boxes?

    So, what’s the deal with box shapes?

    While rectangular or square boxes are common, unique shapes can make your toy packaging really stand out.

    Check out some cool ideas below!

    •         Triangle boxes

    Triangular-shaped boxes create a dynamic and visually striking display. For sure, the shape will add a touch of uniqueness and make your packaging pop.

    •         Hexagon boxes

    Hexagonal boxes bring a modern and fresh look to your product packaging. The six-sided shape offers a visually interesting structure. Even better, it will help you highlight different features of your toy.

    •         Cylinder tubes

    Want to add a touch of elegance? Cylinder tubes do just that. They are particularly suitable for small toys or collectible items. The best part is that these shapes will give your toy products a premium feel.

    •         Pyramid boxes

    Talk about making a statement! Pyramid-shaped boxes catch attention from all angles. Additionally, they will create an appealing display that stands out from the sea of rectangular packaging.

    •         Custom die-cut shapes

    The sky’s the limit! Custom die-cut shapes open up endless possibilities for custom game boxes . The die-cut technique allows for creativity to flow. Eventually, it ensures that your packaging perfectly fits the unique attributes of the toy.

    How About Playing Card Boxes?

    Now comes the part about custom playing card boxes.

    Brace yourself for some awesome ideas below!

    •         Card deck storage

    Why not make the packaging double as storage?

    Yes, you can design your packaging to be like a playing card deck. This packaging can store the toy and its accessories properly. At the same time, it will keep everything organized and easily accessible.

    •         Card game box

    If you offer a card game or a deck of cards, you can go with a specific design of custom board game boxes. For example, you can include compartments for the cards, instructions, and other game components.

    •         Collectible card series

    Just like trading card collections, you can pack cards resembling collectible card series. Each box represents a different character or variant. With this packaging, it will be easier to appeal to collectors and create a sense of anticipation.

    •         Card suit themes

    Let’s get thematic! Playing card suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) can inspire the design of your packaging. Better yet, each product can have a unique box representing a particular suit. Hence, creating a consistent collection.

    How About Some Creative Barbie Box Ideas?

    Barbie, the iconic toy. This princess had countless creative packaging designs over the years.

    Here are a few ideas to showcase your Barbie dolls beautifully!

    •         Fashion runway box

    Picture a packaging design that resembles a miniature fashion runway, complete with a catwalk and an audience. It sets the stage for Barbie’s fashion adventures. Additionally, it captures the essence of her glamorous world.

    •         Dressing room box

    You can also design the custom barbie box like a dressing room, complete with a mirror and hangers. And don’t forget those drawers to store her clothes and accessories. Surely, this design adds a touch of realism and interactivity to the unboxing experience.

    •         Barbie dreamhouse box

    Let’s step into Barbie’s dreamy world!

    Yes, you can reveal a dollhouse interior. This means you create a glimpse into Barbie’s stylish home. Eventually, this design will make the unboxing experience even more magical.

    Why Choose Silver Edge Packaging?

    Discover the essence of exceptional toy packaging at Silver Edge Packaging. From chic custom Barbie boxes to secure and stylish game boxes, board game boxes, and custom  playing card packaging boxes. Our precision-crafted custom action figure packaging ensures your collectibles shine. Elevate your packaging game with our compact Custom Puzzle and Hoverboard Boxes. At Silver Edge Packaging, we blend creativity and quality seamlessly.

    Wrapping Up

    And there you have it! We have explored the world of 20 creative toy packaging designs that take unboxing experiences to a whole new level. From interactive puzzles and augmented reality, these designs will surely captivate those kids and parents.

    So, the next time you’re offering new toys, keep an eye out for these innovative and eye-catching packaging designs. After all, the packaging is just the beginning of the adventure!

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