8 Types of Custom Display Box Packaging Material for Ecommerce

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    Which custom display boxes packaging alternatives your E-commerce can use to ensure the safety of your products shipped and contribute to sustainability?

    We know how much good logistics is needed, especially in E-commerce, since there is no physical store, only virtual. Therefore, all products sent to consumers need to be packaged correctly so that there is no damage in their transport.

    In addition to having a good design, adopting sustainable choices when choosing the packaging for your shipments is something important not only for the positioning of the brand , but mainly for the environment and society.

    Find out in this article how easy it can be to make a good choice of packaging adding value to your product and contributing to a better future.

    How to choose custom display boxes packaging?

    To transport each product safely, there is a specific type of custom packaging that helps to preserve its integrity. However, some commonly used custom packaging for display, bubble wrap, for example, is not actually recycled.

    This happens for several reasons, from the difficulty of recycling operators in accumulating a lot of material in order to be worth their commercialization to the fact that the material itself after recycling becomes something of low quality and low value.

    For this reason, we have separated below more sustainable alternatives for your E-commerce to use and continue guaranteeing the security of the products sent.

    “Bubble wrap” paper packaging for delicate products

    Bubble plastic- is an effective material in sending sensitive products. It is possible to ensure the safety of products transported. However, bubble wrap, in addition to taking up a lot of space in recycling operators as mentioned above, does not have much commercial interest on the part of recyclers as it results in a low-quality material after recycling.

    For a long time, it was considered a difficult packaging to be replaced, but there is a sustainable alternative to replace it.

    Kraft Paper Boxing

    Custom kraft display box packaging can be useful to pack clothes and non-fragile objects. It is one of the most resistant packagings and its versatility allows the making of envelopes, bags, boxes, among others.

    It is possible to customize kraft paper with your company logo and for each type of need, there is a different weight.

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    It is considered a 100% recyclable and recycled material, besides having easy degradation and being able to serve as fertilizer when mixed with other organic items.

    In the production process of Custom kraft boxes, vegetable glue is used, which may be corn or cassava starch.

    Cardboard Box Packaging

    Cardboard boxes can be made in different widths and sizes. It is indicated for the transport and packaging of fragile and non-fragile objects where the packaging is not made with brown paper. In addition to being a fully recyclable material, it is possible to make custom boxes with logo.

    Paper air cushion

    Air cushions fill the empty spaces in the boxes that carry light products. When transported, the products are not loose and do not risk swinging, ensuring their protection.

    But it is possible to opt for other alternatives to the air cushion in the packaging. Paper-based air cushions are biodegradable and prevent the accumulation of waste in nature in the long run.

    Fragmented Paper

    Fragmented paper is a good option for custom display boxes with logo, as it accommodates the goods inside the box and prevents the product from swinging in its transport.


    Envelopes can also be made with your store’s logo.  They are ideal for transporting small items such as books, DVDs, documents, jewelry, among others. They are widely used by custom jewelry boxes.


    Aluminum is a good example of non-ferrous metal packaging. They are used to condition beers, juices, teas, and soft drinks. If your e-commerce is for beverages, this type of packaging is highly recommended, in addition to being a highly recycled material.

    Make a good Box Packaging choice with consumer satisfaction

    These were the types of materials most used in product transportation. Consumer satisfaction is also determined by the way your goods arrive. Therefore, developing methods that facilitate transport conservation and ensure your product is essential to impact your consumer.

    In addition, as we have seen, adopting some measures of green logistics is a great alternative to ensure that your e-commerce is more sustainable.

    Apply these tips and manage your logistics in a more sustainable way.

    How to choose the ideal packaging for selling products over the internet?

    Selling products over the internet is not just any sale. It requires knowledge of key concepts of the digital market, especially when it comes to the ideal paperboard custom display boxes packaging.

    In the process of selling products over the internet, the packaging is one of the protagonists. Because there is no physical contact, the customer maintains a high expectation about the product. And nothing more frustrating than receiving that badly packaged or poorly presented wish item.

    What else proves that packaging is really important?

    They can be a means of cost reduction

    Among all the variables you can manipulate to generate savings in your business, choosing the right packaging can be the easiest way. Especially because most of them are already recyclable and there are often better and more efficient packaging on the market.

    Customer Preference in Packaging should be the Priority

    Depending on how the packaging dialogues with the item and the design adopted, it may be the reason for the customer’s preference for your product. Safe, original, and reliable packaging certainly attracts many consumers.

    It is possible to enhance the brand using sustainable custom display boxes packaging

    Packaging for selling products over the internet can be where the consumer discovers that your brand is sustainable. You don’t have to actively assert all the time that your brand is sustainable. Use reusable packaging, so customers quickly capture the message for themselves.

    They offer more chances of ensuring product integrity

    How can you be sure that the item exposed in your website’s high-quality image will reach the customer’s hands exactly as it was photographed? The first step is to invest in the perfect packaging for your needs.

    Choosing the best packaging for selling products over the internet

    After all, is it possible to find the perfect packaging?

    Studying your business needs and goals, yes, it is possible! Follow our tips:

    Imagine the unboxing of the product

    Before finalizing the purchase of the packaging with the supplier, imagine the customer opening the custom display boxes packaging. Will he want to share the unboxing on YouTube, for example? What impression can he have?

    Know the types of protective packaging for each material used

    How fragile is the product? Analyze how many layers of bubble wrap you will need. This material dampens vibrations, but not pressure and contact with water. For this, Styrofoam plates can be more useful.

    Customizable Packaging

    Instead of leaving your product loose in a large box filled with air cushions, use custom display boxes of different sizes. The less material, the less waste and the higher the customer satisfaction.

    You who have a store know the importance of keeping all processes up to date, to ensure that all sales leave with the quality and speed required and required by customers, right? So, you also know that packaging is one of the most important items when sending products, so check out the advantages of having personalized packaging for your products!

    Strengthen your brand with customized packaging

    With the use of packaging for stores, you can strengthen your brand with your customers, because a brand that is not seen is not remembered.

    Thus, in addition to having a strong presence on the internet, physically, in the media, your store also needs to be remembered throughout the purchase process. It includes delivery to the customer. And that you can only achieve with the use of customized display packaging with logo.

    Protects product integrity

    Protecting the integrity of products is essential for stores, especially those that sell online. Thus, the customer receives his product intact, without damage and, consequently, is happy and delighted with the care that the store took with each step of its purchase.

    Avoids customer complaints

    In the case of virtual stores, sending products to customers in custom display boxes in bulk is essential to avoid customer complaints. Complaints can result in product loss, breakdowns and other problems with purchases, which mostly occur due to poor storage and the lack of use of correct packaging to send the purchase.

    Increases loyalty

    When a customer realizes that the store cares about every step of the sale, he tends to be delighted and his chances of becoming a loyal customer of the brand increase. That is why it is recommended to invest in personalized display box packaging for products.

    Adding Value from Product Packaging

    E-Commerce are more and more common nowadays, as they provide practicality, cost-benefit, comfort and security, where you don’t even have to leave the house to do your shopping. The packaging for e-commerce makes a difference in your sales.

    For those who own e-commerce, it is important to have knowledge about the best strategies for your company, in addition to knowing how to attract customers and retain those who are already your consumers. The custom tapes are some of the widely used packaging in this business.

    E-commerce needs to have its prominence in the competitive market, since there are several competitors today. For this, the packaging stands out, as the personalized custom display boxes that make a difference in your company and in your segment.

    What is the importance of custom display boxes packaging in e-commerce?

    A customer’s first contact with e-commerce is when he receives the product packaging, as it comes to face to face with your brand. Therefore, investing in personalized custom display boxes and other packaging helps to highlight your brand in your industry.

    Packaging for e-commerce is the presentation of your product to customers, where they will create the first impression of your store that is, investing in safe, fast delivery and personalized packaging is a great strategy!

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