Custom Packaging for Small Business: 5 Perfect Tips to Apply in 2021

Custom Packaging for Small Business: 5 Perfect Tips to Apply in 2021
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    As a result of changes in the modern marketing sector, competitiveness is growing. So, small businesses use a variety of resources to meet challenges and attract customer attention. Therefore, one of these resources is personalized boxes and custom packaging boxes.

    Currently, there are many solutions  for custom kraft boxes available in the packaging market. However, the less traditional and the more creative they are, the greater the opportunity to be noticed in the market. For this reason, so many micro companies post on the creation of personalized boxes with logo printing.

    Understand Modern Trends for Custom Boxes

    Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. In other words, they feel a concrete desire to see a special design on the packaging, which is totally different from the conventional. As we can see in the Internet age, we are increasingly faced with personalized packaging where the main focus is on the layout of the boxes! It is a reflection of the brand’s philosophy.

    When creating packaging, brands should focus primarily on what they offer as a company. Therefore, the idea is to always keep an original design, but simple in every detail. In the era of hyper-competition, many brands bet on so-called premium packaging, which stand out for their beauty and exclusivity.

    However, in the case of small companies, premium packaging can go beyond the budget, forcing them to seek new solutions.

    Customized boxes are a showcase of the product

    For this, each brand must be based on the principles of uniqueness. And it is worth remembering that personalized boxes are not treated only as boxes that protect the product. Therefore, packaging today plays a much bigger role, being a showcase of what we offer as a small company.

    First impression is the most important

    In short, the layout defined for a packaging depends a lot on the industry in which the small business is specialized. In this sense, custom -made cardboard boxes can be a way of expressing your brand. After all, the use of personalized packaging gives a sense of individual approach to each customer.

    What is the ideal packaging model for your business?

    With social isolation and the growing demand for delivery or withdrawal orders, many businesses and companies have had to reinvent themselves. The custom packaging – together with a good product and the experience of unboxing – can be a differential to retain your customer!

    To help you understand which ideal packaging model for your business, in this post we will bring usage tips and other products that will, in addition to delivering to the customer safely and with quality, can help you make a successful unboxing, check!

    Quality and Customization

    To have a “professional” boxing, in addition to having a good product and service, your packaging needs to have quality and impact!

    Sending packages with the customer’s name, using tags, creative stickers, loyalty cards or writing a personalized card are just a few actions that will differentiate your product and deliveries.

    Transport Packaging

    Security to transport your products

    If your store acts as an e-commerce it is important to have strong packaging. The Transport Package is ideal for this type of delivery!

    In addition to being customizable it also has high quality. Made with resistant material, it reduces the possible damage generated during transport, ensuring that your product reaches the customer in the same way that it was packaged.

    Tilting Packaging

    Your brand must be remembered!

    Whether for small objects or larger products, the tilting packaging is ideal for gifts, use at home or to protect your deliveries made directly in the hands of the consumer.

    The Custom Packaging serves very well the purpose of stores that have pick-up or a more careful delivery service. In addition to being fully customized in relation to art, it is possible to choose different sizes to meet different needs.

    Custom packaging Bags

    Your deliveries with a special touch

    With it, you transport your product safely, because in addition to being a packaging, it is also a bag. This option is very versatile and adds value to your product because it reinforces and professionalizes your brand, transforming your deliveries and withdrawals.

    Packaging with Lid

    Customize and add value!

    The Packaging with Lid is one of the favorite models of the final consumer. That’s because it is perfect for storing things at home after the product is delivered. That is, when organizing, the customer will also remember your brand.

    For this, the idea is to bet on bright colors and an inspiring art. This will bring a special touch to your packaging and will surely delight your customer.

    Drawer Packaging

    Packaging that meets your needs

    The Customized Drawer Package is differentiated and generates suspense and value to your product.

    They can be manufactured in different sizes, meeting your needs. They are ideal for different segments, such as:

    • Cosmetics
    • Beverages
    • Food
    • Chocolates
    • Fashion
    • Textiles
    • Optics
    • Jewelry, gift packaging, among others.

    5 tips for creating custom packaging for your business

    Creating custom packaging for a business is an excellent way to stand out in the market and sell more. As we have seen before, there are many advantages to using this type of bag.

    However, a common confusion for many entrepreneurs is how exactly to create such packaging. Is it necessary to do it in the company? What colors to use? How to achieve the best visual result for your bag?

    If you are interested in creating custom boxes with logo but do not know how, the following tips will help you with this task. So read through.

    1. Choose the right material to create custom packaging

    The first decision that must be made when creating custom packaging is to choose which material they will be produced from. There are many alternatives on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

    One of the most used materials is paper. Among its advantages are the mechanical resistance – which is ideal for light or moderate weight products – and the ease of customization.

    1. Custom Mailer Boxes
    2. Custom Gift Boxes
    3. Custom Candle Boxes

    As the bags are made of paper, it is possible to personalize them with a high definition printer, which makes the process cheaper and more visually pleasant.

    An alternative is plastic packaging. However, they have two significant disadvantages. The first, of course, is the difficulty of recycling the material, which is harmful to the environment.

    The second is that the customization of plastic bags is done through a screen printing technique, which requires the manufacture of special canvases for each color used in the design. Because of this, customization is much more expensive and difficult to do.

    2. Pay attention to the color scheme of your personalized bag

    When it comes to customizing your store’s packaging, pay attention to the color scheme you will use on the bags. The ideal is to choose tones that are harmonious together, both by the technique of analogous colors and by complementary tones.

    For example, analogous colors are those that are close together in the color circle. Here are some examples of combinations:

    ü  green and blue

    ü  red and pink

    ü  yellow and orange.

    The complementary tones are those that are in opposite positions of the chromatic circle and create harmony by the contrast between the colors.

    Also, give preference to tones that work well with the next tip in our article.

    3. Use your company logo when creating custom packaging

    An essential part of personalized packaging is the use of the company logo in the design of the bag. This is important, as it identifies the company to the public and relates the quality of the packaging to the company’s brand.

    In addition, as the logo will be used (perhaps even accompanied by a slogan, depending on the company’s branding strategy), it is important to choose the colors of the customization in order to create a harmony with the design that identifies the brand.

    Thus, the packaging will be more beautiful and will attract more attention from consumers who Order the products in a positive way.

    4. Make a set with boxes and tissue paper for your products

    To add more value to the products sold, it is interesting to create a complete set for your store’s personalized packaging. For example, including a rigid box, a bag and a tissue paper.

    Certainly, not every product matches this set, but many of them are more valuable when sold in a box, protected by tissue paper and accompanied by a personalized bag.

    This is especially true when the design of the pieces is complementary and creates an interesting visual harmony. In addition, the set already works as a gift package for special events such as Mother’s Day, Christmas or other holidays.

    5. Create alternative personalized packaging for marketing

    One way to make the most of the shopping momentum during special events is to create alternative personalized packaging for holiday marketing purposes.

    We always talk about the benefits that the custom packaging brings to the company from the advertising point of view. For example, whoever Orders a product in your store and carries the packaging home is displaying the logo and the bag to everyone on the street. This makes the packaging work as a showcase for your company.

    On which occasions we can use custom packaging boxes?

    To better take advantage of this tool, create custom packaging for the main holidays of the year, including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas and Easter.

    In this way, you transform the bags into a tool to win more customers and increase your sales considerably on holidays and special days.

    Ufa! How much to think to be able to create personalized packaging, isn’t it? However, following these tips you will have no difficulty in carrying out the task and will be able to take full advantage of the advantages that customized bags offer for any business.

    What are the advantages of personalized packaging?

    Betting on a custom packaging can increase the visibility of the brand, boost sales and, also, win the loyalty of consumers. Below, we explain how the customized package brings these benefits. Check out!

    Strengthens the brand

    A striking packaging helps the customer to fix the brand name. This is because the visual stimulus helps in remembering, which makes it easier for the consumer to look again for the product on the shelf or even perform a search on the internet to better understand the attributes of the goods and the manufacturer.

    This helps in strengthening the brand, as the company and the product become more familiar to the target audience.

    Encourages impulse purchases

    Did you know that packaging is one of the main elements responsible for impulse purchases? A well-designed package instigates emotions such as curiosity and wonder. In addition, a custom packaging with a good finish, made with a resistant material and with a different design. Moreover, it also brings more confidence for the consumer to try a product for the first time.

    Helps build customer loyalty

    A well-designed packaging offers a positive experience for the consumer. This makes the customer Order the product again, as it is instigated by the memories of that contact with the brand.

    Values delivery

    Personalized packaging is also essential in the delivery of restaurants, fast food chains and food service in general. In addition to enhancing the presentation of the product, personalized packaging will do the marketing of your brand.

    And this marketing goes from the moment the meal leaves the kitchen until the moment the order reaches the customer’s hands.

    Looking for finest Quality custom packaging for your company?

    If you are convinced about the need to use custom packaging in your company, contact us to find out how we can help you with this task.

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