An Ultimate Guide to Custom CBD Packaging Trends in 2021

Custom CBD Boxes
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    What is CBD PACKAGING?

    Custom CBD Packaging is a cardboard box that comes in various shapes and styles. Generally, these boxes are used for packing cannabis. Since there are a variety of boxes, so one can have an option of customization too. In this article, we are going to explain a little about what is cannabis strain and what various custom packaging is available for CBD products.


    Cannabis is an amazing plant in the hemp family, best known for its psychotropic effects as well as its many medicinal properties. The use and cultivation of cannabis dates back to the early days of writing, and its therapeutic and spiritual benefits have spanned many cultures around the world throughout history.

    But despite its notoriety, you may not fully understand what cannabis is and why there are thousands of different strains filling stores around the world. In this article, we will explain what cannabis is, how it is used and why it has taken on so many forms since its earliest use in human society.

    What is cannabis used for?

    Cannabis consumption today is generally divided into two main uses: recreational and CBD. Recreational cannabis users can use cannabis for a variety of purposes such as pleasure, stress relief, and creative stimulation. CBD consumers use cannabis to relieve symptoms such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, and more.

    Various companies and organizations involved in the production and sale of medicines, dietary supplements and related products are actively using special packaging. Boxes for medicines are products that necessarily accompany the processes of production, transportation, storage and sale of all kinds of medicines.

    Custom CBD Boxes Manufacturing Technology

    Most often, a cardboard box for CBD is used as a container. It is the cardboard, made in compliance with all the required technologies, from high-quality raw materials, that allows you to get packaging that meets all the rules established for products of this kind.

    Depending on the type of CBD devices and equipment, weight and overall dimensions, as well as requirements for the conditions of transportation and storage, a box for CBD  or Custom CBD Boxes equipment can be made of ordinary cardboard of various density and thickness. Such packaging can be stored, transported, and also sold:


    Medicines are a special category that has increased requirements for storage, packaging and transportation. There are two types of packaging: primary and secondary (outer). The first type interacts directly with the drug, and therefore has increased requirements for the chemical composition, properties and design.

    Primary packaging is divided into three types:

    • Tough;
    • semi-rigid;
    • Soft

    What is rigid CBD box packaging?

    Rigid packages are glass, metal or polymer (plastic) bottles and test tubes. Metal is best suited for storing powders, granules, capsules, etc. Glass differs in that it does not react with the contents; therefore, preparations with any composition in liquid and dry form can be stored in such a container. Polymer containers are needed to store tablets.

    The paper and polymer soft box is used to store plasters, pills, tablets such as activated carbon.

    The packaging must be whole and take into account physical:

    • Photosensitivity of drugs;
    • Volatile, liquid, oxidizing substances should be packed in a sealed can or bottle;
    • Each volatile substance and product with odors must be stored separately.

    Secondary packaging is mainly made of cardboard or polymer products.

    Why is it important to use eco-friendly custom boxes?

    The cardboard is environmentally friendly, durable, odorless, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Custom CBD packaging should contain information about the composition and pharmacological group. Inside the package there should be instructions for use and a detailed description of the drug.

    The size of a package for cannabis must correspond to the number of individual packages, plates, and this is no more than 150-200 pieces in a container.

    According to general legislation, secondary packaging must have a brief description for people with vision problems. It is also desirable that the packaging is convenient to use, but do not forget about protection from children.

    What should be the design of the CBD box?

    Packaging design for CBD should not be overloaded with inscriptions and images. The design should be simple but attractive. Psychology has proved that the combination of certain colors can influence the subconscious of a person and control his actions. Knowing this loophole, you can experiment with colors, add a logo, and print information about the drug. Again, a simple logo is easier to remember than a complex drawing.

    A viewing window can be made in the packaging design to make it easier for a person to see the product. For example, not everyone is well versed in dosages, and the visual form of the drug will immediately discard all questions.

    Plastic box packaging vs Cardboard custom packaging

    CBD packaging made of cardboard is environmentally friendly. This material does not emit toxins, is recycled up to 7 times, and after depletion can be used as fuel for heating houses. Unlike glass and plastic, which decay in 1000 and 200 years, the cardboard will not leave any marks after a few months.

    The composition of the cardboard contains white and brown cellulose. The first type is white and is used as a material for CBD packaging. Brown cellulose cardboard has a characteristic brown color and is used for long-distance transport. The minimum board thickness for pharmaceutical packaging is 230 g / m2. A thinner thickness will not be able to provide adequate protection of the contents from mechanical damage.

    Packaging for bottles and jars can be supplemented with additional softening elements to prevent the contents from loosening and eventually breaking.

    Why switch completely to cardboard packaging?

    Paper and cardboard are some of the lightest and cheapest materials. Inexpensive lightweight packaging can reduce the final cost of the drug. Weight affects the cost of transportation.

    In Kiev, in the next few years, it is planned to completely or partially ban plastic bags, which will accordingly cause a demand for paper packaging. For example, a resident of Germany uses 10 times fewer packages than an ordinary citizen. S

    Switching to paper, sorting and recycling properly promises to reduce waste and further reduce the cost of paper, cardboard, and therefore cardboard packaging.

    What statistics say about CBD cardboard boxes?

    According to statistics, about 800 tons of disposable plastic bags are used in Europe, and only 6% of them are sent for recycling. The decomposition time of this material is over 100 years. Today, more than 40 countries have switched to paper bags and cardboard boxes. Although, it will not be possible to quickly abandon polyethylene, and the transition process may take more than a year, but the result is worth it.


    Any product these days has individual packaging. The same applies to pharmaceuticals. Such products are very whimsical in terms of storage and transportation: it is important to preserve the integrity of the primary packaging and store medicines only under certain conditions. Packaging for CBD protects the contents from moisture and various adverse conditions.

    The cardboard box protects medicines from direct sunlight, mechanical damage to the primary packaging during transportation, as well as common contamination, which can lead to loss of presentation. Also, the packaging creates an air gap that protects against sudden temperature changes that can be dangerous for some drugs.

    Why do you need good CBD box packaging?

    The CBD box packaging allows you to assemble a small set, for example, a spoon for taking liquid medicine, instructions, several plates of tablets, etc. Some medicines, such as a remedy for headaches or stomach pains, are carried around by people all the time, so a good box plays an important role. It will protect the drug from damage when worn daily in a bag, backpack or pocket.

    For the production of packaging for cannabis products, inexpensive cardboard is used. The top and bottom layers are made from more expensive raw materials, and the central layer is made from cheap cardboard, which is made from recycled materials.

    When the buyer chooses a medicine, it is not the packaging design that plays a role, but its degree of protection against counterfeiting, because this is one of the biggest problems of modern medicine.

    Classification by the scope of application of cardboard packaging

    There are these types of cardboard:

    • packing;
    • printing;
    • design.

    The first type is very strong, multi-layer with a corrugated center for greater rigidity. As a rule, it is brown; sometimes it can be covered with additional protective layers (for example, individual boxes for household appliances). It is used for the transportation of a large number of goods, storage, and packaging of various products.

    What are polygraphic cardboard boxes?

    Polygraphic cardboard is not as strong as packaging and is used to create brochures, postcards, folders, expensive packaging, and more. It allows you to apply high-quality, high-resolution images with good color reproduction.

    Designer cardboard is used in the production of presentation products such as brochures, magazines, books, luxury packaging for perfumes and jewelry, etc.

    Interesting facts about cardboard boxes

    The first boxes were used mainly to sell nails. The nails were folded into packaging at the customer’s place, which contributed to the expansion of the field of application of this material. The first food item packaged in a cellulose box (excluding candy) was oatmeal.

    Cardboard has good thermal insulation properties, which is why it is used by food delivery services and pharmaceutical companies since some drugs are afraid of high or low temperatures. A cellulose box will help maintain medicinal properties for a short period of time in adverse temperature conditions.

    Korea, Japan, and Finland occupy leading positions among countries in the collection and processing of secondary raw materials (especially waste paper). About 70% of the paper and cardboard produced there is made from recycled materials, which made it possible to reduce the price of products and reduce the import of this resource.

    What are the most famous CBD Boxes available today?

    Currently, there are range of custom boxes that include items such as:

    People have long ceased to perceive packaging as a simple container for containing goods. Packaging today is a combination of many characteristics: packaging form, material, graphic design, verbal part (text), print quality, and workmanship.

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