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    If a move is imminent, sooner or later the question arises how all the household items that have accumulated over the years can be transported. This involves both the type of custom rigid boxes packaging and the number of transport containers that need to be collected and determined.

    In addition to the inexpensive variants such as your own suitcases and bags, garbage bags or banana boxes, the classic transport containers are still the moving boxes. But which ones are really good and can take what?

    Buying Factors for moving custom rigid boxes are required?

    A number of people moving:

    When moving an entire company, more moving boxes are required than with private individuals, with family households more than when an individual changes their living space.

    Size of the area:

    The more rooms (or even halls), the more custom printed rigid boxes in bulk are required for transport. As a rule, you calculate with around 20-30 boxes for a large room or two small rooms.

    Type of household items that have to be packed:

    Where many large and heavy things have to change their domicile, more boxes are required than where small or light objects are increasingly being transported.

    In general, it is better to plan too many moving boxes than to have to think about where to find additional transport boxes at short notice at the time of moving. If a moving company takes over the project, you can book moving boxes at the same time.

    Companies always plan generously so that everything runs smoothly. Using a moving company is particularly useful if

    An entire company is to move:

    In order not to endanger the actual business, it is important to plan particularly carefully here. This works best with the active support of a moving company that has experience with corporate moves.

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    A family with a large household is moving: Here, too, professional planning and execution is worthwhile.

    Which moving custom rigid boxes are good for which purposes?

    For some items there are boxes that have been specially cut to Order. This includes

    • Cardboard boxes for glasses with appropriate partitions

    • Garment boxes with a built-in bar so that the fabric does not crease

    • Pillow packaging boxes made of extra-stable material

    Alternatively, fragile objects can be padded with newspaper or towels, or books can be stowed in sturdy banana boxes.

    Which conditions are good for moving boxes?

    Moving boxes are available in many different sizes and usually hold between 40 and 50 kg per box. Depending on the weight of the items to be packed, the boxes are made of two or three layers of corrugated cardboard. Moving boxes that can withstand a lot are good. A few advantages of professional moving boxes over simple boxes:

    • Particularly stable base and sidewalls

    • Stable carrying handles

    • Standardized and therefore easy to stack

    • Coated so that they are at least somewhat weatherproof

    These properties are worth gold in the actual move and the costs of 1-3 $ per piece for professional moving boxes are worthwhile if the items all find their way into the new home undamaged.

    Shipping material – requirements for cardboard packaging

    Experienced mail order companies know that choosing the right packaging has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. A cardboard box should not only protect the goods from damage, but should also be as light as possible in order to keep the shipping costs in the green area. In addition, the visual impression must be right and environmentally friendly disposal must be ensured.

    The transport route – is the test for the custom rigid boxes packaging

    Packaging is exposed to a variety of stresses on its way to the recipient. 3 Examples:

    First of all, the humidity should be mentioned here: The material should be of such high quality that it does not lose its stability if the hygrometer rises or the consignment is exposed to a brief rain shower on its way.

    Also the protection against extreme temperatures, depending on the type of goods, is important. If the parcel is in the logistics yard for some time, food or electronic items in particular can suffer from cold or heat damage and other quality losses. In these cases, additional protection with bubble wrap, styrofoam or similar insulating filling materials is recommended.

    Choose Reliable Shipping Service for Custom Boxes Wholesale

    Since shipping service providers often stack the custom rigid boxes and parcels on top of each other in the transport vehicle and rapid reloading processes are not always carried out particularly carefully, the robustness of the material is also required.

     In the heat of the moment, it happens again and again that a package is accidentally dropped. As a rule, packaging should also be able to put this away without damaging the contents. The following applies: the more sensitive the goods are, the better the packaging should protect them from bumps and falls.

    Cardboard box requirements for shipping:

     1) Humidity

    2) Extreme temperatures

    3) Protection from hard impacts.

    Complaints due to transport damage – why the customer blames you?

    If the goods are damaged due to inadequate custom rigid boxes with logo packaging, the trouble is great. In this case you must unfortunately expect to be held liable by the customer, since you as the contractor are the contractual partner.

    Of course, you can then contact the transport service provider you have commissioned. However, if the packaging proves to be unsuitable, he will reject the compensation.

    A high rate of avoidable damage in transit has a significant negative impact on your profit margin. Even if you should be of the opinion in a specific case that the mistake was definitely with the transport company:

    Custom Boxes should be Problem Solving

    Help your customer to solve the problem quickly and bureaucratically and show him that he is in the best hands with you despite the mishap. Also check whether you can avoid such problems in the future by improving the outer packaging.

    Packaging material – bought cheap is bought dearly

    One thing is clear: switching to higher-quality packaging materials initially costs money.

    If you have to worry about a too high rate of returns due to transport effects, this is even more expensive.

    You should therefore treat high-quality shipping goods to appropriate packaging that also visually underlines the seriousness of your company.

    You will be pleasantly surprised by the effect of this form of advertising: As trust in you as a supplier increases, your customers will always be happy to access your range.

    So don’t disappoint them with cheap packaging that would thwart the value of your goods.

    Order high-quality cardboard boxes and offer the customer added value

    If you sell hard-wearing, well-made cardboard boxes, your customers will benefit twice. In addition to flawless, undamaged goods, they receive additional added value that many people appreciate. Whether you are moving or want to create order in the office and basement: A good cardboard box, preferably with your advertising on it, is a welcome helper.

    Others may choose to reuse the box as packaging by shipping their private sales in it.

    Why are eco-friendly custom rigid boxes popular?

    Boxes are also very popular with children, who like to make colorful toy boxes out of them or convert the used packaging material into a lovingly designed cat house.

    All of this is only possible with solid materials that are fun to use. The fact that environmentally friendly recycling of sustainable custom cardboard packaging via the waste paper system is also possible at any time is an additional advantage.

    The value of Good Packaging

    Online shops are booming. The buying behavior of the Swiss has changed fundamentally; this is borne out by all statistics on the subject. Those who do not sell online today are prophesied of massive losses. This also increases the demands on the packaging.

    Because they not only have to look good, they also have to be stable and protect the product safely from impacts during transport.

    What advantages, what possibilities does online trade offer that were not available in conventional retail? And what do you have to consider?

    The boom among wine retailers has one main reason: for example, is increasing its online sales of wine by over 40% – year after year! The same applies to other brands.

    Successful Online Sales Require Flawless Custom Rigid Boxes Logistics –

    Wine is the ideal product for online sales: it has a very long shelf life, a high value compared to its volume and is logistically easy to trade. But one thing has to be guaranteed: stable, safe and yet aesthetic packaging.

    Much is now completely automated in logistics; a fact that places high demands on packaging – especially those for valuable goods such as wine. Here really good packaging material is needed that offers more than normal protection. The maxim is fast, safe and good.

    The Packaging Challenge

    In times of booming online trade, the packaging question has become a minor issue and has become the main one. It is part of the core business, a marketing matter as well as a central part of logistics.

    Packaging speaks volumes; it communicates values, shows style and suggests security. It can show the customer at a glance the company’s environmental awareness, simplicity and competence – or, in the worst case, its ignorance and negligence in these matters.


    Online business will become more and more important in the future. The question of environment-friendly custom rigid boxes packaging is central. Anyone selling on the Internet should think about their packaging policy better today than tomorrow – before the competition is ahead of the pack.

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