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Custom Gift Boxes
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    The cardboard custom gift boxes are still one of the traditional gift wrappers. The modern design allows you to choose an option that will match the theme of the celebration or the content of the gift.

    Benefits of a Cardboard Gift Box

    Every person has an event when he wants to give a gift to a loved one, and on this special day he wants something beautiful and pleasant. If you already have the intended present, we bring to your attention a cardboard gift box. She has a lot of undeniable advantages over other packaging methods.

    Custom gift boxes with logo help protect your content from accidental damage. This is especially true if the gift is supposed to be transported for a long time in a car or in public transport. The cardboard walls reliably protect it from accidental damage, while the container itself will not be damaged.

    What is an opaque custom gift box?

    Opaque cardboard will prevent sunlight from entering the gift, which is important when transporting and storing gifts such as plants, perfumes, food, etc.

    By choosing a cardboard package, the donor saves money. It is not wise to Order gift wrapping that costs more than the president himself. Cardboard is the cheapest packaging material, while the decoration of the gift will look modern, presentable, original and in its appearance will not be inferior to more expensive glass, wood or plastic containers.

    Cardboard is Eco-Friendly Material

    Cardboard is a natural material and is known to be environmentally friendly. Those who think about the ecological well-being of our planet are impressed by such characteristics of cardboard as the absence of toxic impurities and the ability to completely decompose. If necessary, the cardboard box is easy to dispose of without harming the environment.

    Food safety is another positive quality of such containers. Cardboard is perfect not only for wrapping an industrial gift. It will not harm delicious presidents: pastries, cakes, cookies, chocolate, and other sweets.

    The cardboard box is lightweight and therefore easy to transport.

    Always look for the custom gift boxes service life

    The value of a cardboard packaging box is also that its service life does not end after the gift is presented. Effective design and sufficient strength of such a container can be of some value in itself.

    Currently, the cardboard box has become one of the most popular elements of interior decor. Beautifully designed boxes are placed on open shelves of modular systems, racks, tables, and shelves. This piece of furniture can be not only beautiful but also quite functional. It is not at all necessary to Order specialized storage systems if there are several beautiful gift boxes made of thick cardboard in the house. They can be used to store a variety of things.

    Transfer Kids toys

    It is known how many little things a child needs for playing and creative activities: these are various constructors, pencils and brushes, material for modeling, and needlework.

    All this can be stored in separate cardboard boxes. This way:

    • will allow you to give the nursery room a neat and presentable look;

    • will help the child quickly find the necessary things and at the same time maintain order in his room.

    Women’s accessories, cosmetics or bijouterie

    Every woman has a huge arsenal of various jewelry and cosmetics, and the problem of storing them is sometimes quite acute. Cosmetics or hair accessories placed in beautiful gift wrapping will be reliably protected from sunlight and dust. In addition, such custom jewelry boxes will be very pleasant to use.

    Move Charging device

    Every family has a wide range of gadgets for sure, and finding the right place for numerous chargers is sometimes difficult. Placed in one beautiful box, they won’t get lost, and every family member can easily find the charger they need.

    Handicraft supplies

    If the hostess of the house is fond of knitting, sewing, beading, or other types of needlework, then the problem of storing consumables and tools for applied creativity for the needlewoman is quite acute.

    Threaded threads, scraps of fabric, crochet hooks, and knitting needles in beautiful custom printed gift boxes make it easy to turn the “creative mess” in the handicraft corner into an orderly storage system.

    Ship Care items Easily in Custom Gift Boxes in Bulk

    In a house where there is a newborn baby or a sick person, a problem often arises: how to place all the necessary care products in an accessible place and at the same time keep order on the bedside table, in cabinets, and on shelves.

    Hygiene products, medicines and other items packed in beautiful custom medicine boxes will always be at hand and, at the same time, will not create a feeling of clutter.

    Store Wardrobe Items

    Many housewives will agree that it is more convenient to store some items of clothing and accessories in boxes than just spread out on the shelves of a wardrobe or dressing room. A cardboard box can be a convenient and aesthetic way to store:

    • Underwear;

    • socks;

    • tights;

    • ties;

    • belts and other small wardrobe items and accessories.

    If the container is large enough, you can purchase or make your own cardboard dividers that will make the box even more convenient and storage more orderly. Round or oval boxes are ideal for storing hats and other hats.

    The boxes are also suitable for storing shoes. Cleaned and prepared shoes with a low toe can be removed in this way until the desired season, having allocated a separate “apartment” for each pair.

    Cardboard custom gift boxes with a logo – reliable product protection and increased brand awareness

    Brand logo custom gift boxes are used to package a variety of products. Watches, jewelry, leather goods, shoes, evening dresses, cosmetics, furniture, household appliances, cookies, and sweets, placed in a box made of thick paper with corporate symbols, are popular among customers.

    Cardboard packaging testifies to the prestige of the product, its good quality, and the manufacturer’s special attitude to quality.

    Why are cardboard products so popular?

    In terms of their protective and aesthetic properties, cardboard boxes are many times superior to many packaging materials. They are:

    • environmentally friendly;

    • durable (wood chips, cellulose and waste paper are used in the manufacture);

    • keep their shape perfectly and can be made in almost any configuration;

    • have low weight, and also provide convenience during transportation and storage;

    • Aesthetically pleasing.

    Why should you print the logo on custom gift boxes wholesale?

    The logo printed on the cardboard makes the packaging original and increases brand awareness. The materials used in the production reliably protect the contents of the package, forming sufficient rigidity and resistance to mechanical damage.

    Another indisputable advantage of cardboard products is their low cost. The availability of the material and the minimum costs in its production contribute to the fact that many marketers choose exactly cardboard packaging.

    Types of Cardboard Boxes

    Each version of cardboard packaging is selected taking into account the product and the type of container. For example, for the transportation of heavy and bulky cargo, strong corrugated cardboard in 7 layers is best suited, and for the safety of fragile items – a corrugation with increased waveform.

    Manufacturing materials:

    • traditional cardboard;

    • micro corrugated board;

    • design paper;

    • interlaced cardboard;

    • chrome ersatz;

    • and some others.

    In order to save consumables, the logo is applied to the cardboard container in one color. For gift wrapping or buyer’s packaging, the customer makes more demands on the quality and aesthetic appeal of the printed image.

    Printing on cardboard boxes

    The application of a trademark, slogan, brand character, and corporate colors to the packaging cardboard material allows you to immediately carry out an advertising campaign.

    The customer chooses:

    • surface type – matte or glossy;

    • the color of the trademark printing – color or monochrome;

    • printing method;

    • maximum coverage area;

    • additional design techniques.

    How to apply the logo on custom gift boxes?

    The logo can be applied to all sides of the structure, but more often it is used on 1 or 2 sides of the box. If you need an urgent order and a small print run from 1 to 1000 units, they resort to digital printing. Offset printing is better suited for images with a lot of small details and interesting colors (for example, with a metallic effect).

    Relief embossing with a relief logo is relevant for the customer’s custom gift boxes packaging, and foil embossing will allow you to achieve a pronounced metalized tracing of the trademark.

    5 reasons why you need to include printed products in your promotion

    The digital world surrounds us everywhere. We communicate by e-mail, post photos on social networks, and e-books are increasingly replacing paper books. Even advertising campaigns are aimed primarily at users of digital devices.

    But the success of any advertising is difficult to imagine without print marketing. Here are just a few factors to consider when planning your advertising budget.

    Printed products affect all senses

    Almost all the things we are used to are made from plastic. Moreover, such a neighborhood is very often tiresome. I want to touch the printed matter, feel the texture of the paper, and the smell of printing ink. Sensory sensations are extremely important for humans. They determine the effectiveness of any advertising. The more senses are involved in the process, the better. With tactile contact, success is guaranteed.

    Print forces you to focus

    Content on the web very often remains unclaimed. Site pages are viewed very quickly, articles are not even halfway through, and it is extremely difficult to attract a potential client’s attention. But you can. You just need to get it in its entirety.

     The printed matter copes with this task optimally. After all, pages in a book or magazine turn much more slowly. Moreover, not only materials are studied, but also advertising publications.

    Printed materials are much easier to read on custom gift boxes

    Information from paper and electronic media is perceived by a person in different ways. And marketers are aware of the fewer distractions that come with reading print. That is why the data presented in it are studied more thoroughly and comprehended more thoughtfully.

    Printed products complement digital content optimally

    Almost half of the users use web search after examining an ad or flyer. And that’s great. After all, this begins the establishment of brand interaction with a potential client. It is all possible with custom gift boxes in bulk.

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