What are the different types of custom food boxes packaging?

Custom Food Boxes
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    Speaking of custom food boxes, we immediately imagine a container in which pastry, cakes, and pizzas are standardly packed. But the realities of the modern world suggest otherwise. Such boxes can be used for anything, because they are strong enough, functional and very roomy.

    Custom food boxes – convenient to carry, pack and store

    Our specialists have produced a large number of custom food boxes of various sizes, with or without printing. This container is very popular as it is easy to transport and store. All this thanks to the hinged lid and cut-out handles.

    This model of the box is practical, spacious and has a number of advantages. It is:

    • durable;

    • inexpensive;

    • compact;

    • roomy;

    • easy to use.

    Atypical application of custom food boxes

    Can the custom food boxes be used for something other than sweets? And we will answer – of course you can! It all depends on the originality of the idea and the imagination of the customer :))

    In our practice, we met quite a lot of various clients who found a very original application for the archive box.  You can use for custom pizza boxes, custom popcorn boxes and much more.

    Unusual but practical, right?

    All this tells us that the archive box is quite versatile, functional and applicable in any field!

    How will you use it?;)

    Custom food boxes in bulk – do you print?

    The best way to make any package more attractive and selling is to print it in color, design, or a company logo. Such a container will turn out to be outwardly beautiful and recognizable, which is undoubtedly an important factor in the sale of products.

    But, in any case, it all depends on the goals pursued by the customer. If he purchases custom food boxes in bulk simply for transportation and storage, then there is no need to apply a unique design to them. But if you plan to use boxes as packaging, you should still make the container bright, with a unique design.

    We print both on ready-made layouts and develop the design ourselves. You can always express your wishes and we will definitely take them into account!

    How quickly do you make custom food boxes with logo?

    The standard production time in our company is 10-12 days.

    But it should be noted that we are always for an individual approach to clients. And if you need to make cardboard boxes as quickly as possible, then we will definitely take this into account and offer a version of the production of the edition that suits you!

    How to order custom food boxes in bulk?

    As simple as possible – fill out the form below! You can also use a very convenient and fairly detailed cost calculator. Here you need to specify the design, material, color and dimensions of the custom food boxes in bulk that you want to receive.

     It is also important to leave your contact details so that our managers will promptly contact you, advise and offer the most suitable packaging solution for your business!

    Custom Pastry Boxes

    To ensure the safety of storage of finished food products, the integrity and preservation, as well as giving the product an attractive appearance, it is recommended to use custom food boxes in bulk for confectionery products.

    Undoubtedly, the taste of a cake or cake is important, but the effectiveness of the sale and the attractiveness of the finished product for buyers also largely depend on the external presentation. Quite often, confectionery products are purchased for any holiday, as a present, etc. And here it is also very important that the appearance of such a gift is appropriate.

    Take Right Decision for Sweet Packaging

    All these problems can be easily solved if you make the right decision and order packages for sweets, cakes, pastries, and other types of confectionery in a timely manner. You can Order corrugated containers for confectionery products in the USA & CANADA from our company.

    The right approach

    Individual cardboard custom food boxes in bulk for sweets must be provided without fail. This requirement is imposed not only for hygienic reasons, but also in order to:

    – ensuring the safety of the product;

    – facilitating the process of transportation and storage;

    – extending the shelf life.

    Please note: in stores, buyers almost always give preference to just such products, which are packed in special containers.

    Primary requirements for custom food boxes Wholesale

    Each confectionery box that is used for its intended purpose must perform the following functions:

    • Protection of finished products from possible mechanical damage, exposure to other external negative factors.

    • Attracting the attention of the target audience (for which, as a rule, bright, colorful inscriptions, color images, etc. are applied to the surface of the box).

    • Application of labeling, name, shelf life, product composition and a number of other important information for consumers.

    In addition, a wholesale chocolate boxes and other types of confectionery products must be environmentally friendly, harmless to the main product, and non-toxic. High-quality candy packaging   not only increases the shelf life of the product, but also reduces its final cost to the consumer.

    The main types of custom food boxes

    One of the most common types of packaging used for cookies and the like is cardboard. Such a container is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and basically fulfills all the functions assigned to it. But cardboard is not very well suited, for example, for cakes.

    The material is soft enough, unstable to moisture and does not protect the product from unpleasant odors. Therefore, more and more often, plastic cake containers are used, as well as special combined types of packaging for baked goods.

    Profitable proposition

    The production and sale of boxes for sweets is one of the main activities of our specialized company. We offer custom food boxes wholesale and retail on favorable terms. We have high quality products, quality assurance and affordable prices.


    Fast food boxes, purpose, description, advantages of choice

    One of the prerequisites for achieving success in the retail trade of finished food products is high-quality, modern, stylish packaging. Using a special pizza box, for example, as well as for other fast food products, allows you to get a number of advantages, namely:

    – to ensure the safety of prepared food;

    – organize the storage of food products until they are transferred to the customer;

    – maintaining the norms and requirements of the sanitary and epidemiological services;

    – improving the quality of customer service.

    And, of course, stylish, modern custom food boxes packaging for fries and  other types of ready-to-eat food will be an excellent tool for advertising, in an unobtrusive way that once again reminds you of the existence of your organization, attracting new users, customers, and buyers.

    Which is the best custom food packaging?

    Paper packaging for food is the simplest, most reliable, effective and fairly economical way of organizing the storage and delivery of finished products to the consumer.

    When deciding to purchase a batch of such a product, it is important to find a reliable trusted supplier in advance. The most important requirement that must be observed in the manufacture of such packaging is compliance with sanitary standards.

    Use Eco Friendly Material

     For this purpose, high-quality, proven environmentally friendly raw materials – paper, cardboard, as well as organic dyes that are safe for the human body should be used as a raw material for the preparation of packaging.

    It is for this reason that paper packaging for food products is in high demand and popularity among a wide range of manufacturers.

    Varieties of paper packaging used for fast food

    As a rule, several types of materials are used for food products: parchment, parchment layer, kraft, cardboard and corrugated cardboard. The most common among a wide range of consumers are the following popular, practical and inexpensive types of packaging:

    – A corner for laying a hot dog;

    – Special parchment wrapper for hamburgers;

    – Bags of different sizes for French fries;

    – Paper bags for popcorn;

    – Multilayer bags designed for storing and transporting grilled chicken;

    – Boxes for cakes, nuggets;

    – Boxes for noodles, craft bags and other types of packaging products.

    Where to Order custom food boxes in USA & CANADA?

    Making a fast food box is a rather complex technological process, consisting of a number of sequentially performed operations. Obviously, such work can only be performed by specialized companies that have the appropriate technical and technological equipment, qualified personnel and relevant practical work experience.

    One of the main activities of our specialized company is the production of high-quality and inexpensive corrugated packaging, as well as their implementation on mutually beneficial terms.

    A characteristic feature of the product is that  corrugated cardboard custom food boxes packaging  can be made according to a previously developed standard or modernized, taking into account almost any requests and wishes of the customer.


    The company employs specialists of various professions, from designers to workers in the production department. This allows us to manufacture corrugated packaging that is in demand in various fields of activity, taking into account the wishes of customers, developing designs according to the dimensions provided and making out a unique appearance, food boxes packaging design.

    Corrugated packaging can be made taking into account additional application:

    • Supplier (manufacturer) logo;

    • The corporate color adopted by the organization.

    In addition, it is possible to perform any kind of post-printing processing, as well as applies any kind of outer coating (outer or inner protective layer):

    – UV varnish;

    – Matte lamination;

    – Glossy lamination;

    – Offset varnish, etc.

    Why Silver Edge Packaging for custom food boxes?

    Our specialized company offers high quality, low cost food boxes packaging for various types of finished products. All manufactured food packaging samples are presented in the online store catalog. Here each user has the opportunity to view the product, study the main parameters and characteristics, make a choice and place an order.

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