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    Are you worried that your shipments have the least possible impact on the environment? Are you one of those people who look and look again at the details of what they consume on eco-friendly custom health boxes?

    You don’t know how we understand you! Because we are the same as you. We are obsessed with always looking for the most sustainable alternatives for ourselves and for our clients.

    The Packaging of the future: a report from the Packaging Cluster

    Why are we telling you all this?

    Well, because, as you can imagine, nobody knows the new trends in 2021 eco-friendly custom health boxes packaging as well as the people who are in the sector, those who promote them. In fact, the Packaging Cluster has just published its latest report specifically aimed at analyzing what packaging will be like in the near future.

    This is a very in-depth analysis of the macro trends detected globally and how they are expected to directly influence the market. These are basically 3:

    Sustainability: the future passes yes or yes for companies that bet on eco-friendly packaging responsible with the environment.

    Experience: eco-friendly custom health boxes much more than a container; it is part of what the customer perceives during the shopping experience. A good example is the rise of the famous unboxings.

    New reality: no part of society is on the sidelines of the changes that the world has undergone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Achieving 100% eco packaging is having an eco-business

    Of course there are other factors beyond the type of eco-friendly custom health boxes packaging. Many, actually, such as the production, distribution, logistics model, the design of the offices themselves or the contracted service providers …

    But if you have a minimum volume of shipments, using an eco-packaging that is recycled and recyclable makes the difference in your ecological footprint at the end of the year.

    Some 100% eco packaging eco-friendly custom health boxes

    Best of all, the sector has made significant progress : there are more and more plastic-free alternatives that have nothing to envy the most polluting in terms of functionality, quality and design .

    We’re going to show you off with some of eco – friendly products.

    Recycled cardboard boxes

    Obviously, we start at the base of any packaging, the most widely used basic in its multiple formats, sizes and qualities.

    The best thing about corrugated cardboard eco-friendly custom health boxes in terms of sustainability is that it is a very efficient material. Both our custom and standard boxes are 100% recyclable and can even be biodegradable and compostable at the end of their useful life.

    We are specialists in the manufacture of boxes, so we cannot name just one. The important thing is that we have one for your product with total security (and if not, we can manufacture it to measure).

    Personal care health boxes in Bulk

    Not everything that is shipped by courier requires a box. There are small products or papers, such as the documentation corresponding to the shipment itself, which can go perfectly in a lighter packaging.

    For those small format objects – such as books, magazines or catalogs – you can use corrugated cardboard envelopes. If what you are going to send is also delicate, we have ecological padded envelopes that do not use plastic bubble wrap.

    What are the other applications of custom boxes?

    As documents such as invoices, delivery notes or picking lists are also usually incorporated in orders, we would be making a very serious mistake if we did it by adding a plastic envelope. From that moment, the packaging will no longer be 100% recyclable.

    100% Paper Ecological Document Holder

    Don’t worry, we’ve also thought about it. Take a look at our eco-friendly custom health boxes made using all paper. Your customer will have no problem being able to recycle it after delivery by taking it to a blue container.

    Fillers and protections

     Depending on how tight the box is to the dimensions of the product and how delicate it is, it is more than likely that you will have to use some type of material that absorbs possible shocks during handling and transport.

    As with padded envelopes, what are usually used are plastic-based protections. This is not to say that it is the only thing we can turn to.


    Few times have we experienced so many extraordinary things in such a short time? The coronavirus pandemic, in addition to terrible health consequences, is bringing a real revolution in the markets, in the distribution and sales channels and, logically, in the consumption habits of customers.

    All this is having a very evident reflection in the packaging industry and also in the trends it presents this year.

    It is likely that you have noticed that in recent times the delivery times of your packaging orders are somewhat higher than they have been. Moreover, if you have discussed it with other professionals, they have surely told you that the same thing happens to them. What is the reason?

    Analysis of the current state of the cardboard market

    In reality, there is no single reason. Yes, COVID-19 is largely behind all this, but we are going to try to unravel in what way instead of staying on the surface.

    Although this cannot be attributed to the coronavirus because it has nothing to do with it, the truth is that it was the beginning of the unusually high demand for cardboard and packaging.

    With the United Kingdom leaving the European Community permanently, businesses based in these areas took advantage of the last months of free trade to, among other things, stock their warehouses with packaging products in view of the uncertainty that was already on the horizon.

    Eco-friendly custom health boxes retailers Insight

    If we follow a chronological order of events, we find that the declaration of the pandemic occurred almost simultaneously throughout the planet. Many countries took similar measures within weeks of each other: lockdowns, limitations on trade and mobility.

    Faced with the avalanche of consumers received by some retailers, such as supermarkets, the demand for packaging for its part soared. The larger formats are those that, logically, use a higher amount of raw material.

    Of course, this occurred in a minimum time frame, which caused some stress to the production chain.

    The Consumption of eco-friendly custom health boxes Ecommerce

    Once social closure had arrived for most countries, the trend in the consumption of cardboard (especially corrugated ) turned towards electronic commerce .

    Why is this influencing the eco-friendly custom health boxes market? Actually, because of the type of packaging that is often used in online retail.

    We went from large packaging to individual boxes containing only a smaller number of items. That is to say: eCommerce uses many more boxes, but instead of wholesale formats they use others more similar to postal boxes.

    What are the latest custom cardboard box market stats?

    2020 made consumer habits boost purchases on platforms such as Amazon, and 2021 is maintaining the upward trend.

    This specific marketplace increased its sales by 44% only in the first four months of this year (40% in the US & CANADA and 60% in other countries).

    Although most digital businesses experienced a significant increase in sales, the case of Amazon is particularly relevant and influential for the market.

    Let us bear in mind that its size today is “monstrous”, because it is in a huge number of countries and has a purchasing power that, together with those needs, creates a very powerful competitor for all other competitors. In fact, it is public that Amazon also made an important gathering anticipating what was about to happen.

    The impact of eco-friendly custom health boxes recycling

    All these factors, in reality, would not be so determining. It is true that they produce a certain tension in the production chain and tighten delivery times, but it is also true that the global capacity to produce is very high and that excess demand could be absorbed.

    The problem is another, and it has to do directly with the recycling of cardboard as a raw material.

    The cardboard industry has been making a migration towards sustainability that is as positive as it is necessary. Those of us who are really involved in minimizing the impact of our actions on the environment know that using recycled and recyclable materials is the only way to achieve this.

    Why has the recycling of cardboard boxes been reduced?

    But this variation in the consumption model makes the recycling rate much lower. Stores in the retail sector, restaurants, hotels … have reduced their specific weight, and this has consequences at the recycling level because they are much more efficient in this regard than the eCommerce client.

    The smaller boxes that are delivered to home take longer to return to the circuit. Partly because not all users have the necessary ecological awareness, because they are reused for other purposes or simply because recycling is postponed for days.

    Why is eco-friendly custom health boxes recycling important?

    What we mean is that, as soon as there is less paper to recycle on the market, production capacity is reduced. And at a time of high demand like the current one, it means that the delivery of orders slows down to some extent.

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