What kind of Bakery products can you preserve in custom bakery boxes?

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Table of Contents
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    Bakeries and bakery shops have made a place for themselves in the whole world. Often backed by specific know-how, the long-term survival of their brand will depend on both the quality of the products’ custom bakery boxes and the marketing strategy.

    Based on specific colors or a universe that is specific to them, it will be a question of knowing how to equip oneself with adapted packaging which will allow setting up the adapted communication while standing out from the competition.

    Bakery Products Require Special Packaging Solutions

    And then what there is in a bakery making a precious aspect that should be preserved, it is quite natural that the packaging will tend towards the top of the range in order to remain in line with the positioning of the sector. But when you think about it … What does high-end packaging in bakery and bakery shops look like? We give you some ideas to find yours soon!

    Table of Contents

    • 1 All crazy about pastries!

    • 2 High-end food packaging with various missions

      • 2.1 Reaffirm its positioning

      • 2.2 Adapting to changing consumption

      • 2.3 Respond to eco-responsible customers

    • 3 A little accessible luxury

      • 3.1 The taste for simplicity

      • 3.2 Subtlety in nuances

      • 3.3 Elegance in the materials

    • 4 luxury packaging for my bakery

      • 4.1 A traditional cake box

      • 4.2 A rolled-up box

      • 4.3 A drawer box

      • 4.4 A round box

      • 4.5

      • 4.6 A log box

      • 4.7 An individual box

      • 4.8 An original box

    • 5 My bakery packaging throughout the seasons

    • 6 Your high-end bakery packaging at Silver Edge Packaging

    Synonymous with pleasure and gluttony, there is in the bakery this form of refuge value linked to conviviality, to family or friends, to happy memories. Today, nearly 60% of USA & CANADA people Order at least one bakery per month, and around 40% allow themselves one each week.

    Among the small privileged delicacies, we find the fruit tarts at the top of the podium. Then the opera or Black Forest chocolate cakes, and finally the éclairs or the nuns. Great classics are constantly renewed and have not shed a high-end positioning which is increasingly part of a responsible approach.

    Crazy about pastries

    While nearly two in three USA & CANADA people Order their small cakes in a bakery shop or bakery, to the detriment of supermarkets, it is more than ever essential to combine delicacy and the joy of offering through the high-end bakery packaging that will make honor to your exceptional products!

    High-end food packaging with various missions

    Custom bakery boxes Reaffirm Product positioning

    A true communication channel in its own right, the special custom printed bakery boxes have become the support for a clearly identifiable brand image.

    Whether through shapes, colors, material, or inscriptions, everything must contribute to the consistency of your positioning. And the values you seek to convey.

    Start by asking yourself who your target audience is and what the different ranges you offer. And finish with these little details that will help you achieve the targeted high-end positioning. We’ll tell you more below!

    Adapt to changing consumption with Bulk Bakery Boxes

    A high-end bakery packaging will not only be the one that shows the greatest elegance. It is also the one that will be perfectly suited to the varied demands of your consumers.

    Large bakery box suitable for whole cakes, small boxes for individual portions. Easy transport, rigidity, preservation of the freshness of recipes… Allowing your products to arrive safely and to be tasted everywhere is also a luxury!

    An essential exercise in the age of nomadic consumption, and which allows a traditional sector to fully anchor itself in today’s trends.

    Respond to eco-responsible customers

    If ecology is more at the heart of the concerns of professionals in the catering trade, this is not surprising. It is because consumers before them have demonstrated an increased sensitivity to everything relating to the protection of the environment and to healthier and more responsible consumption.

    Combining high-end bakery packaging and eco-design is no longer an impossible task. Nice, carefully personalized kraft, eco-responsible inks, glue-free custom bakery boxes packaging will all be ways to set you apart from your competitors and echo the values of your consumers.

    Kraft box for cupcakes wholesale

    Very resistant and greaseproof, kraft is also one of those ecological materials particularly recommended for your culinary creations. Easy transport or cold storage without deformation due to humidity … No question of depriving yourself of it!

    A little accessible luxury

    Stores with carefully thought-out decoration and lighting, innovative creations, and succulent classics showcased behind impeccable windows attract the eye, titillate the taste buds and vibrate the cord of emotions. Enchanting places for a high-end positioning which justifies an overall high price.

    However, unlike gourmet cuisine, for example, top-of-the-range bakery making remains a luxury that it is possible to afford occasionally.

     The inseparable excellence of luxury and starred restaurants is not only found in renowned brands. Opposite the large, historic, and glitzy boutiques, there are now a number of attractive, welcoming boutiques on a human scale, where even more affordable prices do not detract from the quality of the products on offer.

    Order Premium custom bakery boxes with logo

    The fact remains that the sector calls in all cases for custom bakery boxes packaging if not fully luxurious, at least chic, refined, and resolutely practical. Where the variety and gluttony displayed in the cupcakes arouse curiosity, the packaging will have to prolong the surprise and constitute the final witness of your brand once the last bite has been swallowed up.

    The taste of simplicity

    Two words concerning the development of your high-end bakery packaging: keep it simple!

    Strong images and contrasting elements will not give off the feeling of rarity and sophistication that should be discussed here. Instead, focus on one or two discrete tones, and a well-placed logo.

    Subtlety in nuances

    Muted tones, really? However, the sector often calls for bright colors, pink, and yellow, orange, to infuse the whole with a nice dose of energy! It will be a question of learning the delicate art of association by not multiplying the colors of this type but by playing on the contrast with a nice touch of black, white, or gray.

    Elegance in the custom bakery boxes materials

    High-end custom bakery boxes packaging shouldn’t just look stylish. It will have to be even more once taken in hand.

    Always favor high-quality materials. It can be a thick cardboard box, tissue papers, and flexible ribbons to tie around a box. And a touch of personalization to complete it all!

    Enough to give your buyers the excitement of unpacking and discovering your products. Even though they have just left your store!

    Luxury packaging for my bakery

    The special bakery packaging is available in many different models in order to be able to arrange cakes and sweets of all kinds in a coherent manner and in proportion to the quantities. Once the basic dimension of the box is defined, lids, edges, windows allowing appreciating the contents will come to be completed with pretty finishes.

    To constantly brush with refinement and elegance, many cases nowadays are inspired by the cases found in a jewelry store. So what will it be for you?

    A traditional custom bakery boxes Packaging wholesale

    Of those that we have often seen but which never stop renewing themselves!The luxury touch? An internal impression to guarantee surprises. Do not hesitate to contact the Silver Edge Packaging team for all your specific requests.

    A rolled-up box

    A classic of high-end bakery packaging, with its 5mm edge and its flap attached to the base which folds down on the opposite side.

    The luxury touch? The closure is ensured by a magnetic flap. So chic!

    A drawer box

    Mainly intended for macaroons, cookies or chocolate palettes, it will generally be square or rectangular. The drawer slipping into its sheath offers the illusion of a pretty jewelry box. The content can only be valuable.

    A round box

    Bell box or hat box, here are some that are sure to make an impact. The shell of the macaroons even echoes the design of the custom bakery box packaging in this collaboration. The luxury touch? Worked colors and a silk ribbon so that luxury rhymes with practicality.

    A log box

    Sober and timeless, to perfectly match the shapes of your creations. The luxury touch? Golden rigid support, ideal for the holidays!

    Individual custom bakery boxes

    There are custom design dessert boxes or custom bakery boxes with window, hexagonal boxes or homemade formats, which you take with you and whose contents you enjoy while waiting for the bus or on a public bench. If the large-format cake has not had its last word, do not neglect the impact of small individual pastries and the need to equip yourself with suitable high-end bakery packaging.

    An original box

    Curved or pyramid box, luxury is also daring and innovative! Complete with the ideal design and a nice carry bag straight out of your world.

    My bakery packaging throughout the seasons

    Since the seasons come and go and are not the same, there is something fabulous about constantly rethinking your high-end bakery repackaging. The opportunity to surprise you again and again and tell different stories that will fundamentally take your work as a starting point.

    In summer , we dare to use pastel shades like watercolor or variations of blue which will boost favorite purchases while spring will give pride of place to shades of green, floral patterns and Easter symbols that will take your shop window by storm from March.

    Autumn will open the door wide to brown, orange or white and black geometric shapes enhanced with a touch of gold or silver. The return of winter will be an opportunity to reconnect with royal purple, dark blue, deep green and gold before offering your Christmas collections which will undoubtedly be unforgettable!

    Your high-end bakery-bakery packaging

    Creators of tailor-made solutions intended to facilitate the storage, transport and sale of your goods; we are committed to providing you with a wide range of food packaging for your pastries and chocolates.

    In order to simply meet your daily custom bakery boxes packaging needs, we know that our proposals must be simplified both in terms of handling and handling. Also, the cardboard packaging that we have imagined is easy to assemble, free of glue and delivered flat to optimize storage in your shop.

    Get in touch with our team without delay and work together to develop your high-end custom bakery packaging and custom boxes with logo!

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