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    Making soap, especially handmade soap, is an art. Many people are interested in soaping. They take this passion to the next level by selling their soaps online or at local fairs and shops. If you consider retailing your line of Soap Subscription Box or specially formulated (DOC) bar, you should consider proper packaging.

    Choose Kraft Soap Boxes Both Attractive & Functional

    The packaging will vary depending on what type of display you are using to sell your soap. If you are selling at a market or craft show where you will carry your product in hand, then sturdy cello bags, brown paper lunch sacks, or cloth drawstring pouches may be your best choice. 

    However, if you are selling at a tabletop display where no one is walking around with the product, you desire something sturdier than a cello, such as cardboard boxes or Kraft Soap Boxes. 

    The more attractive and inviting the soap packaging, the more likely customers will pick up and handle your products. Increasing sales – especially if it feels good on their skin! If there is typing on any soap wrapping, make sure each box or bag has the ingredients listed. 

    Soap Subscription Box Example #1 

    Soap Subscription Box Example 1

    The dark-colored Kraft Soap Boxes are sturdy enough to hold several bars of soap stacked inside. They allow easy viewing of the product through the clear plastic front window. One side has an oval shape cut out, which gives customers a place to pick up the soap without leaving fingerprints on the package. 

    It makes an attractive yet functional way to display your handmade soaps. For example, the type that reads “Essential Oil Soaps” can be easily read from a distance. You can wrap a ribbon around the front for decoration.

    Soap Subscription Box Example #2

    A sturdy cardboard box with a clear window can display your soap in a better way. Each type of soap has an image on the wrapper. It makes them easy to identify from across the room and shows what each looks like at different angles. 

    They can give you a closer look at the product inside, and the black matte lettering clearly labels each product inside. This is also an excellent way to display your products if they are all one color: brown or white soaps.

    This type of Soap Subscription Box will attract customers who walk by your table, whether shopping online or in person.

    Soap Subscription Box Example #3 

    A cello bag with a clear plastic window can display soap in this example. The box on the front of the label is an actual picture of what is inside instead of a generic photo that can come across as cheesy and cheap-looking. 

    In addition, there is a clear typewritten directly onto the box. It tells customers exactly what they are buying. It also displays your company name if you have included it somewhere else on the packaging. 

    Although most people will not carry this product around, nothing stops them from picking up and feeling the quality of your product through both their sight and how it feels in their hands.

    This packaging style works as a good way to display your soaps if you have a small selection of handmade soaps. It does not take up much space, and everyone can easily move it around.

    Soap Subscription Box Example #4 

    This example displays solid soap in a Kraft box embellished with ribbon. The category this product fits into is called “solid shampoo bars,” There are four different colors of bar soap inside, which all fit into the same packaging style. 

    This type of soap won’t come wrapped in a cello, making it look far more expensive than it is. There is also a sheet glued to the backside describing the benefits of using the product and giving directions. 

    However, most people will not need something like this unless they suffer from a skin condition. This is a lovely way to display your handmade shampoo bars if you have them available for sale.

    Soap Subscription Box Example #5

    This type of soapbox example is one of the most unique seen with their packaging. The front label has the product name wrapped around it in an arch which makes it stand out on its own. It also shows the actual bar of soap through the clear plastic. It displays what your product looks like at different angles. 

    There are ribbons at various points around the label. Each color matches the colors used on each soap inside. It would be great if you had some soaps that were more popular than others. People could easily find their favorite color by purchasing this type of packaging.

    This soapbox example is upright. It means it can display your soaps at different levels so people can see them even if they are on the second or third shelf. The label wrapped around the box looks much like a candy bar wrapper. It makes it easy for customers to pick up even when displayed in low lighting. 

    Although this packaging will not be ideal if you plan to transport your handmade soap boxes, it works well if you want to show them inside a shop or at home without putting them in anything else that will take up more space.

    Soap Subscription Box Example #6

    This style of soapbox example is called an upright soap display. It is commonly used in salons and hair supply stores. It holds two rows of soap, making it easier for your customers to find what they want by simply looking at the label. The front label shows off the color of each handmade soap bar, while the back displays 

    • Ingredients
    • Company name/website
    • Gives directions for use

    This style works best if you have a lot of different soaps on offer but want to display them all in one place that is easily accessible. Customers will see every type of soap available, even if they are on a high shelf, without having to search through a basket or anything else that takes up more space.

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    Soap Subscription Box Example #7 

    This unconventional soap box style is to use only if you have trouble deciding what type of packaging you want for your handmade goods. This type of packaging opens up like an accordion folder. It stores more than one bar of soap inside without losing any space. 

    However, most people will not think to use something like this unless they have a lot of soaps. Other options might include giving away samples or using fillable boxes with drawstrings.

    Soap Subscription Box Example #8 

    Soap Subscription Box Example 8

    This packaging works the best for those who prefer to wrap their handmade soaps in cellophane before enclosing them inside a box. It is very simple to use and only requires you to fold up all four square corners before bringing them together in the middle like you would wrapping a gift. 

    If there is more than one bar of soap available for purchase, you can use this style of handmade soapbox with or without dividers. It appears most professional when there are no visible dividers between each product.

    This packaging will be ideal for keeping your costs down while ensuring no damage during transport. Some people find it easier to transport their handmade soaps wrapped in cellophane instead of anything else. However, boxes with lids may also work well depending on what you need.

    Soap Subscription Box Example #9 

    This example is the same as the cellophane option found above. Yet, it has a base and lid for those who prefer to keep their soaps wrapped but enclosed. The label on the box can be altered to match your company logo. 

    You can even create your label if desired. Designing your label means that you will not have to pay a professional printer unless you choose to because all you have to do is print out one that meets your needs and cut it down.

    This style works well if you have a lot of handmade soaps available for purchase but want to save space by packaging them together in an easier to store container. 

    Customers will see all of your soaps even if they are on a high shelf without having to search through a basket or anything else that takes up more space.

    Soap Box Example #10 

    The last and final design is corrugated cardboard or Kraft board. There is no need to worry about it getting damaged while being shipped or displayed for your customers to see. This style is very simple. Once you open it up, all you have to do is unfold it and place it on a table.

    The only thing when using this packaging with your soaps is that if they are easily breakable, you might consider adding some bubble wrap between each product or even wrapping them individually before placing them inside. 

    In some instances, customers who purchase soaps have put soap boxes on top of one another without realizing they can break if too much pressure is applied. These are the trendy packaging style that you can choose for your Soap Subscription Box. If you are worrying to design these boxes, contact Silver Edge Packaging and get your Kraft Soap Boxes with free design support.

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