Custom Soap Boxes Wholesale – Let’s Design the Boxes That Boost Your Sales!

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    You need unique and appealing custom soap boxes wholesale to pack and present your soaps. Find tips to design the boxes that boost your sales in this post!

    People use soaps daily. This high market demand makes the soap market to be a crowded yet profitable industry to work in. All brands – new or famous ones – compete to earn more in this market. Yet, most products failed to meet the customers’ expectations. One of the main considerations for customers to choose your soaps over others is product display. This display comes from the boxes you use to pack and present your soaps. At this point, you know that you need the most unique and appealing custom soap boxes in wholesale. But do you know the best ways to design the boxes that will help you boost your sales? Read this post completely then!

    Why Do You Need the Right Custom Soap Boxes in Wholesale to Grab High Sales?

    Now you might be wondering why you need the right boxes to grab higher sales. Why can’t you simply use those standard boxes to sell your soap products?

    Well, you can, actually.

    If selling your soaps is the main concern you have, you can easily go with standard and ready-made boxes. On the other hand, if you wish to get higher sales than what you are getting now, these boxes are not ideal. Additionally, if you want to expose your soap brand and mark it in this competitive market industry, you will need the right custom soap boxes in wholesale.

    These boxes come with wonderful features that those standard boxes don’t have to offer to the table. What are they? Keep on reading!

    Uniquely Designed Soap Sleeve Packaging


    Without any doubt, you have spent time, money, and effort to produce your lovely soaps. Would you bear to see them just lying on the store shelves for months? Of course not.

    What every single brand wants is for its products to make high sales. Yet, some of them are still unconscious of the product presentation. Again, we have to remind you that product presentation matters the most when it comes to selling your products.

    Uniquely designed soap sleeve packaging will make your soap look more beautiful than standard packaging. Come with an appealing design and your chosen color combinations, this type of packaging will help you catch maximum attention. In the end, you don’t have to wait longer to see your soaps fly off the shelves.

    Custom Soap Boxes Wholesale Shield Your Delicate Soaps during Transit

    Your soaps are sensitive so that even small bumps during transit can make them damaged. Don’t forget the fact that soaps can get melted easily under hot weather. However, we know that those customers will take no excuse. All they want is to get the soaps in perfect shapes and conditions.

    So, if you want to boost your sales, you will need to deliver your soaps with optimum protection. This is where you will love custom soap boxes in wholesale.

    As the name suggests, ‘custom’ means you can customize the boxes as you want them to be.

    To turn the boxes into the best shield for your soaps, you can do the followings:

    • Choose and use sturdy packaging material to produce your boxes
    • Decide the thickness of your boxes according to your packaging purpose
    • Measure the exact sizes and dimensions of your boxes to protect your soap properly
    • Give extra protection with coating options such as UV Spot

    When you have the perfectly designed boxes to deliver your soaps, you know that your soaps are in the right hands. This way, whether you need to send them to customers or to any retail store, you can expect them to reach in the best conditions.

    Let’s Start Designing Your Custom Soap Boxes Wholesale!

    Nothing is impossible for you to do when you have the right tools. In the context of boosting your sales, soap boxes wholesale are your best tools. Now that you know the reasons to choose these boxes, you are surely excited to design them with your branding style. Well, let’s start designing then!

    Sync the Design with the Material to Make Your Boxes Look Luxurious

    The overall look of your boxes should appeal to those customers. To achieve this look, you need to sync your packaging design with the material you choose.

    You can try out the following steps below to make your boxes look luxurious!

    • Use rigid material and polish your custom luxury soap boxes with the gold or silver foiling technique
    • Use paper material and emboss or deboss your brand logo on custom paper soap boxes
    • Choose cardboard material and apply a matte lamination to your cardboard soap packaging

    By synchronizing your packaging design and the material you choose, you can level up the appearance of your lovely soaps. This way, no customer will think twice about purchasing your soap products.

    Go with an Attractive Packaging Style

    Attractive products get more attention from customers. Like it or not, this applies to any type of product. Soaps are personal care products. People will love it when they see their skin look more beautiful and attractive after using soaps. To convince them, you need to have an attractive packaging style.

    Various packaging styles you can choose include:

    • A sleeve soap packaging style
    • A window packaging style
    • A drawer packaging style
    • A two-piece packaging style
    • And many other options

    Making your soap products attractive will surely benefit your soap business in the long run. Not only will you get the chance to boost your sales within a brief time. Better than that, you can easily build a strong customer base.

    Play with Printing Style!

    Printing your packaging boxes is fun and exciting. Additionally, printing your boxes with your branding style will leave a good first impression.

    When printing your boxes, you should be creative and not afraid to express your brand concepts. Well, don’t worry, you will find various ways to make your boxes look impressive in customers’ eyes. All you need is to think out of the box when playing with printing style.

    For instance, you can try out:

    • Print natural color combinations such as green or pastel colors to soothe customers’ eyes
    • Apply the relevant images and graphics that match your soap’s characteristics
    • Draw your brand-oriented design to create authentic and genuine boxes 

    One important thing you should always remember when playing with your printing style is your unique brand identity. Yes, you will need to align your packaging design with your unique brand identity. You can do this by placing all your branding elements on the packaging design as well.

    Product Descriptions Are Important

    Some customers might have sensitive skin and be allergic to some ingredients. Thus, they will be very careful when it comes to purchasing soaps. This is why providing product descriptions on your boxes is highly important.

    Thanks to the inventions in digital and offset printing technologies, now you can print all the details of your soap products.

    To convince your customers, you can print descriptions such as:

    • The name of your lovely soaps
    • The ingredients you used to produce your soaps
    • The manufacture and best before date
    • Cautions and warning (if any)
    • All the complete details of your company

    Product descriptions are important to inform your customers what they can expect from your lovely soaps. In addition, the complete company details are also essential to make it easier for customers to come back to your brand. In simple words, all the details you provide on your custom soap boxes wholesale will help in boosting your sales as well!

    Provide More Value

    Providing more value to your products always works well when it comes to grabbing more sales. The reason?

    Because we all love to get more than the money we spend. And guess what? It is not difficult to do this on your sleeve soap packaging!

    You can try to:

    • Give special discounts for the next purchase to inspire customers
    • Promote a new product line along with the packaging
    • Giveaway small merchandise to make your customers happier when receiving your soaps

    Providing more value to your customers is also a great way to increase their trust. In the end, they will only love to purchase from your soap brand. Well, isn’t that what every brand wants?

    Wrapping Up

    Designing your custom soap boxes wholesale in a unique way can really help in boosting your sales. After all, considering the benefits you can get from designing your own boxes, why wouldn’t you spend your time on them? So, if you are ready to design the boxes with your branding style, you can work with the experts at Silver Edge Packaging! Feel free to Contact Us for any queries.

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