15 Proven Benefits of Custom Window Boxes in Business Marketing

Custom Window Boxes
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    The role of custom window boxes packaging has immense importance in business. Furthermore, it has many benefits for small and large corporations. Therefore, many company owners spend a large budget on product packaging design.

     So in fact, what are the roles, importance and meaning of product packaging? The following article will help you to learn proven benefits of custom product packaging. So keep reading till the end of the article.

    What is packaging?

    First of all, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the concept of packaging. There are many different interpretations of packaging design from a simple concept as a product’s function to a concept of packaging as an added value of a product.

    What are custom window boxes and why are they used?

    To put it simply, custom window boxes with logos are the combination of structure, materials, presentation, colors, images, and other elements that create visual appeal. From there, it brings the communication goals and marketing strategy of a product or brand.

     In addition, the packaging is also a special industrial product used to contain and package to protect the use-value of goods.

    The importance of custom window boxes packaging

    The role of both packaging and its meaning is very important; this is the way to a successful marketing campaign. Businesses should focus on designing product packaging to stand out and attract customers.

    Thereby helping consumers to recognize brands and products, and creating trust with customers. Therefore, the importance of bulk custom window boxes in branding with users is extremely important.

    What is the role of custom window boxes packaging?

    Packaging has many different roles. Here are some of the most recognizable roles:

    Ø  Product Protection

    This is the most primitive role of packaging. Packaging helps to protect the product inside from vibration, breakage, impact, and the influence of temperature and the outside environment.

    Ø  Help in Goods Mixing

    The role of the packaging is to prevent the product from being contaminated with dirt and water. The packaging also separates the product from contamination or oxidation.

    Ø  Makes transportation easy

    Some types of products without reliable packaging will not be able to ship. For example salt, sugar, roasted coffee, in this case, the packaging is an effective and simple way to bring products to consumers.

    Ø  Transmission of information

    One of the basic roles of custom window boxes is to convey information. The printed information includes mandatory or optional information such as: product name, function, manufacturer information, composition, usage, expiry date.

    Ø  Marketing with Window Boxes in Bulk

    Packaging is the secret weapon in marketing. Packaging helps to influence and encourage consumer behavior. Today, the role of packaging is becoming more and more important in building a strong and consistent brand. Businesses are interested in impressive, professional custom window boxes packaging design as an effective selling advantage.

    Ø  Meaning of product packaging on the market

    The meaning of product packaging is extremely important; it determines the success of sales campaigns and products. Moreover, it helps businesses increase sales and reduce costs for product promotion activities.

    Reduce theft

    Product packaging is very important to help reduce theft. The packaging is packaged only once opened, so once opened it will not be closed. In business environments such as shops and supermarkets, this helps reduce the risk of products being stolen.

    Ø  Convenience guaranteed

    Product packaging makes packaging diverse, easy, flexible to display and distribute. With canned products, custom window boxes can be opened and closed many times, very convenient.

    Ø  Meet market demand

    This is the important meaning of product packaging, catching up with the market; paper packaging is the most used in food packaging. Therefore, the packaging keeps up with the trend and meets the needs of consumers. For instance, you can use custom food boxes for food packaging.

    Ø  Marketing with impressive and modern brand custom window boxes packaging

    For businesses and goods trading companies, the design and printing of branded packaging is an important part of the marketing strategy. This design is a combination of structure, materials, presentation, colors, images and other components that bring a modern and impressive impression to a product or brand.

    Ø  Marketing by brand custom window boxes packaging

    Custom window boxes packaging is an extremely important factor that determines the appearance of a product in the market. However, from a marketing perspective, the packaging is a form of information transmission, conveying the most complete and concise information necessary.

    Ø  Brand identity

    Each package is designed according to the orientation of the product’s brand identity and positioning system. To achieve consistency, the packaging needs to apply the rules of the brand identity system to create a visual difference from other products. Also create consistency of packaging with other marketing items such as brochures, advertisements, and leaflets.

    On the other hand, the packaging materials must show the high-end positioning of the product. Custom window boxes packaging is a marketing solution to help identify brands quickly

    Ø  Link building

    Packaging is a tool that creates a link between users and brands to show the visual interaction through packaging when the product is in use. If the product is of high quality, the brand image is consolidated and gradually creates loyalty.

    Ø  The media

    A good brand packaging design will help convey product information to customers easily. The information about the advantages, the difference, and how to use it is conveyed effectively. Will help consumers have brand trust. By the product information provided, the customer experience will be better. Helps increase brand loyalty.

    Ø  Increase sale revenue

    Custom window boxes with logo are also a factor that helps increase sales. It is the last opportunity to contact customers when they search for products on store shelves. If the packaging is outstanding, attractive compared to similar products, the chances of customers choosing will be higher.

    Factors affecting custom window boxes packaging design

    Brands have less than 5 seconds to make a first impression on users. Just an eye-catching appearance will make customers interested and make decisions faster.

    Ø  Main image

    People are easily attracted by eye-catching key visuals. Through the image on the product’s packaging, businesses not only want it to be beautiful but also carry a message to customers. An effective key visual on custom window boxes easily makes customers remember and sympathize when they accidentally meet again. The dominant image influences the packaging design.

    Ø  Color combination

    One of the fastest ways to grab users’ attention and increase brand awareness is through color. Color plays a big role in influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. There has been researching on colors used in advertising and marketing specifically. Like:

    a)   Red represents confidence, comfort, or intense emotion.

    b)   Orange includes energy and is full of enthusiasm, vitality, playfulness, and friendliness.

    c)   Green is the color of nature. Expressing freshness, revitalization, and a sign of new beginnings.

    Ø  Font

    Font selection is an important aspect of custom window boxes design. Although the colors are eye-catching and attractive, if they are not properly arranged or the words are too difficult to read, customers will immediately switch to another product.

    Ø  Uniqueness

    There are many customers who choose to get a product just because of its packaging but do not care about the quality. Given the current state of the environment, they will consciously reuse well-designed brand packaging. This provides a form of secondary marketing for businesses using word-of-mouth tactics.

    How does paper box packaging promote sales?

    Paper box packaging is now commonly used in many different fields. Like Custom window boxes, paper box packaging is considered an effective outer layer of product protection. Not only that, but paper packaging is also a tool to attract customers’ attention quickly.

    What is the origin of paper box packaging?

    When we look at history, we see that paper boxes have always held an important part in life. From clothes, shoes, food, household tools, and many other fields, paper boxes are present everywhere to pack and protect products.

    In the past, products were packed in wooden boxes, foils, paper, and even polythene bags.  However, with the advancement in packaging techniques, paper boxes have caused a revolution in the economy.

    Why is paper packaging a better option?

    This packaging technique fulfills all the necessary needs and provides additional protection and safety for the products than custom window boxes. At the same time, the paper box is also a better choice when it comes to shipping.

    Common types of paper packaging

    There are many types of materials used to produce paper box packaging including paperboard, cardboard, and corrugated paper.

    Custom paper box

    There are three common types of paper boxes:

    1.       hard boxes

    2.       custom paper boxes

    3.        and cartons.

    Gift boxes, hard boxes are luxury boxes, used to store products in the high-end segment. Due to their hard nature, they are used for high-end products such as mobile phones, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, etc. to ensure safety.

    Cardboard boxes

    Cardboard boxes are packaging composed of corrugated layers. It is usually used for transportation purposes.

    Why is paper packaging becoming more popular?

    Paper box packaging currently has many types with many different sizes, textures, and designs. Paper boxes are used from small grocery stores, malls, or households. For example, paper trays are suitable for displaying products on the counter.

    All the types of custom window boxes are designed with special techniques and special art.

    Design a paper box with its own characteristics

    Just look at big brands like Pepsi or Coca-Cola, you will realize how appearance affects the ability to identify products. When designing and printing high-end packaging boxes, you need to include the characteristics of the brand. From color to the message, decoration details, all must be uniform for the entire product box sample.

    Premium custom window boxes printing will save other advertising costs

    After a long time if your box template makes a good impression on customers. Businesses can significantly save on advertising costs if they have attractive custom window boxes. You do not need to spend too much money on expensive forms of advertising. As a result, there is a budget deficit.

    Various custom window boxes models allow for diverse product development

    A large paper box contains the main product and there is a small box with other products attached. This will increase good association. Moreover, it suggests to customers to get more products without having to offer too much.  When printing high-grade paper box packaging to promote the brand. Do not forget to design more box templates with different sizes to be able to implement many other strategies.

    Can sell products at high prices without complaining

    Compare the products with a product in custom window boxes with a luxurious design and a product in an inexpensive box model. Customers are always impressed with luxury products. Shoppers who follow here will find the products they get more value for money.

     Moreover, businesses dealing in high-end products can still push prices higher without being complained about by customers.

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