Sealing Mylar Bags: Everything You Need to Know for Long-Term Food Storage

Sealing Mylar Bag
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    In uncertain times, having a reliable method for long-term food storage is important. One popular option that provides excellent protection is the use of Mylar food storage bags. These bags, made from polyester film, are durable, flexible, and heat-sealable. Hence, making them an ideal choice for preserving food freshness and extending shelf life. Yet, there are specific ways to store food items in these bags.

    So, here is everything you need to know about sealing these bags for long-term food storage!

    What Is a Mylar Bag?

    Custom mylar bags wholesale are specially designed bags made from polyester film. These bags are quite famous in the food industry for good reasons. One of the compelling reasons is that the bags offer various benefits for food preservation.

    What are they?

    • They are highly durable
    • Mylar is resistant to punctures
    • The bags provide a protective barrier against external factors such as light, odor, and contaminant
    • Mylar food storage bags have excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties

    In simple words, these bags are all you need to effectively seal and prevent food spoilage.

    The Benefits of Using Custom Mylar Bags

    If you are a food brand and thinking of storing food in Mylar bags, you are on the right path. As we mentioned above, these bags offer various benefits.

    Below are some benefits your business would love to get from these bags!

    A Longer Shelf Life

    By using Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, you can significantly extend the shelf life of your stored food. How?

    These bags create an airtight seal that prevents oxygen and moisture from reaching the food. In fact, you can add the oxygen absorbers to remove any residual oxygen. By doing this, it will further preserve the freshness and quality of the food inside. Plus, with proper sealing, your food items can remain edible for several years. Better yet, the bags will ensure long-term availability even in challenging situations.

    Better Protection Against External Factors

    Mylar vacuum seal bags act as a reliable shield against various external factors that can negatively impact food quality. Not only will these bags block out light, which can cause nutrient degradation and loss of flavor. Most importantly, they will prevent odor transfer. Yes, it means keeping your food free from unwanted smells. Furthermore, the bags create a barrier that secures stored food from pests and contaminants. As a result, your food items will remain safe and hygienic.

    How to Seal a Mylar Bag?

    Now this is the main question.

    Sealing Mylar Bags is an upfront process that requires a few essential supplies and careful attention to detail. But don’t worry, it is not as difficult as you might imagine!

    Here are the steps you can do!

    Gather the Necessary Supplies

    Necessary supplies for sealing Mylar bag for food storage

    Before you start sealing the bags, make sure you have the following supplies ready.

    • Mylar bags

    Choose the appropriate size according to your food storage needs. Additionally, you must consider the quantity of food you plan to store. Then, select the bags that can accommodate it comfortably.

    • Oxygen absorbers

    These small packets contain a chemical that absorbs oxygen from the air. Make sure to get the accurate number of oxygen absorbers. How? Focus on the size of the bag and the type of food you are storing.

    • Heat sealer

    You must invest in a high-quality heat sealer designed for Mylar bags. Keep in mind that it should have an adjustable temperature setting. This way, it will ensure a proper seal without damaging the bag.

    Prepare the Food

    Absorb the oxygen from Mylar Bag through Oxygen Absorber

    Before sealing the food in the bags, make sure that it is completely dry and free from excess moisture. Note that moisture can lead to mold growth and spoilage of the stored food. So, you must remove any moisture or condensation from the food items before packaging them.

    Insert the Oxygen Absorber

    Food for storing in Mylar Bag

    Place one or more oxygen absorbers inside the bag, depending on the size of the bag and the amount of food being stored. Oxygen absorbers help eliminate any residual oxygen present in the bag. Better yet, they will further extend the shelf life of the food. Most importantly, make sure that the oxygen absorbers are sealed properly to maintain their effectiveness.

    Seal the Bag

    Seal the Mylar bag

    To create an airtight seal on vacuum-sealing mylar bags, you can follow these steps!

    • Squeeze out any excess air from the bag

    This will help minimize oxygen exposure. Instead, it will maximize the effectiveness of the oxygen absorber.

    • Place the open end of the bag between the heat sealer’s jaws

    This way, you will leave a small portion unsealed to allow the release of trapped air.

    • Activate the heat sealer

    Now activate the heat sealer and slowly move it along the opening of the bag. By doing this, you create a firm and secure seal. Also make sure to apply consistent pressure and maintain a steady pace.

    • Ensure that the seal is completely closed

    Make sure there will be no gaps or openings. A properly sealed bag will be airtight. This way, it will work well in preventing oxygen and moisture from entering.

    Test the Seal

    Test the Seal of Mylar Bag

    After sealing the bag, you should test the integrity of the seal to ensure its effectiveness. How to do this?

    Gently press the sealed area of the bag with your fingers. If the seal is intact, there should be no air escaping. If you notice any air leakage, reseal the bag using the heat sealer. Most importantly, you must pay close attention to any areas that may require extra sealing.

    Label and Store

    Add Label in Your Mylar bag and store them

    Label each sealed Mylar bag with the contents and the date of sealing. This information will help you keep track of the food and ensure proper rotation. Then, store your custom kraft mylar bags in a cool, dry, and dark place. This method will optimize food preservation. Remember to store them away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity.

    Mylar Bags Vs Vacuum Sealing – Tips for Successful Mylar Bag Sealing

    Mylar bags Vs Vacuum Sealing

    • Choose high-quality bags with a thickness of at least 4-5 mil

    Yes, make sure to choose the bags that provide optimal protection against oxygen and moisture.

    • Select appropriate oxygen absorbers

    Remember to get the right oxygen absorbers for the size of your bag. In addition, also consider the specific type of food you are storing. Then, follow the instructions provided with the oxygen absorbers to determine the correct quantity for each bag.

    • Remove as much air as possible from the bag

    Before sealing, remove as much air as possible from the bag. You can do this by gently pressing the bag to expel air pockets and then tightly sealing it.

    • Get the appropriate temperature

    Ensure that the heat sealer is heated to the appropriate temperature. It should be hot enough to create a secure seal without causing the bag to melt or burn.

    • Avoid overfilling your Mylar bags

    Overfilling the bags can compromise the quality of the seal. So, make sure to leave enough space to allow for the proper closure of the bags.

    How to Get the Right Mylar Bag for Your Food Items?

    If you are new to this, it might be challenging to decide if you need die cut Mylar bag or Ziplock bag. However, you can consider partnering with a professional packaging supplier such as Silver Edge Packaging. This way, you can get the ideal Mylar bag to make your edibles remain perfect for a longer duration.

    Final Notes

    Sealing Mylar bags is a practical and effective method for long-term food storage. By following the proper steps we mentioned here and using high-quality materials, you can ensure the freshness and nutritional value of your food. With the right approach, these bags can help you present your food items in their best condition. So, don’t you think that they are worth trying?

    Also, want to know more about Mylar Bag read this: How to Make Your Own Mylar Weed Bags!

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