Are Mylar Bags Smell Proof? Get the Benefits of Using These Bags!

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    Food storage and mylar are two terms we will find side by side. People who buy some food items in bulk, such as wheat and rice, will go for mylar for storage. Some sensitive items, such as cannabis also come in mylar bags.  You can use exotic weed bags for the packaging of weeds. This type of packaging keeps the product fresh for a longer time. But are mylar bags Smell proof? And what are the benefits of using these bags? Let’s know more about this!

    What Is a Smell Proof Mylar Bag? What Is a Smell Proof Mylar Bag

    The smell proof mylar bags are incredibly flexible, odor resistant, and perfect for food storage. The polyester film is much less permeable to gases such as oxygen than other materials. Thus, making the bags an ideal airtight and odor-resistant packaging for many food items. Another great thing we should note about these bags is that most of these bags are resealable. This way, you can sell lots of items and ensure they will stay fresh for weeks as long as you reseal them.

    This is one of the reasons why mylar has been cited as the most useful substance for containing many “hard to hold” food and non-food items. In addition, this packaging is perfect for items that come with a very high taste/odor barrier.

    The Benefits of Using Mylar Bags for Food StorageThe Benefits of Using Mylar Bag for Food Storage

    These Mylar bags for food storage come with unmatched flexibility and customizable quality. The features make the bags to be the perfect functional promotional product. Not only you can print them easily with modern printing techniques. Better than that, this bag offers more benefits your business would want to get. What are they? Check out below for the most promising benefits you can get from the bags!

    Help to Keep Your Food Items Smell-Free

    These printed packaging bags are what you exactly need for your food items to retain that fresh and original. Of course, it can be very disappointing for customers when they get the food items out of storage and discover the items smell bad or are not fresh.

    With these mylar packaging bags, you can prevent this situation from happening. Yes, this situation is not one your customer will encounter when you use this innovatively designed bag. Instead, the bag will help your customers to always have your food items stored in the best condition. Most importantly, your food items will stay fresh for longer than you always want them to.

    The Bag Serves as a Strong Reserve

    When you give the right storage conditions in place, you will get the chance to store food items for 10 to 30 years. Those customers can easily have the food available for them just when they need it. Well, this is what perfectly designed mylar bags for food storage will always do for you.

    The smell-resistant feature offered by the bag comes along with a unique advantage that any brand will always want to get. In addition, how the bag keeps your food items remain fresh during the entire storage is a fantastic advantage for every single business.

    Ensures Your Food Items Remain Fresh

    The fresh smell of your food items is one that your customers always admire from your brand. Guess what? This is the feeling that smell proof mylar packaging will give to your beloved customers. A fresh food item is what those customers deserve. Eventually, this is what this bag adds to your food packaging. This bag will completely eradicate the smell that is related to food items that are stored for quite a long time.

    Keeps Oxygen, Moisture, and Light Away from Your Food Items

    We all know that oxygen ends up being a major disadvantage for food storage. The worst part is that the food items stored in a dynamic environment can easily decay. And yes, believe it or not, this issue comes due to the presence of oxygen.

    Mylar bags along with the use of oxygen absolvers will make a perfect choice for your food storage in this case. This perfect combination will keep Oxygen away. In its replacement, it uses Nitrogen to give you that long-lasting food storage opportunity.

    In simple words, we can say that the removal of Oxygen is the reason why you can store your food items for decades. Even better, you will still be able to retain their shelf life and quality. Indeed, using smell proof mylar bag will be advantageous as your food items will always retain their original smell and taste.

    Helps You Keep Your Food Free of Contaminants

    We all know that many plastic bags contain harmful substances. These substances can leach into the food items they contain. What’s more, as plastic storage bags are created with synthetic chemicals, the chemicals might leach into the food packed inside.

    The good thing is that you will find no such dangerous compounds in mylar bags for food storage. As a result, storing your edibles in this bag will be safe since it keeps them free of any toxins and contaminants.

    Smell Proof Mylar Bags Are Reusable

    Smell proof mylar packaging bags are extremely durable. The best part is that the bag will still work well to preserve the original scent and flavor of your food items. In addition, this bag will not be harmed even if you wash it and remove the seal. What’s more, your customers can easily reuse the bag to preserve any other food items.

    Comes with High Durability

    Mylar bags, unlike other storage bags, come with tear-resistant capability. These bags will be sturdy enough to transport any food item for an extended time. You can expect neither the bag nor the items will sustain any harm throughout the storage term.

    These Bags Are Available in Various Sizes

    Yes, these innovative bags are available in many different sizes. This way, you can store any food items of any size. This feature can be very useful for storing delicate items such as cannabis. Most importantly, the bag will seal out the air, thus, preserving the natural potency.

    Are Mylar Bags Smell Proof Can Be Sealable and Reusable?

    Yes, it is a piece of cake to seal a mylar bag. All you need is an impact heat sealer or a clamshell heat sealer to seal them. In case you don’t have any sealer, well, this shouldn’t be a problem either. You can simply heat the bag with an iron or a hair straightener. These devices will work just as well. However, keep in mind that your mylar bags must be heat-sealed in order to function properly.

    How to Store Your Food Items in a Smell Proof Mylar Bag?

    Now, after knowing the benefits of using smell proof mylar bags wholesale, you should also know how to store your food items properly in this bag. Below are some tips you should note!

    • Add oxygen absorber

    After you fill the bag with your food items, you should add an oxygen absorber to make your items last longer.

    • Seal your bag properly

    After adding an oxygen absorber, you should not leave the bag unopened for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, the oxygen scavengers may not be fully effective.

    It will be better if you have an impulse sealer or clamshell heat sealer lying around. Sealing with either of these is the right approach for this bag.

    End Note

    So, are mylar bags smell proof?

    Yes, they are!

    More than that, these bags are popular as the king of long-term storage for food items. This is actually a proven fact over the years and still holds true today. Printed Mylar bags with smell-proof capacity add color and benefit to your storage. These bags help a lot in keeping your items in their original quality and condition for a long time. What’s more, these bags are famous for their high-quality storage and long-term uses. In simple words, these bags are what you need if you want to preserve the original fresh flavor of your food items for an extended period of time. Getting interested? You can get the most outstanding quality mylar bags at Silver Edge Packaging now!

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