How Candle Packaging has a strong impact on your business: Let’s make it clear with some unique candle box ideas

Custom Candle Packaging
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    When it comes to candle business, it is not only the wick which flames, but the passion to thrive too! While it is true that candles have somewhat lost their relevance with respect to functionality, they have not lost their status as a major part of our daily lives_ their various textures and forms are used on various occasions, and most importantly: Every celebration is incomplete without them and the light and vivid enthusiasm they fill the room with_especially with your other half. 

    Not to be surprised, research has shown their positive impact on mental health too. For instance, candles create an ambiance by transforming the space through scent, and change changes the way we feel in space. Consequently, they improve our mood and calm our minds. Our limbic system is naturally programmed to be stimulated by good smells and release hormones responsible for a good mood like serotonin and dopamine_ the part of the brain which is a reservoir of memories and emotions. 

    Other than the mind-blowing and countless benefits of candles as their user, they inflict joy upon their retailers too. Think of it this way: What If your candle does not only smell good but it also has a high-end good looking retail packaging that has the full potential to create a loyal fan base? 

    In reality, this is completely accomplishable because it is a common perception that if a product looks high quality from the outside, it must be avant-garde in reality too! 

    Now, this is something that creates a difference! Let’s dig into the fact that how amazing, and outstanding Candle Packaging can lift your businesses to unparalleled heights and create an unforgettable first impression. 

    What are the types of Candle Packaging that best suit your business? 

    No matter if you want to package that fragrance for commercial purposes or want to give it away as a present, these Custom Candle Packaging Ideas make your candle product look better and instantly grab the attention of Prospects. 

     Best Packaging for Votive Candles

    When it comes to packaging for Votive Candles, the packaging should be simple yet exquisite ( just like a vow itself). Therefore the best solution is to pack them inside a blank box or the one not having so loud, and elaborate print rather than having a small and simple one. We can enhance them further with custom labels. This simple add-on gives a huge leap forward as compared to your competitors. 

    Packaging  Aromatherapy Candles

    Their purpose is to soothe the mind and calm your delicate sensory experiences with their gently stroking fragrance_the very reason they are used during yoga sessions, relaxing baths, and some other stress-relief therapies. So, the packaging should be in accordance too. Their fragrance is the very reason behind their purchase, so you should make sure to pack them tightly and in a durable, well-resistant medium _ let say any air-tight packaging. Subsequently, you can complement it with any eye-popping, and cheerful design and pattern. 

    Decorative Candles 

    As their name suggests, they are small and beautiful pieces of art that give your home and workspace an altogether new look. Most probably, your prospect wants to purchase them as a gift so looks and integrity matter as much as their quality. Here, you can try sturdy Kraft Paper Packaging with an enthralling logo, intricate pattern, and somewhat joyous color combination that would do the work for you and give an idea to the visitors about what is inside. 

    Taper Candles Packaging

    Taper Candles are not associated with class, luxury, or quality but they are definitely associated with celebrations. Mostly, their color and scent make them stand out. They are made from natural ingredients like beeswax and usually come in a small, tapered size ( now you got why they are named so). One important thing to mention here is that they are naturally sustainable. Among many other packaging ideas for them, the simplest one is to have a cutout pattern ( whether in mid or sides) with a Kraft Paper board. This style gives them a look of a colored pencil cardboard box, which everyone has used in his childhood. The cutout pattern should be carved in any elegant pattern.

    Pillar candles Packaging 

    Pillar candle boxes somehow look simple and classic but scary at the time. However, we can uplift their simplicity to the next level with minimal design and smart cutout patterns. Clean, clear, and classy look just perfectly goes in tone with the candle. 

    Some general tips and tricks of Customization for Candle Packaging 

    Idea 1: 

    Choose the best quality material for your Candle Boxes

    This idea outlines the very purpose of Packaging_ strong and durable protection. 

    Hence, the bottom line is to use a sturdy packaging material like Kraft Box, Cardstock Box, Corrugated Box, Rigid Box, etc. 

    Idea 2:

    Never underestimate the power of a stylish opening

    Opening matters a lot when it comes to making your product appealing in the eyes of the consumers or, you can say the opening is the “opener of the innings”. Here you have the options like custom mailer  boxes, PVC window boxes, 2 piece boxes, etc. 

    Idea 3:

    Look for the perfect color model 

    This phenomenon requires no explanation that the human brain is programmed to first process the color other than anything else out of physical characteristics. We believe that the following colors appeal to customers more efficiently: Shades of black, Shades of Purple ( especially,lavender), Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Mahroon. Technically, CMYK models and Pantone Models are standardized methods for color matching and reproduction. 

    Idea 4:

    “Finish” your work before you leave

    This is last but not least. You can greatly modify boxes and upgrade their visual aspect by giving them a unique look with the help of finishing and printing techniques. For example, coatings like glass coating, or matte coating depend upon whether you want a glossy look or a thick, matte look. 

    OK, so why do we need Custom Candle Packaging in the first place

    Whatever business you own, you put your heart and soul into it and sales are never enough; you want more and more of them. On top of that, you want to create an identity; you want to be something in people’s eyes; you want to build a family of loyal customers. 

    Why not create a link then which does not inspire? And this link is not possible without good packaging. Here are some top-of-the-line reasons why custom packaging is great for your business. 

    Promotes your brand and boosts your sales

    The packaging is one of the decisive factors that directly influence the sales and promotion of a product. As a member of the industry, you just can’t afford to underestimate the power of packaging. For many consumers and manufacturers, the packaging is only a medium to protect the products from damaging elements, or unwanted external factors; therefore no serious promotional value. But, the facts are totally opposite, especially in today’s marketing world. Due to the recent technological developments in packaging and printing techniques, custom product packaging now plays the role of a sales executive of brands to allure more potential customers and wide. 

    Damage Protection 

    Sensitive, semi-solid items such as candles can easily fall and crumble due to their delicate nature. These delicate items are also prone to absorb external contaminants such as dust, bacteria, moisture, and excessive air level. Custom candle boxes are mostly kraft paper boxes or cardboard with respect to material and hence, give a shield from external shocks. Furthermore, a kraft paper base protects the inner product to smash with the walls and wax to smudge around. 

    The base of your branding strategy 

     The materials are pliable and can be molded and designed into any desired shape, pattern, size, and any necessary add-ons like motifs or logos can be easily imprinted upon them. Moreover, the latest packaging boxes also use additional inserts and paddings to resist wear and tear effectively and keep the perishable items intact. Packaging for wholesale candle boxes embellished with creative designing and appealing visual graphics are really effective for the marketing and branding campaigns of your Candle Business_ helping the business owners elevate their brand’s outreach and recognition in society.

    Enriching the appeal of products

    Market research has concluded that most consumers in the market make purchase decisions by getting inclined towards the products that are placed in creative and appealingly designed package boxes. When it comes to gift items such as candles, business owners can make use of custom candle boxes with PVC display windows as they are not only perfect for enriching the appeal of products but they also enhance the visibility of the product and customers can make an informed buying decision.

    Product details and labeling for branding 

    Product name

    You can choose anything between a fancy name ( like a black rose), or just simply mention the type of the candle ( like beeswax candle). 

    Product category 

    If you sell candles made up of 100% pure natural ingredients like soy candles, natural beeswax candles, etc, do mention the type of box because it is a great marketing tool to target the market segment which hypes 100% natural. 


    Ingredients of the candle are important to mention because it is likely that the person who is purchasing or whom he is gifting them, is allergic to a certain ingredient. It is also likely that buyers may be looking for toxic-free or eco-friendly candles. 

    Potential Hazards

    These delightful creatures are equally hazardous and require care to handle. Make sure to include cautionary signs, labels, and extra manufacturer instructions for how to burn candles properly. 

    Multiple versions of Candle Product

    Now, here comes a very impacting branding strategy_ some market-leading brands differentiate the multiple versions of their candles having different fragrances by a unique, witty name and a distinct color theme. The label should also have a separate nuance. 

    Wrapping things up

    Why should someone go on and pick your candle product when he has such a huge variety on the shelf to choose from? Have you first done something to elevate your product from your competitors? 

    Nicely labeled candle jars and tins, catchy tags and names, or an elegant layout design and pattern can do a magnificent job and grab the eyeballs. Other than that, quality packaging is important on another level because it sends a message of your brand’s struggle and its motto. It also shows you care for your customers. Candles boxes are mostly purchased with gifting intents; for your product to directly contribute to someone’s memorable moments, they should be presentable enough and make them smile. 

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