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    In this era where the job market is characterized with cut-throat competition and on the other hand freelancing and “be your own boss” is a new cool, self-employment and your own business is the need of the hour. Whether you use it as a side option for combating seasonal unemployment or, use it to generate side income. Own business startup is an excellent step towards self-growth, self-sufficiency, and really deserves to be encouraged. It is also a medium or a platform through which you can direct your personal creative talents towards something productive and monetize your hobbies.

    While business startups can be anywhere from an ordinary step to a breakthrough success depending upon how talented is the entrepreneur inside you and it is not as important as such whether you are trying to sell a product or a service. Let’s suppose here for the sake of convenience that we are trying to sell a physical product (a relatively common mode of small business startup), the first and foremost thing you have to consider is Creative and Convincing Packaging. The outer packaging of a product is just like the cover title of a book; it gives a clue to readers and amateurs about what is written inside and they can choose whether to read it or not. Analogically, the outer packaging is the medium through which your brand communicates with the consumers and it is the canvas on which you paint your brand’s image, and when it syncs with the one in the consumer mind_ he chooses you once and chooses you again and again. To make this happen, you can either go for DIY packaging ( you don’t need to be a craft master for it or an active guy in art class), by using simple and easy-to-follow tricks or, you can choose a professional supplier service for Custom Box Packaging. This blog tends to discuss some simple but equally creative ideas for packaging of your small business startup products:

    1- Tagged Treat bag

    If you sell simple food treats, you should first look for food-safe packaging material because many consumers are now aware of health & safety standards. For aesthetic purposes, you have to design an add-on on your own because they are simply polythene shopping bags. The simplest thing you can do is to attach a custom tag upon it which mentions the name of your brand or a compliment card, which says something like: ” Your order makes our shop possible. Thank you for supporting our small business.”

    2- Use stickers and labels

    This is a hard truth that many small, and startup businesses don’t have enough capital in hand to afford custom packaging with a unique brand identity logo ( although many leading firms of the packaging industry offer bulk wholesale rates), the closest substitute they can have is to use a printed sticker snippet as a brand identity figure like for small feminine accessories. You can choose a floral or a soft pattern with a colorful background or, you can print your store or website name upon the card and attach it to the plain cardboard box ( your packaging box). Kudos! you have a self-made branded packaging look.

    3- Spread the magic with Packaging fillers

    To impart a more premium and appealing look to your packaging, you can play magic inside the box too. Fill your packaging boxes with colorful, eye-popping filling material like shreds, confetti, colorful parchment papers, packaging peanuts, etc.

    4- Stamped Canvas Bags

    Canvas bags are a really creative and innovative option for packaging because usually,  cardboard or polythene bags are used by home businesses or startups. You can either use a drawstring canvas bag and stamp it with your store’s identity logo, pattern, or a business compliment. Your customer would also appreciate the fact that he can reuse the bag.

    5- Use paper stamps or computerized labels

    Stamps are just like graffiti or stickers and they represent the taste or theme of your brand visually. You could either use a colored ink stamp or, you could use a computerized stamp. The latter is greatly helpful when you also give delivery services and have to print the name and postal address on the enveloped packaging box. Better purchase white matte stickers, trim them into an even shape and print them with shipping details. This really makes a difference and imparts a professional look to your business.

    6- Go green Packaging

    As “go-green”, and “reduce your carbon footprint” like slogans are in vogue, you can use them as a branding tool _ by adopting environment-friendly practices and letting people know it. The basic thing you can do is to abandon plastic packaging at first. You can also substitute plastic packaging tape with an eco-friendly one like water-activated tape. This is really a good step towards the safety of the planet. Once your business elevates itself a bit in profits, you can search for a professional Custom Eco-friendly Box Packaging.

    7- Fun Add-ons

    This trick is especially helpful and adds great tactile appeal to your brand packaging if you are selling craft items, accessories, food treats, and art stuff. You can add funky, cartoon ribbons, cartoon stickers, image creatives, funky taglines, confetti, etc. Teenage consumers don’t think deeply about the product or its quality, they normally buy the stuff which allures their sight. As a good business strategist, you can harness this tactic for the best of your interest.

    8- Extra protective packaging

    This is a really simple to-do but doesn’t underestimate its potential to impress the customers. To build up your credibility as a trustworthy seller, you should show up your customer care and this simple trick is the manifestation of this behavior. You should wrap the inner content of your box with thin strips of tissue paper. This could add on a shielding effect for the shipping process.

    9- Make your packaging seasonal

    If seasons can go round and round, why can’t your packaging? It’s a really dynamic and innovative trick to change the theme of your packaging with respect to seasons, and if you are an all-year-round seller. For instance, in summers you could use illustrations like lemonade glass with a straw, sunglasses, full-bright sun, bright color background, etc. For winter packaging, you can alternatively use illustrations like snowflakes, Christmas trees, etc.

    10- Mailer Boxes for Stationery

    This step is great in case you own a stationery or paper business. Showing art on these already artful, paper products can create a good impression of your artistic side on customers. Mailer boxes corroborate the association with something like “work documentation”, and art can create a pleasing effect.

    11- Fun ideas for Jewellery items

    Now the trick I am going to mention is the one that really intrigues me whenever I visit a jewelry store_ the cardboard which is holding the jewelry item (especially, earrings) has unique and stylish feminine portraits which are wearing those items. In the case of a bracelet or rings, a beautiful and nail-painted hand is wearing them. So fun and creative.

    12- Matching labeling tags with the Product Design

    Another unique packaging idea is to match your product’s design and theme ( like if you are selling t-shirts and clothing items), with that of the labeling tags. For instance, matching the color of the base and the same logo or print, with your tag uttering its traditional sentences like, “Thank you for supporting my small business”.

    13- Double-sided printed card inserts inside the Packaging

    You can either make handwritten postcards, or can use either laser printed or inkjet printed ones that perform double duty _ with a thank you message on one side and with care instructions, coupons, special offers, or any promotional message on the other one. If you don’t feel like making them because now your business gets a considerable amount of orders_ go for custom printed ones and order them in wholesale bulk.

    14- Twine and Botanicals

    Nothing looks more decent, vintage, and simple yet elegant than a brown kraft paper enclosing your product and embellished with a twine rope with a piece of botanical like dried flowers, dried leaves. You can also choose fake botanicals or anything like counterfeit peacock feathers.

    15- Vintage belly bands

    Scraps of vintage book paper can be recycled to create belly bands for encircling your packaged product (mostly but not limited to books) and you can add either handwritten product details on those bands and use them as a label or can add brand logo stickers on them. Packaging can also be made up of recycled kraft paper. You do your business a favor as well as to your environment.

    16- Offer personalized message options along with gift products

    If your business deals in any sort of gift product, you could go one step further and offer more convenience to your customers. All you have to do is to attach a blank card on your product’s outer packaging, which the customer can type with his personalized, affectionate, and warm messages. People will definitely appreciate you giving them a chance to fully express their feelings to their loved ones and you are giving them a reason to remember you.

    17- Wrap your product with a beautiful fabric

    To instantly add a sense of beauty, glamor, and vibrance to your packaging, follow a simple to-do_ use custom fabric for packaging of your product instead of kraft paper, cardboard, or any other conventional material. The fabric should be colorful with vivid printing, or white background with small and exquisite printing. Product differentiation is appreciated everywhere and by everyone!

    18-  You can offer a small informative booklet or instruction manual

    It shows that you have a good grip over the niche you have chosen products relevant to. Moreover, it hooks up the interest of your consumer. Depending upon the type of product you are selling, you can offer a free small care instruction manual, tips, and tricks for carrying and maintenance of product, a small promotional pamphlet, or a small ultimate guide booklet like, how to dye your hair or, an ultimate guide for bright neon nails design, etc. Everyone likes small things which come in packages or which they can get free of cost.

    19- Go creative with splashes and splatters!

    Everyone likes the idea of creating custom packaging but depending upon whether you are an infant business startup, crawling one, or a bit stable walking one_ the degree of customization freedom you have differs. No matter how low you are on your budgets, art exists in everything! Just take color paints and stroke and splatter it over the kraft paper!

    20- Pocket holding slot

    If you have good paper folding skills, this is the time for you to use your skills! Mold your paper wrapping at the front to make it a triangular pocket. You can insert your thank you card or business card in this pocket. Or, a postcard which says:” Come again”.

    Contact Silver Edge for Unique & Eye-Catching Packaging Ideas for Your Business

    Creative Packaging Ideas can instantly and cost-effectively furnish your business with a brand look. However, these eye-popping custom packaging delights may or may not be affordable to be arranged by everyone in bulk and that’s where your own artistic potential comes into play. Product differentiation can be created in any way _ you only need to know what is a trend in the market and follow it but in a different way. Those innovative packaging ideas explored above can be really beneficial for your own small business while staying light on your pocket.

    Silver Edge Packaging specializes in custom packaging and provides wholesale boxes for all businesses and industries. No matter what your product offering is and what the industry is, we can provide you with custom boxes wholesale tailored to your specific packaging needs. We have an endless variety of customizable boxes you can choose for your business and boost it up. Our boxes are eco-friendly, attractive, and have quality printing to grab the attention of customers. So, don’t miss the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Buy our custom boxes in bulk at affordable prices! Come up with your packaging needs, and let us fulfill them with perfection! 

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