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Eco Friendly Custom Boxes
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    Taking care of the environment goes beyond preserving our planet for future generations. Even if you are only interested in profit, follow eco-trends. In the twenty-first century, many people strive to lead sustainable lives.

    Show that you care about the environment in order to gain customer confidence and improve your brand reputation. Simultaneously, the use of Eco Friendly Custom Boxes play the same decisive role in maintaining the environment.

    Environmental Criteria for Eco Friendly Kraft Boxes

    A complete transition to sustainable packaging will stop the accumulation of garbage on the planet. Eco-friendly packaging does not become trash. It is recyclable or degrades quickly in nature. The most environmentally friendly boxes are those made from recycled products for example, corrugated board and paper.

    Why are compostable boxes the best buying choice?

    Eco-packaging should not harm the environment. It is recommended to use renewable resources for production. If hazardous substances are released into the atmosphere during production, the concentration should not exceed the maximum permissible standards.

    What are the main applications of eco-friendly boxes?

    Almost every packaging solution has an environmentally friendly alternative. Eco-packaging can be used for storage, transportation, delivery of goods. In terms of strength and other properties, it is not inferior to non-degradable analogs.


    Used Eco Friendly Custom Boxes are disposed of by composting and biodegradation. It does not harm the people who come into contact with it and the environment. Traditional types of plastics take 100 to 1000 years to decompose. Biodegradable containers can disintegrate into components in 2-3 months.

    What is eco-friendly renewable packaging material?

    This is a container made from renewable resources. For example, paper and cardboard are made from wood. For the packaging to be environmentally friendly, you need to control the tree felling regime. Instead of deforested forests, new ones need to be planted in order to maintain the ecology of the planet. Renewable packaging is recyclable.

    Material properties may change after processing. For example, new writing paper makes food wrapping paper. The greater the possible number of processing cycles, the higher the level of environmental friendliness of the material.

    Are custom cardboard boxes durable?

    Once in the natural environment, biodegradable packaging disintegrates in a few months. During the decay, no harmful substances are released into the atmosphere, and the soil is not polluted. Paper is biodegradable. Similar properties can be imparted to plastic by changing the composition of raw materials and production technology.

    Well, in the event that you still decide to get rid of cardboard, then this is extremely simple. Everyone who cares about the environment knows that this packaging material is the safest to recycle.

    What benefits sustainable paper boxing bring?

    Eco Friendly Custom packaging Boxes is as strong as non-degradable packaging. Switching to environmentally friendly packaging will not lead to increased losses. The belief that biodegradable materials are fragile is a myth. It takes time for the material to decompose with microorganisms. The packed goods will not be damaged during storage or transportation.

    Cardboard boxes meet all the environmental requirements for safe packaging. That’s why boxes are green packaging:

    Complete Decomposition in the Soil

    Unlike plastic, cardboard rots very quickly in the soil, without harming the earth, groundwater and plants. At the same time, plastic packaging can stay in soil and water for 200 years, slowly disintegrating into micro particles, which subsequently fall on our table.

    Safe Incineration for Eco recycle Box

    Cardboard can be safely burned – it does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and does not pollute the air. The smoke emitted during combustion is not hazardous to human health.

    Why are plastic boxes the most dangerous for the environment?

    Not all types of plastics are recyclable – unfortunately, almost half of the packaging goes straight to the trash can and is subsequently incinerated. Unlike plastic, cardboard is accepted at all collection points. All kinds of packaging materials, book bindings, egg packaging, craft bags, personal care products and much more are made from old cardboard.

    Paperboard Boxes are Harmless to Food

    As you know, plastic, when heated or used for a long time, can emit harmful substances that poison packaged food. In this sense, Eco Friendly Custom Boxes are absolutely harmless to food products, and therefore to human health.

    For how much time you can use food custom boxes?

    Disposable can never be green. Plastic packaging is already banned in many countries around the world. We, in turn, can still try to use the expended resources as long as possible. Cardboard boxes will last for many years if used correctly: they are versatile and can be used even after completing their immediate task

    Why are cardboard custom boxes called green?

    Recently, people have begun to pay more and more attention to the environmental friendliness of products.

    If there is a mark “eco”, then this is a kind of quality mark for the consumer 🙂

    Our Eco Friendly Custom Boxes, filler and paper backing are just environmentally friendly.

    Let’s figure out what this means.

    1) Cardboard boxes and paper can be used with food

     They are completely safe and will not cause any harm to food. Also, they can pack any   products of cosmetic or pharmaceutical groups.

    2) Cardboard “breathes”

    It means that all products that are placed in it are not deprived of natural air exchange,     not grow moldy and do not “dry out”.

    3) Cardboard is made from natural materials.

    Basically, natural wood is used as raw material, which is cooked in special containers. However, it is also possible to use waste paper selected according to special criteria as a source material. In fact, after cooking, a high-quality material is obtained, based on long-fiber sulphate cellulose. It is already used to produce packaging products.

    4) Environment friendly disposal

    Cardboard, falling into the ground with the usual method of disposal, decomposes into     decomposition products, without poisoning the soil with any harmful substances. When cardboard is burned, no combustion products hazardous to nature are released into the atmosphere.

    A cardboard box is a well-known concept that we encounter every day at work, at home, in shops, on the street. And despite its routine, humanity has not yet come up with a better solution for packaging and storing goods, which would include all the advantages of cardboard.

    Why is it important to use Eco Friendly Custom Boxes?

    It’s no secret that environmental friendliness is in vogue now. Thousands of companies around the world are spending billions in order to modernize their facilities and minimize the damage to our planet.

     And it is cardboard like no other type of packaging that helps in protecting the environment. After all, it is completely environmentally friendly and safe.

    How do manufacturers make environment friendly boxes?

    The production of cardboard is based on the use of only renewable natural resources. In the manufacture of boxes, cellulose, waste paper, and rags are used. In contrast to the material used and the degree of its purification, the quality of the finished product differs – coarser products are obtained from recyclable materials, and cardboard boxes of the highest quality are made from fresh wood.

    After the Eco Friendly Custom Boxes has fulfilled its main function and brought the products contained in it to the end consumer, the life of this package does not end. It is the possibility of reuse that allows you to reduce the amount of discarded waste, which means even more to protect the environment.

    How to use custom boxes for longer life?

    Often, boxes are used over and over again – for storing all sorts of small things, for moving, for packing food and household items, etc. The advantage of this material is its durability. If you handle the box with care, then it will serve you faithfully for a long time and will protect your things from dirt and dust, from mechanical damage, from falls from a small height.

    And if you don’t need the box at the moment, just keep it disassembled. Thanks to the simple and intuitive design, cartons can be folded easily and take up a minimum of space.

    How much time does paper box decomposition take?

    Since the cardboard is completely composed of biodegradable elements, even being simply thrown into the trash, it will safely rot in a few weeks, not only without disturbing the ecological balance, but also enriching the soil with humus.  Unlike plastic or film packaging, cardboard does not emit any harmful substances during combustion.

    As you can see, cardboard boxes are the most sustainable packaging used by manufacturers who keep up with the times.

    How to Dispose of Used Cardboard Boxes?

    Lessons for beginners

    If you are not familiar with the material from which we produce cardboard packaging , then we will provide you with basic information on this matter.

    First, what is a corrugated board? This is a kind of combination of liner and fluting layers, which has increased rigidity and enhanced strength characteristics. All boxes that we sell at Silver Edge Packaging are made of this material.

    The outer layers of corrugated board are called liner. They are made from high and medium grade cellulose or chipboard. These layers provide support for the fluting that runs between them. They resist moisture and other harmful factors. The smooth surface of the liner is well suited for flexographic printing.

    What is the point of combining wavy and flat layers?

    Fluting is the term for corrugated cardboard that is sandwiched between two layers of the liner. This wavy interlayer significantly adds strength to the adjacent layers of flat board. The direction of the grooves and the distance between them can vary depending on the profile of the corrugated board.

     For the production of corrugated Eco Friendly Custom Boxes packaging, three-layer cardboard with profiles C and B is most often used. In cases where increased strength requirements are imposed on the boxes, use a five-layer cardboard with a BC profile.

    Can corrugated boards be recycled?

    Corrugated cardboard can be called one of the most popular types of cardboard. It is used for the manufacture of various types of packaging, where it demonstrates high strength, impact resistance and wears resistance. An inner corrugated layer sandwiched between two sheets of plain cardboard makes the material resilient, strong and durable.

    The main question we are asked is: “Can you recycle corrugated boards?” Of course.

     The most valuable and interesting thing about corrugated board is that it can be completely recyclable. Once recycled, it can be used to make new cardboard items. Recycling corrugated board allows you to save trees, wood and other materials used in the manufacture of new containers.

    Is paperboard biodegradable?

    If the material is biodegradable, its destruction occurs naturally. In this case, it decomposes in the environment without harming it. An example is highly degradable food waste. They break down naturally in a short period of time.

    Cardboard is also biodegradable. It is capable of decomposition naturally. But this process can take a long time. Its speed depends entirely on the properties of the environment in which the material is placed.

    How does the decomposition process take place in Eco Friendly Custom Boxes?

    The decomposition process will take place much faster if the corrugated board is cut into small pieces and wetted. This method is great for home composting. To do this, you need to get a compost container.

     There is a lot of useful information on the internet about preparing Eco Friendly Custom Boxes with logo for composting. Their essence boils down to the fact that it should be well washed and cut into as small pieces as possible.

    How do I prepare a cardboard box for recycling?

    Once the cardboard box is no longer needed, you need to disassemble it for storage and preparation for disposal.

    The first thing to do is remove all of the tape from the cardboard surface. It usually comes off easily. Dispose of it together with regular waste. If your cartons have leftover paper tape, you don’t have to remove them. They are disposed of together with the cardboard. It follows from this that paper tape is more environmentally friendly than synthetic tape.

    After removing the tape, the box needs to be aligned. For this, 2 opposite corners are brought together and leveled. The resulting flat product is easier to store and transport. We recommend storing the cardboard in a dry place when preparing for disposal.

    If you need advice on purchasing packaging or choosing how to recycle it, please contact our team of experts.

    What are some major types of eco-friendly boxes?

    Boxes are categorized according to industry. Some of the most popular customized boxes are custom kraft boxes, pizza boxes, and custom bakery boxes


    Moving to Eco Friendly Custom Packaging Boxes will help keep the planet clean for future generations. While not every plastic now has an environmentally friendly counterpart, there are many recyclable raw materials available.

    Some types of plastic containers can be replaced with cardboard and paper products. Where this is not possible, use biodegradable plastic or recyclable material. You will take care of the environment, reduce packaging costs, and improve the company’s reputation.

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