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    Don’t tell me you don’t like pizza! Well,’ awesome people do. Those juicy, spicy, crispy, and simply fantastic pieces of triangle deserve to be cherished after all. Pizza is one of the most loved food items in the world and maybe the prime reason behind the fame of Italy.

    How Pizzas made their way from Italy to the United States

    Shortly after WWII, Europeans of all ethnicities flew to the most promising piece of land on this earth_ the land of the United States to live the ‘’ American Dream’’. As the Italian community was founded in American suburbs, the best way to make a living in a foreign land was to sell the best skill they knew, which was of course pizza making.

    Gradually, the art of pizza making evolved as it absorbed radical innovations, such as sausages, mushrooms, spicy peppers, etc, and enriched itself with flavors of different communities, and the creativity of different chefs all around the world.

    How Important is Custom Pizza Packaging?

    As a consumer in the fast-food industry, it is very easy to go to any local pizzeria near you and gobble this delicious food but, as a business entity you face a hard time_ there is so much competition within the pizza market. Principles of Business tell us that a product gets succeeded only and only if it is well marketed.

    The question now is, How to market your pizza product effectively? The answer lies in its custom packaging. As a member of the Pizza industry, you have to remember that it’s about how food tastes and how it looks. The Packaging of your food item creates its first impression and the first impression is always the last!

    Recognizing the fact, many pizza brands are focusing greatly on custom pizza box packaging. Let’s have a look at the following reasons why they are enormously great for your pizza business:

    Defining your brand

    You create a visual identity of your brand by putting all customized and calculated brand elements in one place like logo, color, design pattern, store details, etc. Your presentation of yourself defines who you are.

    Communicating with your customers

    By creating a customized and descriptive outer labeling, you tell customers how you are the one they are searching for. They are the mode of communication between you and your customers.

    Recyclable and Reusable

    Consumers are equally benefited because these boxes are recyclable and reusable. Moreover, due to their attractive design and packaging, they can be used for multi-purposes without littering your surroundings.

    Eco-friendly and Biodegradable

    Many skilled manufacturers of the custom packaging industry are creating Eco friendly and Biodegradable personalized pizza boxes of every sort. Recyclable and Biodegradable_ that’s what the environment needs from industrial products.

    In this blog, we will enumerate the top 20 pizza packaging custom boxes that stand out concerning their creativity, designing, trending style, and promotional campaign elements:

    1- Mouth Wide Open Pizza Box

    This Custom Pizza box packaging comes with a wide-open mouth inside and pizza content fits beautifully inside that mouthpiece. It looks like the mouth inside is devouring the pizza. This kind of pizza packaging was used to promote the new Colgate Max Night Variant. Local Pizzerias in India were supplied with pizza boxes branded with the Colgate trademark.

    The message reminded people to use Colgate max after eating this delicious pizza. This custom design is a perfect example of how important the packaging is for marketing and customer outreach.

    2- Caricatured Pizza Boxes

    This is a great Marketing strategy to hit young and vibrant teenage customers or you can say, cool urban hipsters. They easily catch the sight of young children due to having cartoon characters upon them just like breakfast cereals do.

    Some companies recognizing their strategic importance have hired cartoonists to sketch vivid, funky cartoon characters, sometimes in the form of image creatives having an interesting tagline. The most common manifestation on these custom boxes is a cartoon character with his ravening tongue leaping out of the mouth, with a scrumptious chunk of pizza.

    3- Airmail Pizza Box

    Some pizza brands have also deployed these pizza boxes which are a perfect imitation of airmail. This branding element is an aesthetic example of the designer’s imaginative sense and marvelous creativity.

    They beckon an astonishing sense of vintage box, and offer a very ample space for custom printing, designing patterns, labeling, personalized brand message (using the elements of copywriting), and are great for commercial consumers of the custom pizza box industry. These types of vintage creatives are mostly loved by senior citizens.

    4- Round Pizza Boxes

    There is a saying that pizza is a very untrustable thing in the world because it comes as a rectangle, displayed as a triangle, and in actuality, it is a circle. While all traditional pizza boxes come in a square or rectangular shape, this branding strategy harnesses a marketing tool called ” product differentiation”. This is the technique of standing out your product due to any of its unique qualities. This custom pizza box differentiates itself from the traditional rectangle box due to being a circle for a round pizza.

    5- Hell Pizza

    These custom printed pizza boxes display the picture of hellfire outside and trust me when you are already hungry like hell, they make you feel like just eating out on the table.

    It certainly vibes out a satanic feel! Some religious and solemnly grim customers might see it as an obnoxious piece of art and a wild pleasure-like thing, hence inappropriate_ Most hedonistic hippies and punks may love this bizarre design due to its hysterical and maverick packaging, as it is shaped like a coffin. Such an apotheosis of ghostly punk art.

    6- Domino’s Pizza Box

    Do you belong to that kind of folks who are attracted to simple and black things_ black jaguar, plain black shirts, black cars, black nail paint, and everything dark under the sun? Maybe you are a big fan of the Batman character or maybe a fan of Domino’s pizza!

    Domino’s is the giant of the pizza industry and that’s why they don’t need to spend their time and energy on choosing custom designs and patterns! They have a simple, yet elegant custom packaging box having an attire of black color. Simple and Classy!

    7- Russo’s Pizza Box

    This Exotic Pizza Box is a perfect piece of elegance and intricacy. Russo’s Pizza NY stormed the internet back in 2019 by launching UAE’s largest pizza in its UAE branch. People of mature age and classy, the refined taste may like it due to its subtle and refined color tones and its decent design ( unlike hell pizza custom box or caricatured custom box)

    8- Nightmare Pizza Box

    Some eccentric, funky, and idiosyncratic designers decided to translate their gothic wilderness on a custom packaging box and from there we had Nightmare Pizza. Just like those coffin-shaped hell pizza boxes, they are loved among the circles of funky, zany, and sharp-sensed young customers, who constitute a major chunk of the pizza fan club_ Young adolescents and teenagers.

    9- Pizza Shout

    A Custom packaging idea, inspired by vivid, funky street art, and used for packaging frozen pepperoni pizza. It has a unique shape of a water droplet or navigation symbol. It embodies a promotional message by Shout Out Pizzeria, which says: ” Shout it’s all about you”. Maybe they are trying to convince us that we should raid a pizzeria while we are hungry and shout at the hotel manager to serve us a pizza ASAP! Whatever, custom packaging is creative by the way.

    10- Mafia Style Pizza Box

    Are you an avid fan of the Sicilian crime mafia, The Godfather series, Scarface, and above all_ Al Pacino? Characters like Tony Montanna, Tony Soprano, and Michael Corleone send a chill to your bones? If yes, you are most likely to catch the bait offered to you by the designers of this custom pizza box packaging! Have you seen the Ad for Classic, Mafia Style Pizza by Mikey’s New York Pizza, which says: ” Classic, mafia-style pizza. one bite. One taste. You will be hooked.

    Tony Soprano! Pepperoni slices and meatballs combine to tickle your taste buds”. One of the most interesting features is its use of two animated characters with their prisoner number displayed beneath their angry faces.

    11- Papa Rons Pizza Box

    Papa Rons is a very well-known pizzeria in the United States with many delicious pizza flavors to offer. Their pizza packaging box is actual pizza inside-out! To avoid the aforementioned pun about pizza’s shape, this designer has thwarted the shape confusion by creating a triangular box that houses an elongated, triangular chunk of pizza. The goal of product differentiation has been achieved by creating a unique shape.

    12- Green Box Pizza Box

    I am pretty sure it happens in your house too_ pizza is served at the dinner table, everyone eats but the one who has ordered it, or the youngest grumpy child orders you not to eat the last piece standing because he plans to devour it while playing the video game late at night. But, the elder sibling can hardly resist his nature and does otherwise_ screams and tantrums everywhere… To tackle this situation Green box’s pizza packaging differentiates its custom packaging with a box that can easily be fragmented while cutting the pizza. This has made eating pizza a lot easier.

    13- Great Big Packaging

    This Custom Packaging box is very, very unique and one in a million. The packaging box is not as mighty as the title suggests but the idea is to divide a larger section into smaller ones. The box is a whole circle with a thin paper strip or chord in the middle. When you pull that strip, the box is divided into two halves_ Circle gets divided into two pies and the pizza pattern drawn outside gets split too.

    14- Roma Thin Crust Pizza

    This Custom pizza box packaging has a simple and round shape but it looks like a Vinyl Record Disc with the same rim and has a white outer edge. Writing fonts is also good. Another creative element is an Indian oil lamp inside the letter ” o” and the flame of the lamp indicating hot and spicy flavor.

    15- Greenwich Pizza Box

    This delicious pizza custom box says: ” discover”. It tempts you to discover its delight and enjoy it till your last buy till you understand it like a pro! The matte black surface of the box has a crimped surface just like a square piece of mosaic art. At the mouth of the packaging is mentioned the brand message: ” Reorder”. Its taste must have made you do so.

    Contact Silver Edge Packaging For Endless Pizza Packaging Ideas

    As a member of the food industry, you must know about the importance of good packaging besides taste. Pizza boxes wholesale are the mode of communication between you and your target customer and tell them you exactly have what they are searching for. These boxes should be eco-friendly, well-resistant, and should have creative designs and ideas as well.


    Silver Edge Packaging provides an endless variety of custom pizza boxes. If you run out of ideas, contact us for endless pizza packaging ideas. We have a team of packaging experts who know how to create unique pizza boxes to impress your customers. Also, our custom printed pizza boxes are attractive, eco-friendly, and ensure safe delivery of your pizza. Give us a call or email us for more pizza packaging ideas!

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