Best Way to Pack Books in a Box – An Ultimate Guide

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    So, are you planning to move to another place and are concerned about moving your valuable books? Definitely, if you are one of those who admire books, you know how much you want to take care of your collection. This means that moving might be a stressful task for you. Well, it doesn’t have to either! If you plan this properly, believe it, nothing bad will happen to your precious books. In fact, you can move your books safely and stereo-free. How? Let’s find out the best way to pack books in a box!

    How to Pack Books for Moving the Right Way?

    To make sure that your books remain safe and perfect when moving, you need to pack them the right way.

    Here are some steps you can take!

    Choose from Your Collection

    Like it or not, you will need to start sorting through your collection. Yes, unfortunately, you must leave those books you no longer need or want. But don’t worry, it will pay off. Not only does this make your packing and moving easier. More than that, it will be easier for you to save more space.

    After all, you can choose them by considering some essential points, like:

    • Remember if you have read the books you want to leave behind
    • Ask yourself if you want to read those books again
    • Don’t forget that you can always donate, recycle, or sell your unwanted books

    Get Moving Boxes for Books

    Now, it is time to start packing your books in the boxes. Don’t worry, this process will not be hard to do.

    Here’s what you should do!

    Get some tough and durable cardboard boxes. These boxes are already famous as the best way to pack books for moving. However, do note that you should check out if the boxes can hold the weight of your books as well.

    Another important reminder is to buy some sturdy packing tape. You will need it to seal all those boxes. Plus, get a marker to label your valuable books inside each box.

    Make Your Book Boxes for Moving Ready

    Now, for new packing boxes, of course, you will need to put them together first, right? During this process, you need to make sure you seal the bottom well.

    How to tape moving boxes?

    You can do it easily using a double layer of tape to cover all the seams. In addition, for sealing the center flap, you should continue the tape at least halfway up the sides of every box.

    How to Close a Box Without Tape?


    Oh no, did you forget to get some tape for your box? Worry not!

    Check out some techniques you can do below!

    Adhesive Strips Are Ideal

    Using adhesive strips is probably the most convenient way to close your box without tape neatly.

    What do you need to do here?

    • First, you should cut the long strips
    • Then, you should put them on the line on one side of the box
    • Next, fold the flaps over and press them strongly against the strips

    Remember that you will need to have enough adhesive strips to cover all the edges of the box.

    Interlocking Is an Effective Technique

    Yes, interlocking is another easy and effective way to choose here. And it is very easy! So, what you need to do here is simply fold the flaps inward. Then, you should overlap them to close the box. That simple!

    Get Strings

    Strings are a cheap way to close your box without tape. How to close the box with strings?

    • Simply tie a strong string around the corners of both the flaps from the inside one by one
    • Then, tie a knot while connecting the two strings
    • Finally, you should remember to tighten up them to reduce the risk of damage

    How About Hot Glue?

    We all know that hot glue is a very permanent tool to close a box. You can simply fill the exposed seams on all four sides of your open box with hot glue. Then, you should hold each flap tightly against its opposite and wait until the glue dries.

    Don’t forget to Pack Hardcover Books Carefully

    When packing your books for moving, you should place all your books flat or upright. However, it also depends on the type and shape of the books, actually.

    For instance, if you want to pack hardcover books, you should place them in a box standing upright. Plus, make sure the book spine is against the box’s side. The technique is similar as if you would place these books on a shelf. When you place hardcover books this way, they will fit snugly in the box. On the other hand, don’t make your books get so tight. If you do so, these valuable books might be damaged when you remove them from the box. Another trick is to wrap each book in packing paper before placing it in the box.

    Secure the Boxes

    You can consider using wadded-up paper to fill any remaining spaces before closing each box. By doing this, all your books will not shift easily and cause damage during the journey.

    Label Your Boxes

    Last but not least of the steps, you need to organize and label your boxes. Trust me, this will help you to sort through your belongings later on.

    So, what should you do here?

    • Gather your books by category and pack them in the same box
    • Label each box with the category of books you have decided

    Best Way to Ship Books in Bulk

    Now here comes the last step to protect your books when moving them. When it comes to packing your book shipping boxes, remember that you need to fill any empty space. How?

    Well, you can use some packing paper or crumpled newspaper. With these additional cushions, you can prevent your books from shifting. As a result, they will remain in good condition when you reach your destination.

    Or else, you can also do the tips below!

    • Consider storage containers

    If you have a huge book collection, storage containers will be your best bet. This sturdy box of books will keep your books safe. Plus, you can expect all your books to remain protected during the moving journey. Better yet, these containers will make it easier for you to get your books when you reach your new place.

    • Acid-free paper

    If you need to move your antique books, definitely, you need to be more careful when packing them. In this context, you should pack these antique books on acid-free paper. Also, you must fill the box with packing paper to be their cushions.

    In simple words, packing and moving your books can seem like a challenging and even daunting task to do, isn’t it? However, now you know that it does not have to be that difficult to do, right? In fact, if you do it the best way, it will be very easy to protect your books and unpack them later.

    What Is the Best Shipping and Bulk Packaging for Books?

    If you need to ship your books through shipping couriers, you should find the best shipping and bulk packaging for books.

    For this, you should consider important factors as well, such as:

    • The size of books you want to ship
    • The overall weight and quantity of your books
    • Your final destination and delivery time
    • The budget and your personal preferences

    To make it easier for you to choose, have a look below for some guidance in shipping your books!

    Go with Flat-Rate Shipping Boxes

    As you might have known, flat-rate shipping boxes are the most cost-effective way to ship your valuable books. Yes, you can easily ship any weight of books for a fixed price. This, of course, is as long as those books can fit inside the box. Where to get these boxes?

    You will easily get these flat-rate boxes from USPS, FedEx, and UPS. The best part is that you can choose from different sizes and shapes.

    Consider a Shipping Platform

    You should consider using a shipping platform as well. Trust me, this platform can help you save time and money when shipping your books. Of course, you should compare different shipping rates from different carriers. The best part? You will get a free pick-up service from your location! Hassle-free!

    Know Media Mail

    Have you ever heard about media mail service?

    Basically, media mail is a special service offered by USPS. So, with this service, you can ship books and other media items at a lower rate compared to the rate of regular mail. In other words, it will be ideal if you need to ship your books at a low cost. However, one thing to note is that this media mail has some restrictions and limitations.

    What are they?

    • The service allows only a maximum weight of 70 lbs per package
    • It offers a longer delivery time of 2 to 10 days
    • You should be prepared for possibilities like a higher risk of loss or damage

    Make Sure You Plan Ahead

    Definitely, planning ahead can help you save money and prevent you from headaches. Yes, by planning your move properly, you can avoid stress when shipping all your valuable books.

    So, what kind of plan should you make, actually?

    • Pack your books properly and neatly days before moving
    • Accurately measure and weigh your packages
    • Choose the most suitable shipping option according to your budget and needs
    • Be aware if you need to print your labels and customs forms
    • Make sure you schedule your pick-up or drop-off service properly

    In the end, by knowing the best shipping and bulk packaging for books, you can get peace of mind knowing that your books will be safe.

    Best Tips for Proper Book Storage and Long-Term Preservation


    In case you are moving to a new space with less room for all your books, well, you will need proper storage. Furthermore, by arranging proper storage, you can relax as all your books will stay in good condition.

    Well then, let’s find out how to store books long-term!

    Pay Attention to the Surrounding Environment

    When it comes to storing your books for the long term, you must consider the surrounding environment. What does it mean?

    This means that you should never think about storing your books in damp or humid areas. In fact, these areas can cause mold and mildew to form on the book’s pages. So, make sure you choose a dry, cool location for your precious books.

    A Book Storage Box Is the Way

    If you want to preserve your valuable books properly, a book storage box is the way to go. Not only that this box is ideal to keep them safe. More than that, you can also have some of these boxes for storing those books in your new home. Where to get these? Well, you can get them easily from professional suppliers like Silver Edge Packaging.

    Summing Up

    Indeed, packing and moving your books can be a very challenging task for everyone, isn’t it? However, if you plan this properly, believe it, nothing bad will happen to your precious books.. Well then, hopefully with the best way to pack books in a box, you can safely move all your valuable books to your new home.

    Happy shipping!

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