How to Get the Right Hang Tag? Everything You Need to Know

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    If you are running a clothing business, you surely have come across a hang tag. Well, this hang tag is like an essential decoration that makes your clothing products branded. In fact, if you get the right size and apply a creative design on them, hang tags can be your keys to grabbing more attention. So, how to get the right hang tag? Read everything you need to know about hang tags here!

    What Is a Hang Tag?

    In brief, a hang tag is a label attached to a product using a thread or tie. Moreover, a hang tag will usually provide information about the product. For example, you will find essential information, such as its material, proper care, or the name of the designer or brand. Typically, this hang tag is made of thicker materials, such as heavy paper stock or card. And that hole or holes you might see on them? Those are for hanging or threading.

    Another excellent thing about a hang tag is that you can use it for marketing purposes. Yes, you can design it and implement it in your marketing strategy.

    For example, a hang tag will be perfect for:

    • Creating a unique identity for your clothing brand in the market
    • Attracting maximum attention from your targeted customers
    • Helping you deliver a message or story about your product clothing

    Moreover, if you wish to get trendier, you can customize these hang tags in different styles, shapes, colors, and fonts. Better, yet, you can also add some special features like QR codes, holograms, or scratch-off stickers.

    What Is a Common Garment Hang Tag Size?


    Actually, there is no definitive answer to what sizes should clothes hang tags be. Why?

    Because each clothing brand might have different preferences and styles for its hang tags. However, if you are new to this, you can get some general guidelines below!

    For Custom Hang Tags

    Some hang tag dimensions come in standard sizes ranging from 1.375 x 2.75 inches to 5.125 x 10.25 inches. Overall, you can use these sizes as templates for designing your custom hang tags.

    Information and Design Elements

    In addition, your hang tag measurements should depend on the amount of information and design elements you want to include. For example, you can include all the information on hang tag sizes ranging from 2 x 3.5 inches, 2 x 4 inches, and 2 x 6 inches.

    Retailers Measurements

    In the context of retailers using measurements, you also need to know what are the dimensions for hang tags for clothing. So, here, your hang tag should be between 20mm to 70mm.

    Well then, as you can see, there is some variation if we are speaking about a common clothing hang tag size.

    Moreover, the size of the hang tag might depend on some factors as well, such as:

    • The type of your clothing
    • Your unique brand identity
    • The amount of content you want to provide on the hang tag

    What Is the Most Ideal Hang Tag Thickness?


    When it comes to speaking of the most ideal thickness for a hang tag, it can depend on some factors as well. However, some manufacturers might provide you with common hang tag thicknesses, such as 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, and 20pt. Well, again, you should choose the ideal thickness by considering some essential points.

    What are they?

    • The amount of information and design elements

    Make sure that the thickness of the hang tag is aligned with the amount of information and design elements you want to include. 

    • The quality and durability of the product

    Remember that the thickness of your hang tag should also reflect the quality and durability of your product.

    • Match the aesthetic and brand personality

    Yes, your hang tag should also match the aesthetic and personality of your brand. For example, you can use a thicker hang tag for a more luxurious and premium feel. On the other hand, you can go with a thinner hang tag for a more minimalist and eco-friendly look.

    Simply put, there is also no fixed answer regarding the thickness of a hang tag you should choose. However, by considering all the essential points above, you can create perfect hang tags to represent your clothing products proudly.

    How About the Size Hole Punch?


    Yes, we know that every hang tag comes with a hole punch, right?

    So, what size hole punch for hang tags?

    In general, the size of the hole punch for hang tags depends on the usage and style of your hang tags. Plus, it also depends on the tools you are using to make the hole as well.

    Here is some guidance for you!

    • A tagging gun

    The most popular hole size is 0.125 inches. This site is very suitable for clothing tags applied with a tagging gun.

    • String or ribbon

    If you want to use it with string or ribbon, then you should get common hole sizes around 0.1875 inch and 0.25 inch. Plus, you might also need larger custom hole sizes, such as 0.5 inches for special needs.

    • Hang Tag Punch

    You can find a tool called the 3 1 Hang Tag Punch to create hang tags with a width of 1.5 inches, 2 inches, or 2.5 inches. Even better, this tool also has a hole punch function that can make holes of 0.125 inch or 0.1875 inch in diameter.

    4 Stunning Ideas for Your Hang Tag Designs


    Here comes the most interesting part. In the clothing industry, you know that customers can easily get swayed and purchase products that are not on their list, right? Well, the main reason is because those products can grab their attention more than others.

    So, at this point, how should you design a hang tag that will influence your customer’s purchase decision?

    Check out 4 stunning ideas for your hang tag design below!

    1.  Reflect on Your Targeted Market

    Do you know that your clothing hang tag can enhance how your customer perceives your clothing product? Yes, it can!

    In this context, you should be aware of your key demographic. Then, you need to try to create your hang tag with your targeted market in mind. How to do this?

    If you are targeting active women, you should design your hang tags with elegant colors. On the other hand, if you want to sell clothing products for kids, then your hang tags should be lively and colorful.

    2.  Don’t Skip to Add Images to Your Tags

    By adding images to your hang tags, you can give your customers a good idea of what your product looks like when they wear it. Even better, you can also use images to illustrate other products you offer that a clothing item would look good with.

    Here is an example, if you are selling a blouse, you can also include an image of a woman wearing the blouse along with a pair of pants that complement the blouse. Yes, make sure to put this image attractively on your hang tag!

    3.  Highlight the Name of Your Clothing Line

    For sure, you want your customers to know who made the clothing product as soon as they look at the hang tag, right?

    However, if your brand name is hard to find, customers might even think your clothing is low quality. After all, we know that high-quality clothing often has a very prominent brand name on the hang tag.

    So, if your customers can easily see your clothing line name on the hang tag, they will easily remember it. Even better, they will surely purchase your clothing products again in the future.

    4.  Include Your Contact Information

    Including your contact information on the hang tag is very important. In fact, when you provide your website link or phone number, your customers will be able to find your products better. Far better, this type of information will also make your clothing brand look more professional. As a result, it will surely bring you additional business.

    For example, what if a customer sees your clothing product in a store but wants the product in a size that the store doesn’t have? Well, if you include your contact information, they can go to your website to purchase it. The best part is that while they are at your website, they might be interested in purchasing more products!

    Where to Get the Right Hang Tag for Your Clothing Products?

    So, are you getting excited to get the right hang tag for your clothing products? How about designing the hang tags with your creative ideas and brand concepts? Yes, you can do this by working with professional packaging designers, such as Silver Edge Packaging.

    Well then, let’s start designing your unique custom hang tags for clothing to represent your product exclusively!

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