What Is Kraft Paper? Sustainable Kraft Paper Packaging Solutions

What Is Kraft Paper Sustainable Kraft Paper Packaging Solutions
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    Kraft paper has brought a revolution in the packaging material because of its versatility and sustainability. This sturdy material has a rich history because it is a byproduct of the kraft pulping procedure to ensure efficient and eco-friendly packaging solutions for several businesses. It is also a fact that consumers always prefer to purchase products or services from businesses that use sustainable kraft wrapping paper.

    Kraft packing paper is a biodegradable and renewable packaging alternative to traditional packaging material. Sustainability ensures that every business will use packaging material in the future to attract and satisfy eco-conscious customers. When you are looking to improve the consumer’s experience with your business, it is important to use kraft paper wrapping material. 

    Why Is Kraft Paper So Popular In Packaging?

    Why Is Kraft Paper So Popular In Packaging

    Kraft paper in packaging has become the first choice because of its exceptional characteristics. You can use Kraft Packaging to fulfill the environmental and functional requirements. It is important for you to consider the following characteristics of this paper packaging material to help potential customers. 


    This remarkable strength has become the backbone of secure packaging for numerous businesses. The exceptional manufacturing process consists of curating kraft from wood pulp to ensure phenomenal tensile strength and tear resistance. It can easily protect the packaged products from heavy loads and rough conditions. 

    Kraft paper has become the ideal packaging material for different products, such as bulky goods and delicate gift items. Several businesses always consider kraft paper because of its durability, which ensures that products reach their destination safely.   


    This magnificent feature of kraft cardstock paper ensures phenomenal environmental conditions for the products. Your products will remain in their structural integrity even in different conditions, such as sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. This means you need to use kraft packaging material when you aim to store products for a longer time or ship them to a far destination.

    The durability of this phenomenal packaging material enhances the lifetime of products and builds consumers’ trust in your brand. You will get a lot of recurring business when ensuring the ultimate protection of products to build long-lasting relationships with the customers.


    When you are looking for a cost-effective packaging solution for your products, it is necessary to consider kraft packaging paper. This affordable packaging material helps you to manage your business operations easily without facing any financial challenges. You need to select this packaging material because of its cost-effectiveness and exceptional quality.

    It is created from a reasonable manufacturing process in the presence of lower production expenses. Kraft card stock has become one of the economical choices for different brands, which consider affordability. It is important to note that kraft paper manufacturers ensure the excellent performance of packaging for products and the highest profitability.


    When you always take environmental responsibility, this packaging solution must be your first choice because of its exceptional sustainability. It is true that environmental concerns are rising with the passage of time, which urges every kraft paper company to ensure magnificent sustainability. Moreover, every business needs to use this packaging for products to satisfy potential customers.

    It is an eco-friendly material that can easily conserve resources to ensure a sustainable environment. The recyclability of the resources allows businesses to transform used paper packaging into new packaging materials. Therefore, recycled kraft paper eliminates the need for new materials and natural resources. This biodegradable kraft paper also minimizes the environmental effects.

    What Is The Difference Between Kraft Paper And Normal Paper?

    Kraft paper and normal paper seem similar, but they have distinctive properties that differentiate them easily.


    • Kraft paper is manufactured from the wood pulp through the kraft process. It involves adding different chemicals, such as sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide, into the wood pulp. It will result in durable and stronger brown packaging paper with magnificent properties. This paper includes uniform and longer fibers than normal paper to ensure exceptional tear-resistance and strength.
    • Normal paper is created from different sources, such as recycled paper, wood pulp, or even a combination of them. The manufacturers use chemical or mechanical processes to create a uniform and smooth surface. This paper is available in different thicknesses and colors depending on the purpose of use.

    Manufacturing Process

    • A kraft process involves pulping and cooking wood chips under pressure to create the kraft paper. After that, you need to wash and bleach the available pulp to remove lignin and impurities. Therefore, it will result in top-notch and eco paper products with excellent durability to package the different products easily.
    • There are different processes for manufacturing a normal paper depending on the necessary properties and production process. This manufacturing process usually involves recycled paper fibers or pulping wood. You need to follow this process with refining, screening, and drying the mixture for the final paper packaging for brands.

    Characteristics and Usage

    • Kraft paper is famous for its versatility, durability, and strength. It is used as a corrugated cardboard box, paper bag, or wrapping paper to ensure the integrity and original form of products. 
    • Normal paper is available in different grades and types for different purposes. It is used for drawing, copying, printing, and writing because of its smooth surface. You can use normal paper for packaging even if it is not strong and durable like kraft paper.

    Why Is Kraft Paper Better Than Regular Paper?

    Kraft paper packaging is better than regular paper packaging because of its durability and strength in protecting precious products. It also ensures exceptional versatility and environmental friendliness to become the first choice for several brands. Moreover, kraft paper has a brilliant appearance with customization options.

    How Is Kraft Paper Made?

    Brown wrapping paper with designs is created from a smooth kraft process. It is important to explore the process when you are creating sustainable packaging from the kraft paper You need to follow this step-by-step guide to manufacture this paper.

    1. Wood Preparation
    2. Pulping
    3. Kraft Process
    4. Cooking
    5. Washing
    6. Bleaching
    7. Forming and Drying
    8. Finishing

    Types of Kraft Paper

    You can use Kraft boxes in business growth because they are available in different types. 

    1. Brown Kraft Paper: It is unbleached paper with a natural brown color and a magnificent appearance. This natural Kraft paper is best for wrapping and packaging products due to its durability and strength.
    2. White Kraft Paper: It is a bleached paper that ensures a bright appearance. White paper vs brown paper is brighter and has exceptional strength and durability. A white kraft paper roll is used for printing, retail bags, and premium packaging.
    3. Recycled Kraft Paper: It is an eco-friendly packaging option to ensure sustainability for the environment. 
    4. Waxed Kraft Paper: It is coated with a thin wax layer to ensure resistance against grease and moisture. 
    5. Poly Coated Kraft Paper: It includes a polypropylene or polyethylene layer with magnificent resistance characteristics against oil, grease, and moisture. 

    What Is Kraft Paper Used For?

    It is used for the following applications:

    1. Packaging
    2. Crafting
    3. Art and Design
    4. Wrapping 
    5. Labeling
    6. Printing
    7. Protection

    Customization Options For Kraft Paper

    There are different customization options available in the presence of printed custom kraft boxes technology

    • Printing: It allows you to add images, text, logos, and designs to paper. There are different printing options, such as offset, screen, flexographic, and digital printing for kraft packaging.
    • Coloring: There are dye additives and bleaching options with a surface coating to get packaging in the ideal color for your brand.
    • Debossing and Embossing: You can create recessed or raised textures and patterns on the surface of kraft packaging.
    • Foil Stamping: It allows you to add a colored or metallic foil to packaging in the presence of pressure and heat.
    • Die-cutting: You can add the exact cutting of kraft paper into different patterns, sizes, and shapes.
    • Custom Packaging: You can personalize kraft paper when you need bespoke packaging solutions. You can get packaging in different shapes and sizes with branding elements.

    The Environmental Impact Of Kraft Paper

    Kraft paper boxes are sustainable, and recyclable packaging boxes become a biodegradable option. It is an eco-friendly packaging material with minimal impact on the environment, even contributing to a sustainable environment. Therefore, the disadvantages of kraft paper are very minimal in today’s world.

    What Is Kraft Paper Used For In Packaging?

    Kraft paper is the best packaging solution in different industries because of its eco-friendliness, durability, and strength. 

    • Retail Bags: Best solutions for grocery stores, boutique shops, and retail stores.
    • Food Packaging: You can use it to package different food products such as pastries, burgers, and sandwiches. 
    • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes: These are the best boxes for different products, such as household items, apparel, and electronics.
    • Mailing Envelopes: You can use mailers to ship various products, such as catalogs, letters, electronics, and jewelry.
    • Wrapping Papers: It is a kraft Christmas gift wrap that can be used to package merchandise, flowers, and different gifts.
    • Packaging Fillers: It is the best filler for subscription boxes, shipping containers, and gift boxes.

    Market Value Of Kraft Paper Boxes

    The market value of these boxes is more than USD 40 billion, depending on the following factors:

    1. Market demand
    2. Customer preference
    3. Customization
    4. Technological advancement
    5. Regulatory environment

    Create a Natural and Unique Look With Kraft Boxes

    There are different design options for Kraft boxes, including the custom Kraft soap boxes. You need to choose minimalist and natural elements for the magnificent customization of these boxes. Minimalist and window cutouts are the best options in the presence of foil stamping, embossing, and debossing.


    Is Kraft Paper Eco-Friendly?

    Answer: Yes, it is eco-friendly paper.

    Where Can I Buy Kraft Paper?

    Answer: You can buy it from Silver Edge Packaging.

    What Is Kraft Color?

    Answer: The original color is brown; it can be transformed to white easily.

    Is Kraft Paper Like Cardboard?

    Answer: Kraft paper is more flexible and thinner than cardboard.

    How Do You Identify Kraft Paper?

    Answer: It can be identified by coarse texture and brown color properties.

    Can You Print On Kraft Paper?

    Answer: Yes, you can print on it.

    What Is The Difference Between Kraft And Recycled Paper Rolls?

    Answer: The main difference is the composition of both paper rolls.

    Is Butcher’s Paper The Same As Kraft Paper?

    Answer: No, butcher paper is not the same as kraft paper.

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