5 Golden Rules for Unique Product Packaging Design

5 Golden Rules for Unique Product Packaging Design
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    Unique product packaging is as much important as the product. Therefore, it is a wise step to go behind understanding what actually makes unique packaging. Contrary to the theoretical noise, we will just share which golden rules have helped us ship unique packaging to our customers. Therefore, we will discuss the top of the five rules that help us assemble unique custom packaging.

    But, before we dive into the details of these five golden rules, it is imperative to perceive what actually it means by the golden rule for unique product packaging design!

    Golden Rule for Unique Product Packaging Design

    Unique packaging is the one that makes a product unique. That being said, a unique product is one that a company wants to make and the customer wants to purchase. Therefore, packaging has a direct connection with a product and equally decides the fate of a brand. Keeping that context in mind, there is a dire need for almost all brands to understand, plan and design unique product packaging.

    The custom product packaging should allow for the easy introduction of new product line references. This will affect your brand awareness and how customers will see you. Unique boxes are always efficient, customer friendly, and have the ability to read your product composition and expiration date.

    1.   Your Packaging Design Should be Operative

    Being operative of any packaging is the ultimate need for a product. Because without performing the required functions, all other efforts don’t bring any useful results. Being functional means, it must fulfill all the required objectives of packaging.

    The main objectives of any packaging include perfect placement or containment of a product and its safety. High-quality packaging always keeps a product well placed within a box and protects it from getting destroyed. For proper placement and protection, all you need to do is to select the accurate design and choose the best material for your custom boxes.

    Yes, it is the custom packaging boxes that make a box more effectively functional than relying on regular boxes. Contrary to regular boxes, custom packaging allows you to choose the design and material to your own preferences.

    Coming to the point, when you choose a design, make sure to measure the accurate dimensions of your product. For, accurate dimensions of a custom box can ensure the perfect placement of your products. Similarly, choosing the best material according to the nature of the product will help you get sturdy packaging that ensures good protection for products.

    So, if you want to design unique packaging for your brand, keep that rule as a guiding line. However, safety and proper containment are not the end line; you will also love to grow your brand or sales!

    2.   Your Packaging Design Should be Promotional

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    If your product needs to stand out from ten other similar products on supermarket shelves, an attractive package design is your only salvation. Avoid traditional colors already used by other brands and stick to a unique design scheme – colors, patterns, fonts, and logos.

    Appealing design is one that captivates the attention of someone who you want to target. Being appealing is beneficial not only for your product but also for the brand. However, it depends on your expertise in designing your packaging to serve that purpose.

    Once a customer walks up to your product and gets their hands on it, you’ll take a step forward to make a lasting impression. Use your packaging as advertising. You can communicate a lot of your volume if you use smart packaging. Similarly, include reasons to believe in your brand.

    In addition, packaging design is an important means of advertising your brand and offering it to potential customers. The packaging should communicate your brand and make the buyer immediately connect the product and the company through the design.

    3.   Your Packaging Design Should be Affordable

    Planning a packaging design that affects the overall budget needs attention. Yes, we are talking about the brands and packaging is a lifetime companion of their products. So, wise packaging planning is essential to create affordable custom packaging.

    Creating premium packaging can be efficient and affordable for any business that wants to reduce production costs when ordering small quantities. This process is best done by working with a graphic designer who can help you understand your brand’s vision and purpose and translate it into packaging, products, language, and creation.

    Furthermore, Custom packaging can play an important role in competition with big businesses and brands. These boxes can be customized according to the design of the company and its products.

    The good news is that Silver Edge packaging has solved this issue for all businesses and brands. We provide free design support with a custom packaging offer where you can design high-quality packaging at a minimum price. Even more, we also provide you extensive discounts to our beloved clients when they order custom boxes in bulk.

    4.   Your Packaging Design Should be User-friendly

    User-friendly packaging always speaks for its success itself because people love to buy those products which are in user-friendly packaging. You can communicate a lot of your value to your customers if you use smart custom boxes. Smart and user-friendly boxes also reduce costs and expenditures due to simplicity and easiness.

    For all designs, you should use KISS (Keep it Short Simple) as a base. We have told you how time-constrained today’s customers are. Anything that requires them to spend one more minute on the ball will lose their attention. Lastly, use clear fonts, designs, and text to clearly differentiate your products.

    Too much noise on the packaging can confuse your customers. Such an excess of color may indicate the cheapness of your product or its low quality.

    Instead of using images, bright colors, and bold fonts, it is recommended to adopt a simple display of your boxes. After all, a good product doesn’t have to scream loudly about itself. This is how your customers can think and choose your company’s products.

    Careful packaging will not only save you money on materials, but it will also help the environment. Consumers often value brands that are socially responsible, so it’s worth thinking about ethics and how they might apply to your brand.

    If you’re not an internet company or selling a service, the fraction of second customers spend looking at your packaging could be your first and last chance to convince them to leave, so follow these simple tips and make them count!

    5.   Packaging Design Should be Constant & Consistent

    Your products may come in different types and packaging styles or may be sold in different sizes. Be creative visually and verbally and know that your customers will recognize you from them because relationships are always built on trust.

    If you represent a company that offers several products, your packaging design should speak the same language in terms of design and content. If you have different product lines, make sure that the design of the packaging follows a consistent theme while preserving the unique design language of the given product.

    Thus, this helps to associate the product with the brand and gives it a unique look so customers can differentiate between different offers.

    Significance of Unique Packaging Design

    Package design is a process that allows your package to accomplish many tasks. It should work, handle your stuff, and let it transport and store. It should stand out in some way from the packaging of your competitors, as well as appeal to customers in the store and online.

    These are not words, but the conversion rates can truly explain the significance of unique packaging design. Imagine and perceive any high-quality product, and you will see unique packaging of it. On the other hand, no product or brand can sustain itself for the long term if it lacks high-quality packaging.

    Different and popular designs are available here. Soft ketchup bottles, easy-to-use containers, and food containers that use plastic containers have become popular in the past few years. For example, another crowd favorite is a bag of chips that can be pulled open with one hand for easy access.

    The reason for the connection between unique packaging design and the success of a product is simple – no one wants to have and carry a product in a low-quality box. Everyone wants to see his product in premier custom boxes for easiness. As mentioned above, these five packaging rules can also help you design unique packaging for your brand.


    Since product packaging boxes has a direct relation with a product; therefore, it is equally important for the success of a brand. Keeping that golden rule in mind, there is a dire need for almost all brands to understand, plan and design unique product packaging. We have discussed five golden rules that can help you design your unique custom packaging.

    We strictly follow these five golden rules of unique packaging that ensure the success of our clients and customers. In addition, Silver Edge Packaging provides your ultimate point to order these unique custom boxes at highly low rates. Just give it a try and you will always appreciate our innovative packaging.


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