Why to Choose Kraft Soap Packaging for Homemade Soap!

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    Packaging is crucial for all cosmetic products, including soaps, so you may need to pick the best packaging for your soaps! Obviously, if you want to add charm to your soaps or even want to avoid any quality spoilage of your soaps, then high quality soap boxes are imperative.

    Kraft soap packaging for homemade soap is one of the most viable and useful options if you need proper protection of soap. Kraft paper is sturdy and ensures a higher safety level as compared to plastic or any other kind of material.

    In this article, we will discuss different types of homemade soap boxes and we will also help you choose the best possible packaging for your soaps.

    Kraft soap boxes packaging for handmade soap

    You can choose any design and shape of your soap boxes at cheap rates without compromising the quality of soaps. Handmade soap requires user-friendly and eco-friendly packaging like other homemade products. Similarly, homemade soaps also require high quality but affordable boxes to pack these soaps. Therefore, Kraft appears as one of the best packaging options for homemade soaps.

    Soap is quite a different cosmetic product as compared to other products. Therefore, you can’t rely on low quality or inefficient packaging for these products. After all, soaps are a source of cleaning dirt and healing the skin. So, how can someone neglect the protection level of these homemade soaps?

    We have made available multiple ranges of designs for you to just choose and redesign according to your demands and needs. Keeping that fact in mind, we recommend you pick premier quality boxes for your soaps. In addition, you can also make these boxes more eye friendly by adding charming colors and designs over them.

    Kraft is actually a process of manufacturing paper material chemically, so it helps us produce the highest quality Kraft paper stock. These Kraft papers are the founding pillar of Kraft soap boxes packaging for handmade soap. Even more, you can also decrease the rates of these boxes by having orders soap boxes in bulk. We always support our customers to get these boxes at cheaper rates with this approach.

    Different Types of Custom Soap Boxes


    Various types of custom soap boxes are available in the market, but you need to pick the one that suits your soap. There is no limit on the type or kind of box you choose for your soaps under the umbrella of customization. Yes, you can choose any material, design and shape that you think is useful for you, your product and your customers. Here, we have listed a few prominent types of soap boxes you can choose and use for your homemade soap packaging.

    1.     Homemade Soap Boxes

    soap boxes are the perfect packaging option for homemade soaps. Homemade soaps are created at home which are used for homes or can also be used for sales in the market. Therefore, these kinds of soaps also require special kinds of homemade soap boxes for better packaging. These boxes ensure good safety and they are also affordable packaging options.

    You can get these boxes from us at highly affordable rates with a free shipping offer too. There are numerous designs available for homemade soap boxes that you can choose and order from Silver Edge Packaging.

    2.     Custom Soap Boxes with Window

    Windows on the boxes is a technique to attract visitors’ attention toward a product. And, this technique works a lot for sales and conversions because people always consider such kinds of products luxurious and trustworthy. Therefore, windows are added on the side or front side of the custom boxes to let people see a product without any inconvenience of opening.

    Keeping this high-end need ahead, we have decided not to charge for die cuts or window designs you choose for your packaging. You can order any kind of design for your soap boxes anytime. All you have to do is check the available template designs and then ask us to customize them as per your demand.

    3.     Custom Printed Soap Boxes

    Custom printed soap boxes are needed of the time because no one likes to have their product in dull or clean blank boxes. Secondly, a completely clean box also creates doubt because it does not explain the product inside the box. Therefore, custom printed soap boxes play a vital role in the soap industry by differentiating and nominating different soaps with printable data.

    As you can see, Silver Edge Packaging is a renowned packaging company, especially for unique designs and innovative prints. You can think or imagine any design and print and our experts will be ready to perform the remaining work behind the scene.

    4.     Soap Sleeve Boxes

    Soap is a skincare and skin beauty product, so the addition of a sleeve is like crowning it with a label of surety regarding its effects. Yes, people like to see these products well adorned and packed before they buy because it is a matter of their skin and beauty care. Therefore, soap sleeve boxes are taken as a perfect packaging option, especially for sales purposes.

    We also provide these boxes without charging any extra amount for the creation of sleeves over the boxes to make your packaging more elegant. We have multiple designs and templates that you can choose and ask us to ship freely.

    Advantages of Using Kraft Soap Boxes

    A product is chosen on the basis of the advantages it provides to its users. When we talk about packaging, it has also developed its functions and utilities that add more creativity to the products. Based on these facts, you should also consider the benefits of using any box for your soaps. Kraft is useful not simply because it is a source of creating boxes, but you can also find many other reasons that make it advantageous for you.

    1.     Better Protection

    Kraft is known for its better protective capabilities; therefore, Kraft soap boxes are considered the best packaging option. Secondly, these boxes are also compatible with the nature of soaps and fully support the physical nature of soaps. Soaps are always vulnerable to external factors that can affect the quality of soaps, so it is important to keep them safe and sound in these boxes.

    We choose the best possible packaging material to provide a better protective layer on soaps. Keeping this need as first hand requirement, we offer you custom kraft soap boxes that ensure a higher level of protection for your homemade soaps.

    2.     Eco Friendly Packaging

    Eco friendly packaging has become top notch priority for everyone due to alarming environmental conditions. Kraft is the best eco-friendly packaging option because this material belongs to wood pulp. The ability of Kraft is that it can easily boi degrade over time once it is used. This ability of Kraft makes it the number one eco-friendly packaging option.

    Not only this, Kraft boxes are also the perfect packaging option for those who seek recyclable packaging. These boxes can be recycled easily once they are used because their wood pulp can easily be modified into any shape and design.

    3.     Promotional Support

    Promotional support is undeniable for any product which aims to make its palace in the market. And, Kraft soap boxes are the best example of that because these boxes add charm to the beauty of cosmetic products like soap. Furthermore, these boxes can also be printed into beautiful designs that support the elegance of soaps.

    As a product packaging company, we strive to give maximum promotional support via our packaging solutions. Therefore, free design support fulfills this need for promotion for our customers because they can design the boxes of their own will. There is no limit on the choice of lamination and printing they chase to use for logos, slogan or stickers.

    4.     Better Packaging Option than Other Material

    Kraft and cardboard are better packaging options for soap than simple plastic material. As mentioned above, soap is a skincare and beauty product and so it is not wise to pack them in plastic or any other material that can destroy the quality of soap. Keeping this aspect in mind, Kraft is consider the number one packaging solution for soap because it provides good protection without compromising the quality of soaps.

    You can check different templates of Kraft soap boxes available on Silver Edge Packaging. You can choose any type of material from our paper stock to assemble your Kraft soap boxes.


    Custom soap boxes help you get the same quality and quantity at lower rates, so it is a wise step to benefit from this packaging opportunity. What do we mean by that? It simply means that you can order high quality boxes which are customize as per your demand. Usually, regular boxes are the only way of getting boxes in bulk at wholesale rates. But, Silver Edge Technology is available to provide you with personalized boxes of higher quality at cheaper rates.

    In these customized boxes, you can print your logo, description or any other specific information. Keeping that aspect in mind, just imagine the overall look of your boxes and then let us materialize it if you lack an idea; no need to worry at all because you can check many designs and then plan your own design easily.

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