Why are pink donut boxes cheaper than white donut boxes?

Why are pink donut boxes cheaper than white donut boxes
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    Packaging of food products has been a basic need since the beginning, and donuts are no exception. However, the packaging of these foods has been changing since begging with new ideas and implementation. Similarly, white and pink donut boxes have their history in their creation and usage for donuts.

    It is not simply an idea but a need of time also contributed a lot to designing different packaging. This round-up will discuss the history and other ideas to create cheaper donut boxes.

    What are Donut Boxes?

    Donut boxes are simple boxes to pack donuts safely. Bakeries use two types of donut boxes for packaging their donuts which vary based on the choice of material and color. Custom packaging allows you to assemble any donut box you want for your bakery. There is no limit on your design, but the choice of paper material may change the overall look of a box.

    Donut boxes are the perfect choice for packaging donuts because they are mainly made for donuts. In these boxes, you can place donuts properly and avoid breakage while delivering to your customers. Even more, these boxes are also cheaper than other types of regular boxes.

    Pink Donut Boxes VS White Donut Boxes

    Pink Donut Boxes VS White Donut Boxes

    The only difference between pink donut boxes and white donut boxes is just the color. However, both types of boxes have just one common thing: donuts. Yes, these boxes are standard in use because both kinds of boxes contain donuts. Yet, both boxes are entirely different once we know the material used for assembling these boxes.

    In addition, the difference in the price of white and pink donut boxes is also a significant factor that differentiates them both. The price difference also compels many donut brand owners to prefer one type of box to other.

    How do You Create Bakery and Donut Boxes?

    Sometimes, donut boxes are a combination of two types of material paper. Paperboard is used to create pink bakery boxes, the initial layer of these boxes. However, the pink boxes are assembled with cardboard film.

    Now, it mostly depends on the choice of the bakery owner to choose the type of boxes in custom packaging. Custom packaging makes it easy to create any box with the customization of paper material and design.

    Which Boxes came first, between Pink & White?

    Historically, white boxes came first, and pink boxes were the better form of the white donut boxes in terms of price. One common fact is that both boxes are not made from different materials but assembled with the same paper material. However, another history tells us how pink donut boxes took birth from white boxes.

    Cheaper Donut Boxes

    Pink donut boxes are cheaper than white donut boxes. That’s why every small donut business prefers pink donut boxes. The second reason behind the use of pink boxes is its conventional history. Many prominent brands have used pink boxes for a long time, and so have small and newly emerging businesses.

    However, the shift from white to pink also contains a fascinating history; it has been a long since one person’s request to the packaging supplier changed the whole scenario. Today, every second small and big business uses pink boxes. It is more interesting how white boxes changed into pink ones.

    Why are Donut Boxes Pink?

    Why are Donut Boxes Pink

    To keep expenses low, one doughnut shop owner asked a bakery supplier for a box less costly than the long white donut boxes. The company created a 9x9x4 inch box using leftover pink cardstock, ideal for a dozen doughnuts.

    So, it was the customization of custom printed bakery boxes into different forms, eventually making them less expensive. Keeping that in mind, today, more innovative but less costly custom boxes are possible.

    Silver Edge Packaging has taken the next step, and we provide free design support. With this free design support, our beloved clients and customers create cheaper, high-quality donut boxes for their brand.

    Who Deserves Cheaper Donut Boxes

    Every new and small donut business should use cheaper donut boxes for business sustainability. In the start, it is not a wise step to invest more in packaging than in brand growth and production. Therefore, finding a cheaper packaging source for packing donuts is essential. Once the business matures, you can move towards more costly packaging.

    Thus, the main goal of any donut business should maintain the curve of investment in donut packaging and quality of donut production.

    What Makes Packaging Cheaper?

    The choices you make for your packaging depend on the expenditures on your packaging. Custom packaging is a better alternative to the regular costly boxes for packing products. Yet, you may also need to choose material and design wisely to manufacture your custom donut boxes at an affordable price.

    Custom packaging depends on your choice of paper material and design. Every material is of different worth and its respective price. We have already explained the best example of choosing pink donut boxes to make packaging less costly for the donut brand.

    Similarly, you can also choose media arts, laminations, finishings, and colors depending on your need. To simplify the process, Silver Edge Packaging has created free packaging consultation and design support. You can contact us anytime and avail of the design help to customize your packaging in any form.

    Who Started Pink Boxes with Donuts?

    According to some historians, in La Habra, Christy’s is owned and operated by Cambodian American immigrants who fled the brutal Khmer Rouge in the mid-1970s.  However, some mention that though swapping out white boxes for pink ones was initially a cost-saving measure adopted by the early wave of Cambodian refugees who owned doughnut shops in the ’70s and ’80s in Southern California, the now-iconic packaging has come to represent the ingenuity and resilience of the Khmer experience in America.


    As you have read, an exciting history of the donut boxes; now is the time to create cheaper donut boxes for your brand!  Silver Edge Packaging is your final destination for donut packaging at affordable rates.

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