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Custom Sushi Boxes
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    In the food industry, the boxes you use to pack and display your goods are important. No customer wants to buy food in broken boxes. Most importantly, your packaging boxes should contain all the necessary data about your food. As the most popular Japanese dish outside of Japan, sushi is not an exception for this matter. Just like other foods, sushi packaging is an important part of selling your products. Sushi manufacturers’ sales depend heavily on custom sushi boxes. We know that consumers cannot try a product before receiving it. Sushi packaging must therefore be attractive and tasty to captivate their attention. Sushi should be presented in exclusive packaging to give it an elegant and rich look.

    There are a lot of products on grocery store shelves. A customer decides to buy a product from several brands in the first five seconds. Remember that these “five seconds” are very significant for your brand because you can gain another consumer or lose a potential consumer.

    Today, almost all sushi manufacturers use special packaging boxes to safely ship their sushi items. On the other hand, these special boxes play a big role in the high sales of your sushi. So, here are some tips to develop your business with custom sushi boxes.

    Provide a Remarkable Unboxing Experience

    Most customers are addicted to shopping online for just about anything. In fact, e-commerce has proven to be the ideal way for brands to keep up with the pandemic. In terms of packaging for e-commerce, providing exceptional customer service is very important. Solutions that ensure the secure delivery of your sushi are crucial for customer interaction.

    It is not just durability that is important, but also a remarkable unboxing experience. Besides, the packaging of e-commerce products requires different design features than retail packaging. Durable, superior, fast, and sustainable solutions are our way of working today.

    Out of these sushi items, consumers are more likely to choose sushi that looks compelling. But how can they know without buying sushi? It cannot be opened before purchase. Yes, what really impresses those consumers is the packaging. The more appealing the printed sushi boxes are, the more convincing they are to potential customers.

    Include the Expiration Date

    A regular daily routine involves work and a family environment can skyrocket. As such, consumers often have to choose where and when to eat. Do they need to eat early or late or maybe at home or in a hurry? In some events, they even change perspective.

    Therefore, many consumers believe that the safety of the product plays an important role in packaging boxes. Printed sushi boxes should preferably be efficient and safe. Another point that is receiving more and more attention is the exact consistency of the expiration date of your sushi. Efficient packaging cycles should meet customer requirements and avoid product damage.

    Utilize Customization Options

    The trend of customization in the packaging industry has helped many brands get the perfect packaging they really wanted. To make sure your box sells well, you can design your box in a size and shape that fits your product features. Furthermore, you can choose the best model for your brand identity.

    For example, if you want to make custom sushi boxes, a professional packaging provider will try to customize your boxes. This will be good for your business because you would not need to pay for extra materials to make the box. But, you only pay for the materials you use.

    To get the perfect packaging boxes for your sushi, you can work with a reliable packaging service that creates custom sushi boxes. Silver Edge Packaging offers various customization options for your printed boxes. Plus, you would receive high quality materials to keep your sushi fresh and tasty.

    Consider Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability

    Despite the standards in the food industry, consumers have new expectations when it comes to sushi boxes wholesale. As the need for “walking food” grows, so does the growing number of consumers. These factors allow the sushi business to review and focus on safety, environment, and ease of use. The components from which custom sushi boxes can be made include the properties of the food.

    Environmental meditation is one of the key elements in this context. To do this, use appropriate packaging materials that can be recycled themselves. Your sushi boxes must be produced using sustainable and reusable sources. In addition, the boxes should reduce production costs and raise the brand’s image.

    Without a doubt, printed sushi boxes have become a lot more durable in recent years. The growing demand for sustainability has forced many brands (especially food producers) to move away from disposable plastics and replace boxed materials with recycled, biodegradable or reusable materials.

    Eco-Friendly Sushi Boxes Wholesale

    As a matter of fact, paper boxes are used more now than ever. The Old plastic tray has now been switched with a paper tray. Although many brands have begun to produce disposable boxes for plates with materials of plant origin. Well, it is fair to say that these eco-friendly sushi containers last longer.

    An e-commerce study found that 50% of online customers said that specially designed custom boxes affect the perception of brands that manufacture and deliver sushi. In fact, many people recognize that these types of sushi boxes can have a huge impact on brand awareness, leading them to believe that the brand is professional and well-established.

    You may have to pay more for customized boxes, but these sushi boxes will give your sushi consumers an unforgettable experience. With that in mind, if you are a startup with a small budget, don’t worry! These specially printed sushi boxes are available at affordable prices to suit your budget.

    Order Sushi Boxes Wholesale

    As a sushi brand, you will need a lot of packaging boxes anyway. You are a sushi manufacturer and you always need plenty of sushi boxes to pack your sushi items throughout the year. With that in mind, it is better to buy sushi boxes wholesale than to order a small quantity. At first, ordering boxes in bulk can seem like a big saving. However, such boxes would significantly reduce costs.

    Ordering these boxes at once would cost less than purchasing each box individually. Even better, the next time you need boxes, costs may increase in the future. But, if you already have extra packaging supplies in your inventory, you would not have to worry about that. By doing this, there is no reason for you to stop selling your sushi because the boxes are not available.

    The method of ordering the box, especially in high season, is time-consuming and completely inexplicable. On the other hand, using it in bulk will definitely help.

    Measure the Size and Durability of Your Boxes

    When it comes to shopping for sushi boxes, one size doesn’t fit all. You have to measure to the strength, size and cost of the boxes. The weight, shape and size of the packaged sushi must also be considered. For example, if you want to increase the chances of your sushi looking better, you should consider a protective sushi box.

    There are several ways to keep your sushi safe when you travel and live. But things get easier if you use the proper materials. As an example, small and fragile products can be damaged and move around inside the box. Thus, it is recommended that you always measure the size and durability of your custom sushi boxes to build your business.

    Choose Convenient Boxes

    Another essential tip is convenience. Your sushi consumers need easy-to-manage sushi packaging. It should be easy to open the printed sushi boxes while driving, microwave safe, and oil-free.

    In addition, the boxes should be easy to handle and as convenient as possible for your dear customers.

    Choose the Right Materials for Your Custom Food Packaging Boxes

    Another essential element of custom food boxes is the legitimate part. No harmful parts should come into contact with sushi inside the boxes. Consequently, the quality must remain fresh and the appearance must be appetizing.

    First of all, your sushi items must not stain the boxes. For this reason, it is vital to choose the right material when designing your custom sushi boxes. For the production of boxes choose mainly cardboard, corrugated, and kraft materials. These ingredients are known to make the most perfect packaging boxes for foods such as sushi. Moreover, your sushi consumers will trust your brand more because they will see how much you care about their experience. Well, the more consumers the more sales you would get!

    Wrapping Up

    Now, you might be wondering how to get such innovative boxes. Well, you could get them from a reliable packaging provider like Silver Edge Packaging. Our wonderful sushi boxes wholesale have a wide variety of themes that can take your business to the next level.

    We know that your sushi influences consumers’ choices in the food market. That is why we would always help you provide them with the best sushi boxes, custom macaron boxes, custom CBD balm boxes, custom cake boxes they deserve.

    If you wish to get them, simply contact Silver Edge Packaging and place an order now! 

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