How to promote business with custom display boxes?

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    Need to communicate on a special offer? Custom display boxes are a basic need for good advertisement. The time has come to refine your communication strategy. Enhancement at the head of the gondola? It’s a good start. Advertising on different channels?

    Essential for sure. However, you will not neglect the promotional packaging which will be one of the essential signals of the current offer.

    How do custom display boxes help to boost the product?

    Since we now know that approximately 80% of the information related to a product is transmitted to the consumer via sight, the care you take to your promotional packaging will impact both its price, its location in store but also the success of the sale of the product. 

    Hence, the fundamental importance of understanding the custom display boxes’ usefulness and the codes you will use to boost the attractiveness of your product and stimulate purchase intention with your consumers.


    • 1 Leverage promotional marketing
    • 2 Classic packaging or promotional packaging?
    • 3 Packaging and promotional packaging
    • 4 Promotional packaging, for what occasion?
      • 4.1 A special offer
      • 4.2 A discount
      • 4.3 An event outing
    • 5 How to design effective promotional packaging?
      • 5.1 The type
      • 5.2  
      • 5.3 The color
      • 5.4 The form
      • 5.5 Information
      • 5.6 Strategy

    Leverage promotional marketing

    Indispensable to boost the visibility of a product, custom display boxes with logo play the main role and increase a company’s market share. Basically, promotion has always been an important marketing lever through which to generate short-term sales.

    Used wisely, taking care of both the promotional packaging and its communication, it will quickly become a means of:

    Custom display boxes with logos generate more purchases: 

    While nearly 35% of consumers do not really know which brand to buy when entering the point of sale, the promotion will be a differentiator. 49% of them are spontaneously convinced by the offers of the moment. A figure that climbs to 61% for e-commerce!

    Custom display boxes Increase spending: 

    26% of consumers typically end up buying a more expensive product than they originally planned to buy, as a result of the promotion offered by custom printed display boxes.

     Anticipate purchases:

    It is estimated that approximately 30% of consumers who took advantage of a promotional campaign had planned this purchase by going to their store. Highlighting a particular offer invites consumers to plan their purchases so they don’t miss out on any special occasion!

    Leverage promotional marketing

    The key to success? Flawless visibility and promotional packaging which, getting rid of the benchmarks of classic packaging, will carry this little extra touch as a distinctive sign that will make it essential.

    Classic packaging or promotional packaging?

    Promotional packaging like custom display boxes in bulk is closely linked to classic packaging. It is not, as part of a special offer, to embark on the complete design of a brand-new ephemeral packaging but to include in the basic packaging the visual elements communicating the promotion. 

    Enough to create a new source of value while conveying the right message.

    How do custom display boxes in bulk target the target audience?

    This will generally adapt to the point of sale or the target audience. A large family for example will be more attracted by a promotion relating to a quantity gain. It will therefore be necessary that the product concerned, but also the exhibition on the shelf and the facing all communicate together on this offer not to be missed.

    The promotion with custom display boxes can then be complete, that is to say, it will cover the entire packaging. Or partial, covering only a certain part. To do this, the promotional packaging will integrate images and written information in a multitude of ways. 

    Elements incorporated, placed, glued, labels, banners… It doesn’t matter as long as the promotion remains clearly indicated!

    Packaging and promotional packaging

    Who in the room does not yet clearly distinguish between packaging and packaging? Or do you not know the different kinds of packaging that are found in the trade and handling sector?

    Once the remainder is done on reading our previous articles, we will realize that promotional packaging can perfectly blend into primary or secondary packaging, for example.

    It will be this small sticker bearing the words Discovery offer, 0.50 centime refunded!” affixed directly to the lid of a yogurt pot. It will be this brick of fruit juice in giraffe format, decorated with bright colors indicating “+ 15% free”. For this, you can use custom stickers or hang tags.

    Why is it important to use custom display boxes?

    It will be this particular box with or without a banner allowing a certain quantity of products to be grouped together as part of a special offer, as the secondary packaging already does.

    As we have seen, since promotional packaging like custom display boxes, is not packaging in its own right, it will take support from the already existing layers of your packaging or your product packaging. It’s up to you to make it as visible as possible!

     Promotional packaging, for what occasion?

    A special offer

    Exceptional family size, increase in the number of units sold, free of charge for a certain part of the product… The promotional packaging associated with lots of this type will generally take the form of an ephemeral cardboard box or a banner, already mentioned, less expensive and much more eco-friendly than shrink wrap, for example.

    A discount

    It can take the form:

    • Immediate reduction
    • By a percentage
    • Free of a certain percentage

    All without breaking away from a certain consistency in the prices of custom display boxes with wholesale, applied and keeping in mind that too much promotion could ultimately work against the brand.

    How to design effective promotional packaging?

    Opting for novelty is not trivial. A formidable sales booster, it can in certain cases lead to contradictions and confuse consumers to the point of hindering their assessment of information and negatively impacting their behavior. 

    The fact remains that certain visual attributes remain fundamental to creating the desired contact and interaction. You will take special care of:

    The type

    Usually, promotional packaging of custom display boxes can be classified into four types.

    • Giraffe, which designates a physical amplification of the packaging. Be careful in this case not to overuse this kind of promotion that the consumer could end up considering as a normal format. Which would lead him to abandon the classic format.
    • Impression, which refers to the direct integration of the promotion on the original packaging.

    Effective promotional packaging

    • Selfadhesive, with a simple small self-adhesive label affixed to the packaging.
    • Hat, which is most often found on bottles. It is also here that we find our banner according to the products.
    The color:

    Numerous marketing studies have already addressed the effect of the color of the custom display boxes on the purchasing decision. A true vector of communication, the shades were chosen and their different meanings will simultaneously create a visual mark, allow differentiation, and communicate the brand’s image.

    The form

    The shape will be for the consumer a real indicator of the size of the product, but also of its quantity and its reference price. If possible, you will prefer rectangular promotional packaging, perceived as larger than around the product.

    Custom Display Boxes Carry Information

    And the verbal dimension in all of this? Essential, of course!

    Here again, studies have shown the importance of reserving the left side of the packaging for graphic elements, which are more easily remembered. While memorizing verbal elements, textual information on your custom display boxes with logos will be easier and more efficient if they are positioned on the right side.

    What to do to avoid confusion?

    Be careful to keep it simple and clear to avoid confusion. Forget the information overload and difficult to read typographies. The mere mention of “Prix Choc” on packaging will in itself have a considerable impact on consumer behavior! Displaying the price of the product or the amount of the discount will be just as effective. 

    The strategy for Display Boxes in Bulk

    While constantly setting yourself apart from the competition, you will need to speak directly to your target audience. Rather sophisticated men and women over 40 or active and modern young women? Rather modern families or teenagers addicted to the latest technologies? 

    Here again, it is essentially the colors and graphic elements of custom display boxes that will allow your target audience to appropriate your promotional packaging.


    You will then make sure to remain constant in your message and your proposal. Despite the novelty displayed, your packaging must permanently reflect your brand and its values.

    A touch of practicality, for a protected product and effortless opening. Quality materials to reassure and increase the perceived value of wholesale custom display boxes. All you have to do is use your creativity to seduce and breathe new life into your brand’s sales.

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